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Dzisiaj chciałbym podzielić się zestawem reguł, który w różnych projektach stosuję od lat. Pod to stworzyłem repozytorium Korzystam ze StyleCopa od ładnych kilku lat. Jest to niezbędne narzędzie gdy stosuje się Code Review. Po prostu szkoda czasu i ludzkiej cierpliwości, żeby ręcznie wytykać komuś coś, co może wychwycić narzędzie.

[StyleCop] od jakiego zestawu reguł wystartować – Show me the code

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Static analysis is a powerful feature of Visual Studio that helps us to spot syntax and semantic errors in our code. It works very well on currently edited file and runs on the whole solution as one of the compilation stages. But it would be a waste of time to run compilation every time you make changes that affect code outside currently edited file, only to check that you didn't cause any compilation errors. Luckily, Resharper comes to the rescue with...

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In 1994 Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin proposed a group of object-oriented metrics that are popular until now. Those metrics, unlike other object-oriented ones don’t represent the full set of attributes to assess individual object-oriented design, they only focus on the relationship between packages in the project.

[EN] Object-oriented metrics by Robert Martin | Future Processing

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One can ask why we need to think of CR practices at all. Review of code written by another team member can be done without any preparation or introduction. It is true, but there are some aspects that we need to think of. In my opinion, we especially need to support the following values:Quality – Code Review should be done in the same way, no matter if you are hurrying, bored or it’s your 3rd hour of doing CR,Motivation – team has to see value in Code Review, and this value shouldn’t be lost because of ne...

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There are a lot of aspects to be considered while developing real world applications. Maintainability, Understandability, Clarity, Dependency are just a few of them. We have to work hard to maintain our code and make it self-commenting, preserve it from cyclic dependencies between assemblies or simply, to provide its good quality. There are a lot of tools that may help to achieve these goals e.g. Sonar, ReSharper, JustCode or NDepend. This article explains how to analyse the quality of code with the use ...

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