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18 kwietnia, 2014

Working with big databases, consisting of many, many tables (like hundreds or thousands), can be really painful. Recently, this happened to me and I discovered 2 lifehacks that help me survive this hard days. Filtering tables You know the struggle when you know a part of a database table name but cannot remember the whole name? How could it be named? BasketPositions, CustomerBasketPositions or maybe PositionsOfBasket? How can you know?! Yeah, it’s the everyday struggle with huge projects! This is...

Lifehacks for working with big databases – A Girl Among Geeks

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A couple of tricks which simplify database access code while using Dapper library.

Tagi: C#, DAPPER, SQLServer
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One day we decided that we don’t want to waste any more time on tasks that can be automated and we decided to start with automation of our merging process. Today’s development teams use various branching models. Ranging from the straightforward ones, such as the trunk-based model, up to a completely autonomous continuous deployment process. Many consider continuous deployment to be a utopia for lar...

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There’s a certain set of special method signatures in C# which have particular support on the language level. Methods with those signatures allow for using a special syntax which has several benefits. For example, we can use them to simplify our code or create DSL to express a solution to our domain-specific problem in a much cleaner way. I came across those methods in different places, so I decided to create a blog post to summarize all my discoveries on this subject.

Tagi: C#
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How to keep two different types in synchronization using roslyn analyzers.

Tagi: C#, dotnet, roslyn
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How to improve developer's experience while working with non-nullable references

Tagi: roslyn
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[EN] Improving non-nullable reference types handling · Cezary Piątek Blog

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Docker has built in great cache mechanism, but to be able to use it, you have to understand how it works.

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Optimize Docker .NET Core project and docker-compose solution to reduce build image time

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How to create immutable types without writing a large amount of boilerplate code.

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If you are still using regex for setting AssemblyVersion you should definitely read this article.

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Setting assembly and nuget package metadata in .NET Core · Cezary Piątek Blog

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In this blog post, I’m going to describe how to create a tool for generating code during the build process and how I used it to create auto-synchronizing mapping classes.

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How to simulate AutoMapper that works during the build time · Cezary Piątek Blog

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Kiepscy programiści często wypowiadają słowa klucze, po których da się ich poznać. Oto kilka zdań, jakie można od nich usłyszeć...

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Zdania, które usłyszysz od złego programisty | O programowaniu

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Documentation for new csproj format, as well as for Nuget related properties, is scattered across different MSDN documents, so I decided to create this blog post as a reference to what I’ve recently learned and discovered about the project’s options that affect the content of the output directory.

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Managing output in the .NET SDK projects · Cezary Piątek Blog

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Odcinek jest poświęcony Festiwalowi Umbraco w Polsce. Jeżeli mówimy o Umbraco zwłaszcza w polsce to myślimy o jednej szczególnej osobie. Mianowicie o Marcinie Zajkowskim. To właśnie Marcin podjął się organizowania Festiwalu w Polsce.

After.conf - S02E04 - Festwial Umbraco - Marcin Zajkowski

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W tym odcinku After.conf na przesłuchanie wziąłem Willy’iego Picarda. Pracował wiele lat na uczelni. Ma duże doświadczenie w wystąpieniach przed różnego pokroju publicznością. Wystąpienia publiczne przed studentami, a może grillowanie...

After.conf - S02E05 - Wystąpienia akademickie - Willy Picard

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Two weeks ago .NET Core 3.0 was officially published. Together with the new framework version, Visual Studio 2019 got support for a long-awaited C# 8.0. The complete list of the new language features is available here on the MSDN, but the one that deserves special attention is Nullable reference types. In this blog post, I will show you how to use this new language feature and how to achieve similar benefits if you still cannot use .NET Core 3.0 in your projects.

Tagi: C#, dotnet core
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Dzisiaj w podcast’cie gościłem Annę Prończuk-Omiotek, która jest trenerem wystąpień publicznych i nie tylko. Poruszaliśmy wiele spraw związanych z:wystąpieniami publicznymi,szkoleniem prelegentów,organizowaniem wydarzeń.Podcast dostęp...

After.conf - S02E03 - Trener prelegentów Anna Prończuk-Omiotek

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This blog post continues the series "Avoid thread synchronization problems with Roslyn" and this part is about the traps related to the usage of synchronization primitives.

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Avoid thread synchronization problems with Roslyn: Synchronization primitives traps · Cezary Piątek Blog

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Introduction to docker-compose with example written in C# on .NET Core 2.2 composed with MySQL database.

Docker compose introduction based on .NET Core app and MySQL DB composed toghether

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How I built a very simple macro system for C# that works right in the code editor

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Warsztaty hands-on z programowania RabbitMQ w C#. Pomoc dla wszystkich którzy zainstalowali serwer i teraz chcieliby szybko i sprawnie opanować wykorzystanie tego narzędzia w swoich projektach.

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