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The end of the May comes and hence the end of „Get Noticed 2017” competition. Therefore, I’m going to do a short summary which will describe things that I’m happy about together with those that I’m not. Obviously, this post also will be the last one in the GN2017 category which contains 16 articles. Wait, what?

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Get Noticed 2017 is over! - Forever F[r]ame

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Summary of Get Noticed competition and current state of TeamScreen project created for it.

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Get Noticed 2017 summary

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This is the 20th and the last post in the GetNoticed! competition. So it means that… I DID IT! I survived till the very end, I managed to create 20 posts in 10 weeks. ReMaster is still alive (it could be fed better but let’s leave this subject :P). It’s time to celebrate, I mean, have some sleep 😉. What I’m proud of? I have a blog! One year ago I was sure that my programming life is boring and even the problems I encounter while coding are too boring to write about them. And I ...

I survived! The ‘GetNoticed’ competition is over! – A Girl Among Geeks

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Today’s post is rather unusual because… it slightly touches JavaScript! The language I used to hate with the whole of my heart and now I’m starting to tolerate it (or maybe even… like it? Yeah, that’s strange). So let me tell you about my recent discoveries concerning Google Maps API (v3)! Chrome doesn’t allow you to get user location on pages without https! Yep, that’s sad (hmm or not ;)), https is becoming a must! Of course, it doesn’t apply to localhost, but when you deploy your code to the...

Some fun facts about Google Maps API that surprised me – A Girl Among Geeks

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To send array values from table in view to controller as array class I’ll use JQuery and Ajax.

Send array from view to controller as class - ASP.NET Core.

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In this post I’ll discribe how to display your current location and location with the cleanset air on google map. To do this we’ll need to generate our api key from google map. We are preparing a place where we’ll display the map. P.S I did it #dsp2017

„Get out form smog” – mark location on google map

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Thanks to this class, we can open the window(form) immediately and eg. all data can be loaded in the background. This is usefull becouse basic Windows application runs on a single thread and when we’ve got big list to load on this form. We have to wait until this list and all the others components are loaded then we can display this form.This is sometimes a nuisance....

BackgroundWorker - loading in the background - example C#

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To view the location where user should go I need to return adress station in Json. So I have to edit my controller so that it returns json.

„Get out form smog” – display the station

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Today I’ll show the extension of the application with the user selectable range in which „he” can to go.

„Get out form smog” – selecting a range by the user

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Generate PDF from View in ASP.NET Core

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Generate PDF in ASP.NET Core

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The one conference I attended last Thursday was Software Talks organized at Rzeszów University of Technology by PGS Software. One of the two prelectors was Piotr Konieczny - I think everybody will know why I was so anticipating this event. Who knows the Polish language and is interested in the security subjects probably knows Piotr and his blog and for sure would share my excitement!

Software Talks conference review – A Girl Among Geeks

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Tym razem została dodana funkcja wyszukania miejsca z najmniej zanieczyszczonym powietrzem przez pył PM10 w zasięgu max. 100km od aktualnej pozycji użytkownika.

"Get out form smog" - szukanie najmniej zanieczyszczonego powietrza

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Wstrzykiwanie zależności do kontrolera - autofac.

"Get out form smog" - wstrzykiwanie zależności.

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Przykład kolejki z obsługą priorytetowa - LinkedList.

LinkedList - przykład

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Obliczanie odległości między współrzędnymi geograficznymi - wykorzystanie wzoru Haversine.

"Get out from smog" - obliczanie odległości.

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You may be surprised (I was!) but Visual Studio 2015 (and Visual Studio 2017) is not able to add (out of the box) a service reference. When you click right mouse button on the ‘References‘ folder, there is an option ‘Add Connected Service‘ but it doesn’t allow us to paste service reference url. Luckily, there is a few workarounds for this problem!

Adding WCF Service to .Net Core application (VS 2015 and VS 2017) – A Girl Among Geeks

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Wykorzystanie google api do pobierania długości i szerokości geograficznych stacji pomiarowych z google map api - "Get our from smog".

Pobieranie długości i szerokości geograficznych stacji pomiarowych z google map api - "Get our from smog".

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Przykład "freezowania" kolumn tabeli na przykładzie pluginu do JQuery - DataTable

"Freezowanie" kolmun/nagłówków w tabeli na stronie internetowej.

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Sometimes we have to change author of the pushed commit. How to do it without much efford? Today I stuck on similar problem. I was using SourceTree to commit some changes to be available on my second computer… Unfortunately I didn’t realise which user is associated with it. Just after push saw wrong author next to the commit.

Changing author of the pushed git commit in opensource project | Build solution

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Article covers journal service architecture and tech stack that will be used to implement it.Role: One of the core functionality of Mindy app will be journaling.

Tech stack for the document service | Build solution

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