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W 75. odcinku poruszamy programowanie funkcyjne i z naszym gościem omawiamy najczęściej pojawiające się w tym paradygmacie terminy takie jak, operator punktu stałego, katamorfizm oraz cebula. A na zakończenie o tym czy programowanie funkcyjne ma jakieś minusy. Miłego słuchania. Gość odcinka:Artur Tadrała Chrzestni:Konrad Kokosa Dla przypomnienia: 📨 Nasze poczynania możesz także śledzić innych stronach:

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Funkcyjnie czy obiektowo? – Ostra Piła

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Laurent June 10th, 2021 Today, I’d like to show dotnet how to run your own .NET application on a Micro Controller Unit (MCU) on a simple battery for multiple years. I’ll build an application that will read the temperature and pressure on a BMP280 sensor connected to an ESP32. The core idea is to be run on a small solar panel charging a LiPo battery. I will as well present two real case scenarios, both running .NET nanoFramework, one on STM32F7 processor and the other one on a TI CC1352R. I’m Laurent E...

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Show dotnet: Running my .NET nanoFramework for 8 years on a battery | .NET Blog

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Things Of Interest Blog It's probably time to stop recommending Clean Code 2020-06-28 by qntm It may not be possible for us to ever reach empirical definitions of "good code" or "clean code", which means that any one person's opinions about another person's opinions about "clean code" are necessarily highly subjective. I cannot review Robert C. Martin's 2008 book Clean...

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It's probably time to stop recommending Clean Code @ Things Of Interest

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Matt June 8th, 2021 I’m excited to share with you some of the improvements that have been made to .NET that are coming in .NET 6 in the area of dates, times, and time zones. You can try out all of the following, starting with .NET 6 Preview 4. In this blog post, I’m going to cover the following topics:The new DateOnly and TimeOnly typesTime Zone Conversion APIsTime Zone Display Names on Linux and macOSTimeZoneInfo.AdjustmentRule Improvements For even more details, you can also refer to dotnet/runtime...

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Date, Time, and Time Zone Enhancements in .NET 6 | .NET Blog

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SourceGear.Llama.Swift.Sdk, now available on NuGet, is an MSBuild project SDK for .NET 5 that allows compiling Swift, with support for calling .NET class libraries. This blog entry is a closer look at those features. Reminder: Llama is at the "proof of concept" stage, and is not production ready. In my previous Llama blog entry, I walked through a simplistic implementation of "grep" in both C# and Rust. Let's revisit that sample now in Swift.The .swiftproj file Recall that the project file for the C#...

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Llama Preview: Swift on .NET

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Sign inSoftware CraftMicrosoftJavaScriptCoding For KidsScience & TechHumorAboutGlobal using, file-scoped namespaces, and other enhancements will slim down unnecessary codeMatthew MacDonaldFollow·7 min read We’ve been speculating about the future of C# 10 for a while. The possibilities are no secret. Spend some time on the C# GitHub page and you’ll find a long list of tantalizing ideas — some with major headaches still being hashed out. Many of them won’t make it into the next version of C#, and some ...

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5 New Features in C# 10 - Global using, file-scoped namespaces, and more | Young Coder  | Young Coder

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azure devops · devops · WydarzeniaProgrammer-girl Nie pisałam tutaj już od jakiegoś czasu – a to dlatego, że intensywnie pracuję nad Kursem Azure DevOps. Tworzymy go razem ze Stanisławem Bugalskim już od kilku miesięcy. Planujemy wystartować w połowie lipca, a do piątku 11.06. do godz. 20:59 trwa przedsprzedaż. Tyle reklamy, teraz przejdźmy do materiałów, z których możecie sie czegoś nauczyć.Moje materiały o Azure DevOps O Azure DevOps już nie raz pisałam tutaj na blogu. Jeśli jesteście ciekawi innych...

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[Reklama] Kurs Azure DevOps – przedsprzedaż – Programmer-girl

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Programming adventuresdotnetdotnet-coreaspnetaspnet-coreComments So you want to learn .NET but you are confused about the differences between .NET Framework and .NET Core or what the various versions of ASP.NET are or what the relationship is between C# and F#? If that is the case then you came to the right place. This guide will cover all the basics of .NET and shed some light on the various acronyms and buzz words behind it! If you are new to .NET and you want to get a holistic overview of the enti...

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.NET Basics - Dusted Codes

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It’s a Thursday, which means: .NET open source drama. Last October, Dominick Baier and Brock Allen, the two creators and maintainers of IdentityServer, announced that IS’s current business model was inherently unsustainable and they’d be moving to a paid licensing model using the Reciprocal Public License (RPL) and under a new company, Duende Software, beginning with IdentityServer5. Last month Microsoft announced that they were going to continue to include Duende’s IdentityServer dependency in their...

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.NET Open Source: What Happens When the Free Lunch Ends? – Aaronontheweb

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Bycie dobrym Tech Liderem wymaga doskonalenia zarówno umiejętności technicznych, jak i miękkich. Zauważyłem, że przez dłuższy czas skupiałem się na aspektach technicznych, zaniedbując obszar umiejętności miękkich. Czułem się bardzo zajęty i kręciłem się w kółko. Po poznaniu w jaki sposób odpowiednio delegować, udaje mi się zaoszczędzić czas i koncentruje się na rzeczach, które są dla mnie ważne.

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How Best To Delegate Work And Free Up Your Time As a Tech Leader

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Richard June 3rd, 2021 The .NET or Common Language Runtime (CLR) type system is the foundation of the .NET programming model. We often talk about System.Object being the base of the type system, but it’s really the base of all (reference) types. The type system is (at least) one step lower than that. It defines that both reference and value types exist, that strings are immutable, that single-inheritence is allowed and multiple-inheritence is not, and that generics are a runtime concept. On the other h...

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Conversation about the .NET type system | .NET Blog

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News.NET 6 Preview 4 Ships 'Ready for Real-World Testing'David Ramel05/25/2021 Many features in the just-shipped .NET 6 Preview 4 are close to being in final form, Microsoft says, making it "ready for real world testing if you haven't yet tried .NET 6 in your environment." That doesn't mean it's ready for production use, though, as "go live" builds for that aren't expected until August, ahead of a newly finalized Nov. 9 GA release date. At that time, Microsoft's massive effort to unify all .NET...

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.NET 6 Preview 4 Ships 'Ready for Real-World Testing' -- Visual Studio Magazine

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A new Blazor feature for ASP.NET Core 6 is custom events. With them, we can add custom logic to browser events. In this post we are going to implement a “multimedia paste”. What we will do is allow users to paste both text and images into a textarea. For that we will use a custom event. For this example I will use ASP.NET Core 6 and a Blazor WASM app. We need to configure the new event in two places, in JavaScript and in Blazor. Let’s start with JavaScript. JavaScript In JavaScript we ind...

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Blazor .NET 6 – Custom Events – Pasting Images Like on Twitter – ASP.NET Core 6

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25th May 202125th May 2021Steve Gordon.NET 6 In .NET 6 (preview 4), two long-awaited types have been introduced as part of the core library. DateOnly and TimeOnly allow developers to represent either the date or time portion of a DateTime. These two new types are structs (value types) and may be used when your code deals with date or time concepts independently. Both types can be found in the System namespace. Using these new types may align well with how databases allow similar data to be represented. ...

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Using DateOnly and TimeOnly in .NET 6 - Steve Gordon - Code with Steve

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I will introduce you to how you can design a neural network in C# using TensorFlow.NET.

Designing neural networks in C# using TensorFlow.NET | bush_dev

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W tym odcinku zapraszam na rozmowę z Adamem Marczakiem, osobą która połączyła dwie kariery w jedną całość. Adam jest architektem rozwiązań w chmurze, oraz z sukcesem prowadzi kanał technologiczny na YouTube. Oprócz tego jest po prostu skromną i niesłychanie pozytywną osobą. Jak połączyć te dwie kariery? Co daje prowadzenie kanały na YouTube z ponad 55 TYSIĄCAMI subskrybentów? Jak przekuć stres w pozytywne działanie, skąd brać inspiracje i jak działa ekstremalne podejście do zadań w życiu prywatnym i zaw...

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IT i TO | #9: Dwie kariery, architekt chmury i "jutuber" - Adam Marczak

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Certyfikaty w karierze IT! Niezbędny punkt w CV czy raczej kwiatek do kożucha? A może inaczej to wygląda na poszczególnych etapach kariery. Wy pytacie o to, ja odpowiadam. W tym odcinku, przedstawiam mój punkt widzenia na rolę certyfikatów w karierze i ogólniej w branży IT. Czy warto inwestować w certyfikaty i kiedy? Kiedy mogą one już być zbędne? Czy certyfikaty mogą służyć jako podsumowanie wiedzy? Kiedy mogą być naszym wyróżnikiem na rynku.

IT i TO | #8: O certyfikatach: czy, kiedy, po co ... a może nie warto

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Krótki opis wraz z przykładem techniki EventStorming - Process Level.

EventStorming - Process Level

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Kim jest generalista i co robi w świecie technologii (podpowiem, nie jest to generał)? Zapraszam na rozmowę z Sebastianem Gębskim, architektem w AWS. Rozmawiamy nie o AWS ale o roli konsultanta, i jak zmieniała się na przestrzeni ostatnich lat przez zmianę w dostępie do informacji; o leadership w świecie technologii; roli CTO i VP of Engineering; byciu generalistą i co to oznacza; ewolucji internetu ... i wielu innych tematach.

IT i TO | #07: Bycie generalistą w technologii - Sebastian Gębski

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I’m going to talk about reflection-heavy libraries; I will describe the scenario I’m talking about - as it is commonly used today, the status quo, giving a brief overview of the pros and cons of this, and then present the case that times have changed, and with new language and runtime features: it may be time to challenge our way of thinking about this kind of library. I’m a code-first kind of developer; I love the inner-loop experience of being able to tweak some C# types and immediately have everyth...

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Code, code and more code.: Is the era of reflection-heavy C# libraries at an end?

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