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Wpis jest o zostawianiu komentarzy typu TODO w kodzie. Dlaczego to jest złe i jak na to sobie zaradzić.

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Nie zostawiaj komentarzy TODO w kodzie! Chyba, że dokładnie opiszesz je w tasku.

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I’ve recently written an article about managing TODOs in the codebase with TODOExplorer. I’ve also proposed an idea of introducing code snippet for TODOs which helps to keep all TODOs in predefined format as well as provides more information about delayed task (author, receiver, date, issue tracker id). This article was a result of a few discussions with my programmer-colleagues and I hoped that that idea of TODOs snippet was worth sharing (I’ve been using it in my project for a while). After publishing ...

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It’s a good practice to make all things done at the first approach. But in the real world it’s ot always possible - for example we need to ask customer for clarification and it will take some time, or worst - we don’t have enough time right now to implement things in the right way. In order to adress this issue, a TODO was invented to mark all those places in code requiring additional work. But the main disadvantage of TODO is that we mark code with it, commit it and forget about it. Sometimes somebody a...

How to manage TODO in your codebase. · CEZARY PIĄTEK

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Wczoraj opisałem pusty projekt, który dostajemy w Visual Studio, tworząc projekt F# > Android. Dziś czas na zbudowanie krok po kroku naszej pierwszej aplikacji - prostej listy zadań.

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