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Today, I will introduce some changes in version 5.0 and present how to update the version in the project from version 3.1 to 5.0.

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ASP.NET Core 5.0 - what changes?

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Our teams, at Altkom Software & Consulting, are using the Camunda BPM platform successfully in many projects for over 5 years. We designed, built, and deployed solutions based on Camunda in the financial and insurance industries allowing our customers to digitize their business and deliver business value faster, directly to their customers. Five years ago Camunda was a novelty, now it is well known and established platforms, one of the leaders in the workflow automation area, but most of the projects...

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Camunda and .NET Core - friends or foes? - Software House Altkom Software & Consulting

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It is said that picture is worth a thousand words, and I agree. That’s why I like preparing technical drawings to explain various concepts. So, here it is – a short story of how async/await works in .NET.

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.NET application is “just” a piece of CIL bytecode to be executed by the .NET runtime. And .NET runtime is “just” a program that is able to perform this task. But what if we write .NET runtime as… .NET appli...

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A brief introduction to Blazor's possibilities, how to create the first project, what his future is and whether it's competition for JavaScript.

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Blazor - can it replace JavaScript? | bush_dev

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Have you ever wondered how you can use somebody's external library with native API calls? With side-loading - P/Invoke style.

Tagi: .Net, Windows
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[C#] Ultimate P/Invoke hacker tutorial

Google Analytics API is a very nice tool to download statistics from our website to another application. I present here how to use it.

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Today’s article will focus on something that is a key element of creating and operating services in .NET Core technology, or Dependency Injection. In writing this article I assume that the reader knows the basics of programming in C#.

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Dependency Injection in .NET Core

Opinions, thoughts, solutions by Paweł Pindel on Azure Functions v2 stopped working after release of Azure Functions v3 Did you experience that problem? Because me and my team did. We spent a lot of time looking for solution which appears to be actually really simple. However, I couldn’t find Microsoft information about that in recent changelogs, blog posts etc. But let me explain what the reason was. It seems like before deployme...

Tagi: .Net, Azure, C#, functions
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Azure Functions v2 stopped working after v3 release

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Recently I am starting a couple of new projects. One of them is my university open-source project helping to donate animal shelters. The first challenge every developer faces is the architecture. There are many possible architectural patterns. I wrote a post about choice between monolith and microservices here. But this post is about how to structure your solution. Clean architecture is one of the ...

Clean Architecture based on my open-source project

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There are lot of tips which I would like to share but I will present only a small portion of the key takeyways which subjetively seemed most intersting for me. Don’t hate me for my somewhat short explanation of topics here, the main purpose of the post is to aggregate the bullet points from conference and reference the most interesting stuff 🙂Source: DAY 1 The Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge Cotin -role of ...

Notes from .NET Developer Days 2019 | SimplyAboutCode

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Wpis poświęcony HierarchyID w najnowszym EF.

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Using HierarchyID in Entity Framework | SoftwareHut Tech Blog

MenuHomeAboutArchivesSubscribe Opinions, thoughts, solutions by Paweł Pindel on At the beginning, it is worth considering what asynchronous programming is and why it is better than synchronous. Asynchronous programming involves approaching the problem in a completely different way. The point is that the program code does not execute line by line, waiting each time for the end of the operation to move on. It allows us to speed up the program to a great extent, release the main t...

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Asynchronous programming in .NET - introduction

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In this series I describe the new Microsoft.FeatureManagement library that is being developed by the Azure team. It standardises the approach to adding feature flags to an ASP.NET Core app. In the first post, I introduce the library and show how to create simple feature flags. In later posts I show some of the extensibility features of the library, as well as the some of the tighter integration points with ASP.NET Core Posts in this series (new posts will be listed here as they're written): Part 1...

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Adding feature flags to an ASP.NET Core app

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Pierwsze przymiarki do C# w ersji ósmej. Wyamgania i kilka najfajniejszych moim zdaniem zmian.

Tagi: .Net, C#, programing
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C# 8.0 -

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Cześć! To już drugi artykuł z serii “Od zera do developera“. Aby przejść tę drogę należy nie tylko umieć zamienić nasze myśli na działający kod ale przede wszystkim posiadać wiedzę na temat języków, technologii i frameworków w jakich przyjdzie Ci pracować. Nieważne czy jesteś studentem czy nie, czy doświadczonym developerem, a może jesteś już po stażu, udając się na rozmowę kwalifikacyjną na pewno będzie przed Tobą...

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W dzisiejszym poście przyglądniemy się dość ciekawej wtyczce rozszerzającej możliwości Visual Studio. XAML Power Toys jest generatorem widoków, który automatycznie tworzy kod XAML na podstawie wcześniej przygotowanego view-model-u. Siłą rzeczy, skorzystamy z niego najlepiej stosując w naszej aplikacji wzorzec MVVM, chociaż nie jest to oczywiście warunek konieczny.

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XAML Power Toys – generator widoku XAML

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O tym czy jest Eto.Forms i czy jest/nie jest ciekawe.

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Randezvous z Eto.Forms | PAWEŁ STREJCZEK

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Structures, handles, pointers and managed code in C++. Twelfth part of .NET Internals Cookbook with answers to various C#/.NET/CLR questions.

Tagi: .Net, C#, CLR
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.NET Internals Cookbook Part 12 — Memory structure, attributes, handles – Random IT Utensils

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So…after quite a serious thing which was writing Pro .NET Memory Management book, I’ve decided to experiment with a little pet project for having some more fun. I have quite a few very interesting ideas going on in my head. Yet, I needed to choose one! And that’s how an idea of OutOfMemory game prototype materialized!

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OutOfMemory – a nerdy card game for developers! – TooSlowException

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