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Wprowadzenie do EF Core

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Entity Framework Core

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Richard July 28th, 2021 Open source was an attractive and exciting idea when we first considered sharing .NET Core on GitHub. At the same time, GitHub was a largely unknown platform for many of us and we had a lot of questions about how everything would work. “What if someone forks the runtime on the first day? Is the project over?”. We knew enough that we should take the time to learn the patterns that developers had already established and also what they expected of us. That said, we also had to host...

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Conversation about the .NET open source project | .NET Blog

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I've been in love with roadmaps for technologies and frameworks since I saw the first one. So, I was very surprised that there is no roadmap for unit testing with c#! That is why I have prepared my own and I encourage you to read it!

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Roadmap for unit tests – Krystian Czaplicki

Cake allows to write C# scripts for compiling code, running unit tests, copying files/folders, etc. There is built-in support for many tools and many more via addins. In these post series I will show how to create Cake script that can: run unit tests, build Xamarin app, deploy app to App Center, deploy app to Google Play Internal, deploy app to Test Flight, run UI tests. The script can be used in every Xamarin app. I will also show how to create Azure Pipeline that use Cake script.

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Creating Cake script for building and deploying Xamarin app: Part 1 running unit tests | Damian Antonowicz

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I gathered my notes from playing with C# records and Nullable Reference Types. Read more if you want to learn if you can use them e.g. for Value Objects or want to do Type-Driven Development.

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Notes about C# records and Nullable Reference Types - Oskar Dudycz

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Skip to contentAboutWho we areMembersTechnical oversight committeeGoverning boardAmbassadorsStaffAnnual report 2020FAQContactProjectsContributeServices for CNCF projectsGraduated & incubating projectsSandbox projectsArchived projectsCloud Native trail mapCloud Native landscapeEnd user tech radarProject journey reportsProject toolsContinuous integrationGraduation criteriaWebsite guidelinesCommunity infrastructure labCopyright noticesCertificationSoftware conformance (Certified Kubernetes)TrainingCerti...

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Think gRPC, when you are architecting modern microservices! | Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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Skip to main contentContentsExit focus modeTable of contentsStart Module 10 Units Beginner Developer Student .NET Take your first steps with F# - Set up your development environment, write your first line of code, and build your first application Learning objectives...

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Write your first F# code - Learn | Microsoft Docs

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Sergey VasilievTags:#CSharp#KnowledgeAuthor: Sergey VasilievUnexpected GC PressureEnum.EqualsEnum.GetHashCode.NET VS .NET Framework in Considered ExamplesEquals GetHashCodePerformanceEqualsGetHashCodeConclusion C# has low barriers to entry and forgives a lot. Seriously, you may not understand how things work under the hood but still write code and remain easy-going about this. Though you still have to deal with different nuances over time. Today, we'll look at one of suc...

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Enums in C#: Hidden Pitfalls

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In the previous posts in this series, I took a first look at the internal design of StringBuilder class as a linked list, and then looked at the source code behind the constructors and Append methods. In this post I look at (arguably) the most important method on StingBuilder, ToString(), and show how the final string is created from multiple chunks. I also looks at the overload ToString(startIndex, count), and show how recent implementations differ from that used in .NET Framework.Terminology recap In ...

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Converting chunks to a string with ToString(): A deep dive on StringBuilder - Part 3

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Znasz różnicę pomiędzy throw, a throw ex ? Jeżeli nie to zapraszam

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To throw or to throw ew. How to rethrow exceptions in C# |

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Minimal API 🤏 Świetna nowość, która ukaże się w .NET 6 dzięki, której będziemy mogli stworzyć pełnoprawne API za pomocą dosłownie kilku linii kodu. Zobacz, w jaki sposób to zrobić i do czego może przydać się nam takie narzędzie!!!

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Minimal API w .NET 6 - pełnoprawne API w kilka minut - YouTube

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Jak przekazać kontekst? I co w ogóle oznacza kontekst? I dlaczego Dependency Injection nie zawsze jest odpowiedzą. Zapraszam.

Context passing patterns - Szymon Kulec @Scooletz

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We are getting closer to .NET 6 final release and this week .NET 6 Preview 6 was released. .NET 6 Preview 4 has introduced Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core. With .NET 6 Preview 6, we now have OpenAPI support for Minimal APIs. In this post, let's see how we can set up Swagger for a project that uses the Minimal API approach. If you are new to Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core or need to refresh your memories, you can read this post I have written a couple of months back: .NET 6 Preview 4: Introducin...

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Jaliya's Blog: .NET 6 Preview 6: Introducing OpenAPI Support in Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core

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When I started my career, SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting were perceived as sophisticated attacks. Mature admins installed MSSQL servers with the Internet turned off, because by default, open to the world was a potential source of the attack. Setting up the firewall wasn’t even a standard. Today we have easier. By using the cloud, many things are warranted. Suppliers protect us from basic break-ins. For instance, they’re blocking DDoS attacks and many other attacks that we don’t even know existed...

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Form a wall! And other concerns about security - Oskar Dudycz

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Hardening an ASP.NET container running on Kubernetes

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Hardening an ASP.NET container running on Kubernetes - Microsoft Tech Community

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AboutPAC-MAN12 min read. What happens when you build a .NET app? What happens the instant you run it? The last time I studied this was when .NET Framework was in its infancy. That was nearly 20 years ago! Things have changed in those two decades: apps are now cross-platform; .NET has lost its "Framework" moniker; and I've lost my hair! This post looks at:what's in a modern .NET 5 (C#) projectwhat's generated when you buildwhat happens when you run it We won't go into a massive amount of detail, but ...

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Anatomy of a .NET app

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Recurso 2 Home Clients Case Events Event Expertise Expertise Accelerators Accelerator Blog Blog Post Campaign Workshop Jobs Job Contact About Query I'm looking for something digital transformation digital transformation Revolutionize your back-end systems by harnessing the powers of integration. With our unrivaled expertise, Codit is the ideal partner for your digital transformation. Brussels AirlinesBrussels Airli...

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Messaging with Azure SignalR & ASP.NET 5 | Codit

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@JeremyLikness🏠 Home🔍 Search📃 Blog📆 Upcoming Talks🗣 Past Presentations▶ Videosℹ AboutPrivacy Notice× This website uses cookies to create the best experience for you. Learn more: Privacy Policy. This site requires your consent to acknowledge and accept the use of cookies. ⚠ Note: some features such as interactive comments and discussions require cookies. Choosing not to consent will disable those features. You can return to the Privacy Policy at any time to opt in.I Do Not ConsentI Consent Code ...

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GraphQL for .NET Developers | Developer for Life

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Z ankiety, którą kiedyś wrzucaliśmy wynikało, że jedną z najbardziej wyczekiwanych zmian w dotnetomaniaku jest rozbudowa mechanizmów związanych z wydarzeniami. W związku z tym rozszerzyliśmy moduł wydarzeń o integrację z publicznym kalendarzem Google. Dzięki niej możecie dodać kalendarz dotnetomaniaka i być na bieżąco z wydarzeniami związanymi z .NET. Aaa jeśli wiecie o jakimś wartościowym wydarzeniu związanym z .NET i chcielibyście podzielić się tą wiedzą z innymi-zapraszamy do dodania go przez stronę ...

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Kalendarz dotnetomaniaka

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Dlaczego nie Automapper? W tym odcinku odpowiedzi na pytania: 💠 Po co jest nam mapowanie obiektów? 💠 Jakie są sposoby mapowania? 💠 Jakie mamy rozwiązania dotyczące mapowania obiektów? 💠 Co jest nie tak z Automapperem? 💠 Czy jawne/"manualne" mapowanie obiektów nie jest niezgodne z DRY i SOLID? 💠 Czym jest MappingGenerator? 💠 Jak stworzyć rozszerzenie kompilatora C#? 💠 Co popchnęło Cezarego do tego, żeby stworzyć własne rozszerzenie i ciągnąć taki pet project tak długo?

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Backend na Froncie odc. 7 Dlaczego nie Automapper? - YouTube

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