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Czym Jest Typ Domniemany VAR w C#? - Modest Programmer

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Czym Jest Typ Domniemany VAR w C#? - Modest Programmer

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In one of our projects, we recently started using Cypress for end-to-end testing. Cypress executes tests written in JavaScript or TypeScript. However, we wanted to first perform some data-preparation operations using C#. In fact, we needed to run Cypress tests from NUnit C# tests. In this article, I’m sharing how this can be done 🙂 It will also be useful if you use another testing framework than NUnit, but the examples are based on it. Table of...

Run Cypress Tests From NUnit Test (C#) - Yumasoft

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Home » Foreach, IEnumerable and IEnumerator in C#Programming Today, we’re taking a deeper look at foreach loop in C#. What does a collection need to be able to use it in a foreach loop? Does it have to implement IEnumerable interface? These questions are often asked during interviews, so it’s worth knowing the answers 😃 We will go through a step-by-step example in building our own custom collection to see how all that works. Let’s dive in! 😎 Throughout this article, I’m working with a Unit Tests pro...

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Foreach, IEnumerable and IEnumerator in C# - Yumasoft

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Jak przekazać kontekst? I co w ogóle oznacza kontekst? I dlaczego Dependency Injection nie zawsze jest odpowiedzą. Zapraszam.

Context passing patterns - Szymon Kulec @Scooletz

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Tworzenie logiki aplikacji mobilnej w xamarin.

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Pierwsza Aplikacja Mobilna Xamarin w C# – Logika MVVM (2/2) -

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Tym razem pokaże CI jak stworzyć kompletną aplikację mobilną w xamarinie.

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Pierwsza Aplikacja Mobilna Xamarin w C# – UI w XAML

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Sign inSoftware CraftMicrosoftJavaScriptCoding For KidsScience & TechHumorAboutGlobal using, file-scoped namespaces, and other enhancements will slim down unnecessary codeMatthew MacDonaldFollow·7 min read We’ve been speculating about the future of C# 10 for a while. The possibilities are no secret. Spend some time on the C# GitHub page and you’ll find a long list of tantalizing ideas — some with major headaches still being hashed out. Many of them won’t make it into the next version of C#, and some ...

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5 New Features in C# 10 - Global using, file-scoped namespaces, and more | Young Coder  | Young Coder

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At the end of unfortunate 2020, the stable version of Entity Framework Core 5.0 was released. One of the features that appeared there was the improvement of the many-to-many relationship mechanism. In today’s post, I would like to introduce you to what this change is all about.

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Many to many relationships in Entity Framework Core 5.0 | bush_dev

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Tworzenie pierwszej aplikacji w WPF.

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Aplikacja Desktopowa WPF

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Projekty Open Source to nie tylko frajda i zabawa, ale też masa materiału do nauki. I nie chodzi tylko o programowanie, ale także o... no właśnie. I dlatego spisałem ten post.

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[EN] Open Source projects that improved my skills - Szymon Kulec @Scooletz

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Tym razem napiszemy pierwszą aplikacje w C# - będzie to kalkulator

Pierwsza Aplikacja w C# – Programujemy Kalkulator - Modest Programmer

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Span, Memory i ReadOnlySequence stały się stałym elementem .NET i pojawiają się praktycznie wszędzie. Kiedy przeglądałem dokumentację tych struktur, zauważyłem, że to w jaki sposób mam je zamodelowane w głowie różni się od dokumentacji. Zapraszam do wizyty w świat niskopoziomowego spotkania z pamięcią i tego jak to rozumiemy. Zapraszam tym mocniej, jeżeli pojęć tych nie używasz codziennie, a chszesz je zrozumieć.

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[EN] Zrozumieć Span, Memory and ReadOnlySequence w .NET

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What are Probabilistic Data Structures: Bloom This video will introduce you to Probabilistic Data Structures, and we shall cover a data structure called a Bloom Filter that's used to do efficient membership testing (if X is present in set S)

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[EN] What are Probabilistic Data Structures: Bloom Filters - YouTube

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Nowy artykuł, w którym chciałem pokazać nie tylko zalety pracy programisty, ale również wady - o których często zapominają osoby, które chcą pójść tą ścieżką. Zapraszam.

Dlaczego Warto Zostać Programistą .NET? Szybka Analiza - Modest Programmer

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This blog post continues the series which is a guide through the code analyzers available on the market and their possibilities. I’m trying to help you answer the question: “Which analyzer package should I use and how to configure it to avoid problems related to async/await?".

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Async code smells and how to track them down with analyzers - Part II · Cezary Piątek Blog

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In this video, we're going to put JIT Tiered compilation to the test (using C# programs) and see what's the performance difference between Tier0 vs. Tier1 vs R2R.

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[EN] C# JIT Tier Performance - YouTube

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In this video, we're going to learn about a few C# and JIT decompilation tips using WinDBG.

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[EN] C# JIT Decompilation Tips using WinDBG - YouTube

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In this video, I'm going to show you 5 performance tips (or tricks) that you can apply in order to make your C# code run faster.

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5 (Extreme) Performance Tips in C# - YouTube

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If you are old enough to have experience in .net framework (and I hope you do, otherwise I will feel really old myself!), there is a high probability that you were concatenating directory paths wrong all the time! And that’s all because some time ago, somebody at Microsoft had, let’s say, not a best idea :P. But what’s the problem? Path.Combine can be used with one, two, three or even four arguments. In an ideal world the first argument should be passed as an absolute path and...

[C#] Be careful with Path.Combine()! – A Girl Among Geeks

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Wszystko o metodach rozszerzających w C#

Metody Rozszerzające w C#

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