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Clean up your code with GitHub Action. Save your time from having to do a code review and make corrections and also from having to enter a commit message each time. The commit with the changes is created automatically.

ReSharper CLI CleanupCode · Actions · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub

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The CQRS/CQS pattern works great, I immediately found a lot of benefits. It helps me to enforce separation of concerns, single responsibility and consistency in my codebase, as well as eliminate all that AOP magic with restoring full control over the code execution. Unfortunately, there is also a boring side of implementing CQRS - THE TYPING.

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Reading application’s logs is not a big fun but let’s be honest – it is part of our job and we will not avoid it. So why don’t we make it slightly more pleasant? Stack traces explorers to the rescue! In fact, I didn’t know about the existence of stack trace explorers till the day I copied a part of app’s log to my clipboard with the plan to send it to the colleague. But when I opened Visual Studio a magic happened, fairytales flew on my desk and opened a new tab in my IDE.

Painkiller for reading logs – Stack Trace Explorer – A Girl Among Geeks

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My laptop stores everything on 250 GB SSD hard drive (actually Windows sees it as 223 GB), so from time to time I’m running out of free space. When there is a need I’m starting clearing-up by emptying c:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\ and c:\Users\username\Downloads\ directories (the second one against all appearances is often full of unnecessary files). When this is not enough I use ...

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Some time ago I was trying to find a good extension to Chrome that would let me go to recent tab same as for example R# does it with files (or Alt+Tab for Windows). The outcome was rather poor so I decided to write my own extension (it’s called Omnicomplete). It does even more and is available on GitHub. Now I use it dozens of times a day and I can recommend it wholeheartedly.

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I’ve recently written an article about managing TODOs in the codebase with TODOExplorer. I’ve also proposed an idea of introducing code snippet for TODOs which helps to keep all TODOs in predefined format as well as provides more information about delayed task (author, receiver, date, issue tracker id). This article was a result of a few discussions with my programmer-colleagues and I hoped that that idea of TODOs snippet was worth sharing (I’ve been using it in my project for a while). After publishing ...

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Some people used to say that a good programmer doesn’t need to debug his own code. However, sometimes we have a problem with third party libraries usage, for example: there is insufficient documentation or the module contains some bugs. Visual Studio has excellent debugging toolset but this is totally useless without symbols and sources (and this is often the case with third party libraries). Thanks to Reshaper decompiler this shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Before we start debugging we should make so...

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It’s a good practice to make all things done at the first approach. But in the real world it’s ot always possible - for example we need to ask customer for clarification and it will take some time, or worst - we don’t have enough time right now to implement things in the right way. In order to adress this issue, a TODO was invented to mark all those places in code requiring additional work. But the main disadvantage of TODO is that we mark code with it, commit it and forget about it. Sometimes somebody a...

How to manage TODO in your codebase. · CEZARY PIĄTEK

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Powiedzmy, że mamy projekt, w którym wcześniej nie znano Resharpera. Otwierając taki kod „wszystko świeci” na różne kolory sugerując, że mamy w kodzie wiele problemów. Moje doświadczenie programistyczne mówi mi, że warto wysprzątać te miejsca, ponieważ na wstępnie z automatu poprawi się nam wiele bugów i znacznie zwiększy czytelność. I tutaj staje się przed problemem ...

Okazjonalne (regularne) czyszczenie kodu Resharperem | Show me the code

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I tend to do a lot of typos when I write a code and I mean a lot. This is quite annoying for me so I decided to somehow automate the process of finding the spelling errors during the build. My first thought was to use some kind of Roslyn analyzer, however, I failed to find any working one. This is why I decided to give a try to ReSharper Command Line Tools (also known as CLIT) combined with ReSpeller plugin. For those who don’t know, ReSharper Command Li...

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Kiedy programujemy w C#, w większości przypadków jesteśmy skazani na Visual Studio. Czy słyszał ktoś kiedy o alternatywie? Jakiś czas temu, całkiem przypadkiem, natrafiłem na Rider – nowe IDE dla .NET od JetBrains. Jest on wciąż w trakcie powstawania, jednak stwierdziłem, że warto sprawdzić czy jest na co czekać. Testowany przeze mnie build to:  EAP build 20. Narzędzie jest multiplatformowe, więc testowałem na Windowsie i macOS...

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Ladies and gentlemen – the second post about ReSharper! This time, let’s focus on refactoring, auto-generation of code and some smart ‘helpers’

ReSharper – all you need is… refactoring & code templates! – part 2 – A Girl Among Geeks

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ReSharper is a great Visual Studio extension but without the knowledge about its shortcuts and other tricks, it’s completely useless. That’s why I decided to write about the most popular features. Of course, it’s not a full list, but you may find some of the below helpful.

ReSharper – all you need is… some shortcuts! – part 1 – A Girl Among Geeks

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Jak doszedłem do tego co zawiniło i dlaczego OData na spatial queries mi nie działała. Czyli mały przewodnik po tym jak można debuggować zewnętrzny kod z poziomu Visual Studio. Coś co może nie na co dzień ale raz na jakiś czas może się bardzo przydać!

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Static analysis is a powerful feature of Visual Studio that helps us to spot syntax and semantic errors in our code. It works very well on currently edited file and runs on the whole solution as one of the compilation stages. But it would be a waste of time to run compilation every time you make changes that affect code outside currently edited file, only to check that you didn't cause any compilation errors. Luckily, Resharper comes to the rescue with...

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Witajcie! w dzisiejszym screencascie opowiadam jak za pomocą ReSharpera stworzyć szablon, który wygeneruje nam dwa pliki. Po pierwsze otrzymamy plik z szablonem klasy, po drugie w odpowiednim projekcie, w odpowiednim katalogu plik z testami do tej klasy. Brzmi ciekawie? Zapraszam do oglądania i komentowania!

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Ciekawym pomysłem na wydajniejszą (tak, jeszcze większą! :)) pracę z kodem jest dodatek do ReSharpera o nazwie Postfix. Idea polega na uzupełnianiu kodu w oparciu o różne wzorce, tzw. postfix, które pojawiają się po napisaniu naszego kodu. Innymi słowy, jest to połączenie „surround templates” i resharperowego Quick Fix (Alt+Enter). Postfix uzupełniamy jednak klawiszem Tab.

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ReSharper is a intelligent extension for Visual studio that supports C#, XAML, XML, ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. Using this tool makes code cleaner and more efficient. It’s not cheap but definitely worth it. Below I put some interesting shortcuts to help us daily work

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Everyone who has ever tried to create multilingual application knows, that this is very tedious task. The most repetitive work is usually moving hard-coded strings to resource files. Fortunately with Resharper this is definitelly less painfull than usuall. In order to point out localizable parts of application , it is necessary to decorate classes with System.ComponentModel.LocalizableAttribute. However, usually we want to localize an entire program, so more universal solution is to set appropria...

[EN] .NET Blog: Resharper - localizable string literals

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Chyba każdemu, kto pracował przez dłuższy czas z Resharperem, trudno sobie wyobrazić pracę bez tego dodatku do Visual Studio. Resharper ma wiele świetnych funkcji lecz dzisiaj chciałem podzielić się informacją o jednej z ostatnich jakie odkryłem...

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Testuj na 8 rdzeniach!

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