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Reading application’s logs is not a big fun but let’s be honest – it is part of our job and we will not avoid it. So why don’t we make it slightly more pleasant? Stack traces explorers to the rescue! In fact, I didn’t know about the existence of stack trace explorers till the day I copied a part of app’s log to my clipboard with the plan to send it to the colleague. But when I opened Visual Studio a magic happened, fairytales flew on my desk and opened a new tab in my IDE.

Painkiller for reading logs – Stack Trace Explorer – A Girl Among Geeks

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Developers are mostly lazy. Nobody wants to do the same things every day. Doing the same activities can be very boring and non productive. Of course modern IDE should have multiple funcionalities that can improve speed of coding and development but it's really hard to satisfy all users at once. Below I present my favourite extensions to Visual Studio 2010. Working without them would be much slower and frustrating. This set isn't focused mainly to any of the Visual Studio project type but I've been usi...

[EN] Visual Studio 2010 best extensions

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