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4 grudnia, 2011

I usually pass configuration to my web API via JSON files, but recently I needed to pass them also via command-line arguments. As the solution for ASP.NET Core 2.x is quite different than for ASP.NET Core 1.x I decided to describe both methods in here.

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I tend to do a lot of typos when I write a code and I mean a lot. This is quite annoying for me so I decided to somehow automate the process of finding the spelling errors during the build. My first thought was to use some kind of Roslyn analyzer, however, I failed to find any working one. This is why I decided to give a try to ReSharper Command Line Tools (also known as CLIT) combined with ReSpeller plugin. For those who don’t know, ReSharper Command Li...

Tagi: Cake, Resharper
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If you were looking for information about API versioning support for ASP.NET Core you’ve probably come across Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.Versioning library. The library itself allows you to set up versioning in a couple of different ways, for instance, via attributes or via manual convention setup. All of this options are really nice but unfortunately, they have one significant drawback, namely, you have to set them up manually. As I tend to forget about th...

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In ASP.NET Coreweb.config is no longer a proper place for storing application settings. New framework introduces the concept of a json based configuration and the default file which stores the settings now is appsettings.json. Here is a quick tutorial how to use new features...

Tagi: aspnetcore
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Working with Tasks is a modern way of writing asynchronous code in an easy and flexible manner. It is quite straightforward to start using them, so usually developers do not investigate thoroughly the topic. Unfortunately this often leads to unpleasant surprises - especially when it comes to exception handling. Having this in mind let's take a look how to handle exceptions in Task and what can happen if we do it wrong.

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I am not a big fan of dynamic type in C#, however there are certain situations in which it can be handy. Let's assume that we have following piece of code (which I encounter quite often at my work) public abstract class Weapon { //some properties } public class Gun : Weapon { //some properties } // more derived types var weaponService = new WeaponService(); IList

Tagi: .NET 4.0, C#, dynamic
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Although ECMAScript6 has not been officially released yet, we can play around with new language features today. There are tools such as Traceur or Babel which are able to convert ECMAScript6 into ECMASciprt5, thus we are able to run the code in every browser. So let's try to run the snippet below, which leverages destructuring assignment using those tools ...

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One of the features I miss the most in AngularJS is ability to easy unsubscribe event handlers. There is no convenience function opposed to $on, so in order to unsubscribe event, we have to call method returned by $on function (function () { angular.module('', []) .controller('downloadCtrl', downloadController); function downloadController($scope) { // keep the unsubscribe function in local variable var afterRenderUnsubscribe = $scope.$on('afterRender', onAf...

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There are couple of ways of injecting dependencies into AngularJS components. The most common one is just to specify the dependency name in the function's argument list (function() { angular .module('app') .controller('shellCtrl', function ($scope, $http) { $scope.title = "Title"; }); })(); However this technique fails in real life scenarios, because for production we usually (or rather always) minify and uglify javascript files. Uglify proces renames our varia...

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Borys najlepiej dryblował, Cybor kręcił najlepsze rogale, było kilku kajtków, którzy robili 200 kapek. Alternatywna recenzja książki Amy Hoy. Czyli rzecz o dostarczaniu.

Oskar at .NET: Borys najlepiej dryblował

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Let's assume that we have a simple table GL_Task which looks like this I was asked to rewrite simple SQL query SELECT Id,Name,IdProject FROM GL_Task WHERE Name = 'First task' OR Id IN (3,4 /more id's to come/) using NHibernate's QueryOver API. As simple as it may seem, solution for this particular problem is not straightforward. My first (not so clever) attempt was simply combining WhereRestrictionOn and Where clause var result = session.QueryOver

Tagi: NHibernate, ORM
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Today, working on a new feature for my pet project, I realized that I have to notify the view, that all properties in view model have changed. The most obvious way to achieve that would, of course be to rise PropertyChange event a bunch of times. protected virtual void OnPropertyChanged(Expression

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Everyone who has ever tried to create multilingual application knows, that this is very tedious task. The most repetitive work is usually moving hard-coded strings to resource files. Fortunately with Resharper this is definitelly less painfull than usuall. In order to point out localizable parts of application , it is necessary to decorate classes with System.ComponentModel.LocalizableAttribute. However, usually we want to localize an entire program, so more universal solution is to set appropria...

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Usually when we need to retrieve data from database server, we write code which looks like that using (var session = DataAccesLayer.Instance.OpenSession()) { using (var transaction = session.BeginTransaction()) { var projects = session.QueryOver

Tagi: C#, nHibarnate
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Introduction I think one of the most important features of Resharper is on-the-fly code quality analysis. Basically, every time Resharper finds possible pitfall in code, it indicates this with appropriate warning. The most common warning is "Possible System.NullReferenceException". You can easily reproduce it by writing this code List

Tagi: r#, Reshar#
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An application which I'm currently developing has quite complicated authorization system. That is why, we can not use role based authorization, and basically every developer is obliged to call appropriate security check method in every controller action he or she writes. As You probably know it is quite easy to forget about that, therefore I decided to write a test which would check whether all controller's action invokes this security critical function. After hours of searching for some anchor point, I ...

Tagi: C#, funkcje
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I think almost every .NET developer is familiar with INotifyPropertyChanged interface. Typical implementation of this interface looks more or less like that: public class NotifyPropertyBase : INotifyPropertyChanged { public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged; protected virtual void OnPropertyChanged( Expression

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Writing mappings for models in large application is quite boring task. Fortunatelly, Fluent NHibernate provides possibility for automatic mapping creation - so called automappings.

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Introduction In the company I'm currently working for, it is a common practice to use Devexpress XtraReports to create all kind of reports. Usually these reports are embedded into html page and used along with DevexpressReportViewer. However, lately I have been asked to open a report as a PDF file, without putting a viewer into a html page. 1. First approach After some digging, I created an action in controller which looks like this public void ExportToPdf() { using (MemorySt...

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I think all Resharper users are familiar with snippets. Resharper's snippet basically generates a piece of code, which can be easily customised on the fly. All you have to do is to press TAB, and you can change names of auto-generated variables etc. Today, I decided to write my own snippet, which would make writing unit tests easier. In general, all my unit test methods looks like this [Test] public void MethodNameScenarioExpectedResult_Test() { //test logic goes in here } So let's writ...

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