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Sergey VasilievTags:#CSharp#KnowledgeAuthor: Sergey VasilievUnexpected GC PressureEnum.EqualsEnum.GetHashCode.NET VS .NET Framework in Considered ExamplesEquals GetHashCodePerformanceEqualsGetHashCodeConclusion C# has low barriers to entry and forgives a lot. Seriously, you may not understand how things work under the hood but still write code and remain easy-going about this. Though you still have to deal with different nuances over time. Today, we'll look at one of suc...

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Enums in C#: Hidden Pitfalls

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Rocket Mortgage Technology BlogRocket Mortgage Technology BlogRocket Mortgage TechnologyFollow·9 min read Measuring Performance in .NET Jason Bock, Developer Advocate, Rocket Mortgage As developers, we come across unique ways to implement algorithms that may seem intriguing, but their novelty must be challenged with performance analysis. In this article, I’ll discuss ways to determine if words are anagrams using prime numbers. I’ll compare this approach to other solutions, and I’ll use Benchmark.NET t...

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Anagrams and Prime Numbers. Measuring Performance in .NET | by Rocket Mortgage Technology | Rocket Mortgage Technology Blog | Jul, 2021 | Medium

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Get startedOpen in appAntão Almada574 FollowersAbout Sign inGet started574 FollowersAboutGet startedOpen in app Antão Almada 2 days ago·3 min read In my previous post I left out ArraySegment

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Array iteration performance in C# — ArraySegment | by Antão Almada | Jun, 2021 | Medium

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In this blog post I will do a deep dive into record struct being introduced in the upcoming C# 10 and look at the performance implications of this in a specific context. I will cover:Code generated for record structImportance of the generated codePerformance implications of default struct equality in C#Setup project to use preview compiler via Microsoft.Net.Compilers.Toolset nuget packageTypes and implementations covering different possibilities and common pitfallsBenchmarks showing record struct can be ...

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C# 10 - `record struct` Deep Dive & Performance Implications – nietras – Programming, mechanical sympathy, machine learning and .NET ❤.

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Converting an enum value to a string using the ToString() method is expensive. In general, the performance impact is negligible. But when you call the ToString method thousands of times per second, saving a few milliseconds is important.

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Caching Enum.ToString to improve performance - Meziantou's blog

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The story behind creating my first general use, performance-first library.

Validot's performance explained -

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O szukaniu performance'u. Pół żartem, pół serio. Ciało jest. Nawet dycha, ale sprawcy brak. Kto jest winny?

[EN] Performance investigations - Szymon Kulec @Scooletz

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Zapraszam do historii 3 PRów, które optymalizują jednego z klientów Ethereum, Nethermind. Zaczęło się niewinnie, od profilowania, a skończyło na przepisaniu implementacji cache'a.

[EN] Optymalizacja wydajności w Nethermind (Ethereum)

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Czy warto móc uruchomić więcej funkcji za mniej $$$? Myślę że tak. Zapraszam do podróży do krainy optymalizacji Azure Functions.

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Improving Azure Functions performance - Szymon Kulec @Scooletz

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In this video, I'm going to show you 5 performance tips (or tricks) that you can apply in order to make your C# code run faster.

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5 (Extreme) Performance Tips in C# - YouTube

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Marcin Hoppe pokazuje jak używać JWT w Asp.Net Core i jak polepszyć jego wydajność 10x. Mało, dużo? Obejrzyj, sprawdź i oceń.

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Jak polepszyć wydajność JWT w ASP.NET Core - webinar Dotnetos z Marcinem Hoppe

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This video talks about a very cool concept called "value delegates." We will learn what they are, how to apply it to LINQ to decrease allocations to zero, and inline the delegate itself.

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[EN] C# LINQ Performance Tips #6 - Value Delegates - YouTube

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This video talks about the "Skip" method, and differences in implementation between dotnet frameworks. Also, we will try to implement a less flexible but faster version of the "Skip" method. Enjoy. 🙂

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[EN] C# LINQ Performance Tips #5 - Skip & .NET Runtimes - YouTube

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This time we're looking at Branch Prediction and Branch Elimination and how to apply them to LINQ and to programming in general.

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[EN] C# LINQ Performance Tips #4 - Branch Elimination - YouTube

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This video will show you some of the performance and allocation problems that you might encounter when writing LINQ expressions we will also see that an expression you see is not necessarily, what you get. LINQ is not all bad and we will show you an example where LINQ absolutely rocks! This video mentions examples found in my previous video: Enjoy.

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[EN] C# LINQ Performance Tips #1 - YouTube

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Bit hacks are an incredibly powerful tool in every developer's toolbox. When used correctly, they can bring simplicity, performance, scalability, and even be used for compact data representation in probabilistic Data Structures. The downside is that they are hard to understand, need a lot of testing, and in a lot of cases, they aren't portable since these operations will have different outcomes on different hardware architectures. Don't worry. I'm here to help. In this article, we will be discussing t...

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Bit Hacks in C#

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EventPipeProfiler is a new cross-platform profiler that I’ve implemented in the BenchmarkDotNet library. It allows profile .NET code on every platform - Windows, Linux, macOS. Collected data are exported to trace files (.speedscope.json and .nettrace) which can be analyzed using SpeedScope, PerfView, and Visual Studio Profiler. This new profiler will be available from the 0.12.1 version.

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Cross-platform profiling .NET code with BenchmarkDotNet

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The BenchmarkDotNet library is great for creating benchmarks that can be run on a local machine in a very simple way. In this post, you will learn how to run them in a Docker container with a different operating system or using a different .Net Core version.

How to run BenchmarkDotNet in a Docker container

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So…after quite a serious thing which was writing Pro .NET Memory Management book, I’ve decided to experiment with a little pet project for having some more fun. I have quite a few very interesting ideas going on in my head. Yet, I needed to choose one! And that’s how an idea of OutOfMemory game prototype materialized!

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OutOfMemory – a nerdy card game for developers! – TooSlowException

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In this post you will learn how to generate the disassembly of .NET functions and how to diff many of them.

Generates disassembly of .NET functions

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