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Szacuje się, że rotacja na rynku IT w 2022 będzie sięgać 25%. Tymczasem, mam wrażenie, że firmy prześcigają się w oferowaniu coraz to większej liczby "marchewek" dla pracowników, zapominając co tak naprawę jest najważniejsze, aby pracownik był zadowolony, zmotywowany do pracy i chciał pracować w danej firmie. Pensje rosną najszybciej w gospodarce, przybywa benefitów, p...

Czy danie podwyżki to wszystko na co nas stać?

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During the development team life cycle, we encounter many problems related to the lack of timely communication. This can lead to regular high costs associated with changes that come too late, or with the progressive demotivation of each team member. Examples? A very long time of processing pull requests. Suppose person A is working on a particular feature. After a week of working alone (IMO not a good habit) he creates a PR. Another team member starts the review...

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C# 9 introduced us to records, a new way to define data structures with increased readability and usability in specific scenarios. While they may look like structs or classes, they offer an opportunity to reduce boilerplate code and potentially allow us to code differently. One of the significant differences between records and other types is that records operate as value types. In this post, we’ll explore the difference between a reference type and a value type and how we can use source generators to c...

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Change C# Record Comparison with Source Generators  |      Khalid Abuhakmeh

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Round-robin DNS support in .NET HttpClien

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Accurate estimates are a well-known problem in the world of IT. We always try to reach a level where all items that were estimated become equal to actual implementation. I know this is upsetting but there is no option to achieve it. Of course, sometimes you will perfectly fit it. Still, it is usually over – not bad for your business, but customers might spot that this project is a bit expensive – or under – bad for your business – estimated. Based on my experien...

Story 6: Stress more…or forget about time estimates – Me About Software

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Zapraszamy do wysłuchania 84. odcinka Ostrej Piły, w którym razem z naszym gościem rozmawiamy o web3, NFT, crypto.

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Crypto/web3/NFT – OstraPiła #84 – Ostra Piła

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Microsoft Build 2022 Book of News

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Znajdź nas w social mediach: Asseco na Twitterze Asseco na YouTube Asseco na Linkedin+48 17 888 55 55[email protected]Napisz do nasWybierz regionAsseco PolandAsseco DenmarkAsseco LithuaniaAsseco NigeriaAsseco Eastern EuropeAsseco SpainAsseco PSTAsseco GeorgiaAsseco Central Europe Slovakia Czech Republic Hungary Asseco Solutions Germany Switzerland Austria Asseco South Eastern Europe Albania Bosnia and Hercegovina Bulgaria Croatia Kosovo Macedonia Moldova Montenegro Romania Serbia Slovenia T...

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Kubernetes dla .NET Developerów w przykładach dla .NET Core – część 2 - Asseco Poland - Technology for business, Solutions for people.

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Zapraszamy do wysłuchania 83. odcinka Ostrej Piły – ten o konfrontacji. Autor: Paweł Łukasik & Jarosław Stadnicki

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Konfrontacja – OstraPiła #83 – Ostra Piła

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GłównaO mnieKontaktPolityka prywatnościRegulaminZaznacz stronę utworzone przez Adam Jachocki | kw. 14, 2022 | .NetCore, Backend, Programowanie, WPF, Xamarin | 0 komentarzyWstęp Jak już raz wejdziesz w internetowy świat .NET i później przyjdzie ci coś zrobić na konsoli albo innej aplikacji natywnej (Wpf, Winforms, Xamarin), to nagle się okazuje, że brakuje rzeczy. Nie ma dependency injection (trzeba pobierać np. starego, dobrego Autofaca), konfiguracji z appsettings i wielu innych mechanizmów, do który...

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Jon D April 13th, 2022 Today, we are glad to release .NET 7 Preview 3. The third preview of .NET 7 includes enhancements to observability, startup times, codegen, GC regions, native AOT compilation, and more. The bits are available for you to grab right now and start experimenting with new features like:Native AOTDefault GC regionsASP.NET Core startup time improvements You can download .NET 7 Preview 3, for Windows, macOS, and Linux.Installers and binariesContainer imagesLinux packagesRelease notesKno...

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Announcing .NET 7 Preview 3 - .NET Blog

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David O April 12th, 2022 Today we are excited to announce the availability of .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) Release Candidate. The SDK is now API complete, ready for libraries to update and make ready for GA (general availability) compatibility. As with other .NET release candidates, this release is covered by a “go live” support policy, meaning .NET MAUI is supported by Microsoft for your production apps. Get Started Today To acquire .NET MAUI RC1, install or update Visual Studio 2022 Previ...

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Kathleen D April 18th, 2022 Features for C# 11 are coming along nicely! You can check these features out by downloading Visual Studio 17.2 Preview 3 or .NET 7 Preview 3 for other editors. You can find more about C# 11 features that appeared earlier in What’s new in C# 11 and Early peek at C# 11 features and you can follow the progress of C# 11 on the Feature Status page. You can find out about other .NET 7 Preview 3 features in this .NET Blog post and more about Visual Studio 17.2 in the release notes....

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Zapraszam na discorda Szkoły Dotneta. Budujemy bardzo ciekawą społeczność programistów .NET. Chcemy żeby to było miejsce w którym każdy poczuje się swobodnie i wyznajemy zasadę, że nie ma głupich pytań :) Jak się uczysz .NET to wpadaj koniecznie

Serwer Discord dla programistów .NET

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Vladimir Gaevoyhometagsappssecurity    pii    gdpr    dotnet    At some point, I started to feel discomfort working with personally identifiable information data in our project. Mostly, because it is a relatively new field and not always straightforward. In this article, I’m going to try to tackle the main issues and make the implicit explicit. Personally identifiable information (PII) is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person; an ide...

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.NET type for personally identifiable information (PII)

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Zapraszamy do wysłuchania odcinka o mikrozarządzaniu. Omówimy w nim jakie są typowe elementy decydujące o tym czy mamy do czynienia z tym typem zarządzania czy może jest to pewien sposób dbania o nas....

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Mikrozarządzanie – OstraPiła #82 – Ostra Piła

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Posted in .NET Core, security, Key Vault, Azure Managing sensitive information and secrets in config files is something we all have to deal with on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this is also something that we still get wrong: a) config files with production secrets/keys b) source controll littered with secrets/keys c) obscure file transformations and processes to update secrets as we move from one environment to another. However, there are a few options available to us.For local development, NET C...

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Using 'User Secrets' in .NET Core  Console apps

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Moja wypowiedź na temat obecnej szalonej sytuacji na świecie i barbarzyńskiej wojnie, którą wypowiedziała Rosja, Ukrainie. Jest też sporo moich przemyśleń o naszej banieczce IT i tym, że "ja nie interesuje się polityką" już jest nieaktualne (o ile kiedykolwiek było). Jest też trochę linków popierających moje tezy.

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“Nie interesuję się polityką” jest już nieaktualne - Oskar Dudycz

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A fairly typical scenario – there is production software that was released some time ago. The entire development team works on a set of features that will be a part of the next release (no concept of continuous deployments is known). The deadline is coming. More and more work is added. Finally, the release date comes...

Story 3: Make everyone mad…or go with canary releases? – Me About Software

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Jan 31, 2022     |     .net  .net 6  omnisharp  roslynHello OmniSharp on .NET 6.0! On December 15, 2021 we released version 1.38.0 of OmniSharp which, for the first time, included .NET 6.0 builds of the OmniSharp server. The related feature branch was maintained for over a year, and previously contained a .NET 5-based variant of OmniSharp, though that one was never released. This...

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Hello OmniSharp on .NET 6.0!  |   StrathWeb. A free flowing web tech monologue.

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