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19 czerwca, 2013

I decided to write this post, because before joining Facebook I thought that PHP is just old, limited language from 2 decades ago when server was responsible for simple form parsing, and generating HTML...

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PHP in 2020 it’s not your mama’s PHP

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One of the best books I've read last year was "Hello, Startup" by Yevgeniy Brikman I wrote a book review summarizing my learnings:

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Hello, Startup – 360 overview of running tech business

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Over years, I noticed that people develop a grudge against coworkers or their bosses. Often, if not always, this is caused by others goals and job constraints...

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[EN] Don’t hate the player! Hate the game!

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It’s been almost a year since I joined Azure Search team. A lot has changed since then. I joined right after team grew from 12 to 25 people with a mission to add text analytics intelligence to search. A few months later entire Cognitive Services (Azure Machine Learning APIs) platform team joined us. Then we hired additional 25 people to build scalable platform for both Cognitive Services and Azure Search. After that we also got a team of data scientists who are building the actual machine learning models...

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[EN]Building Cloud Search as a Service with AI

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Seeing AI is a mobile app that narrates the world around you. It enables people with low vision to recognize faces, objects, text, bills, colors, and much more! Seeing AI was first announced at //build conference in 2016. Over last few months I was working with Seeing AI team overnight on in-app Photo Gallery that allows you not to browse through photos that you have taken earlier.

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Seeing AI Photo Gallery

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Earlier this year I attended QCon Beijing and QCon Sao Paulo conferences. I really like QCon, because there is no marketing, just real experts exchange of experience. After my first QCon (Shanghai in 2016) I was very excited to come back this year!

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[EN] QCon conferences – real experts experience exchange

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Password managers are very popular these days. There are some that store your passwords locally (e.g., KeePass), but vast majority store your passwords online. Two, most popular ones are 1password and LastPass. All online password managers claim they are secure. But do you know that for sure?

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Do you Trust password managers?

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One of the top Azure App users requests was to add Touch ID support for additional security. In this post I will share the details of implementing biometrics authentication for iOS and Android with Xamarin.

Tagi: C#, Xamarin
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[EN] Adding biometrics authentication to Xamarin.iOS (Touch ID / Face ID) and Xamarin.Android (Fingerprint)

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One of our top user’s feedback requests was to enable multiple account access without singing out and signing in. It is now available on latest iOS and Android releases!

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[EN] Managing multiple accounts in Azure App

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Recently we added in-memory caching to Azure App. You can try it out now on iOS and Android! It turns out Mono doesn’t have System.Runtime.Caching namespace, which makes it easy to implement caching for .NET apps. We had to find another way...

Tagi: C#, Xamarin
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[EN] In-memory caching in Xamarin apps

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The latest Azure Mobile App update has statuses on the resources list: You probably want to ask why we didn’t have them before. Great question! Currently Azure Resource Manager (public API we are using to get your Azure resources) requires to make separate calls to get single resource status. It means: if you have 100-200 resources, you would have to make 100-200 extra calls. There are some people who has almost 2000 in one subscription! Taking perf...

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[EN] Azure Resource Manager Batch API

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Earlier this month I spoke at SeattleJS meetup. I love this meetup! People attending it are awesome! Thank you Jeremy Foster for inviting me to speak! If you are living in Seattle area you should definitely check it out! I gave fast-paced 30 mins overview of TypeScript. I showed a sample app that is taking advantage of webpack for continuous compilation, bundling and minification. I also did quick demo of Aurelia Framework

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Quick intro to web development with TypeScript, webpack and Aurelia

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For last 6 months I’ve been working on the Azure Mobile App for iOS and Android. We officially announced it at Microsoft’s //build conference keynote last month. Now, you can monitor your Azure Resources from your phone! You can also take quick management actions, like start/stop/restart. Actually, you can do whatever you want using Cloud Shell that enables you to execute any command available through Azure CLI and PowerShell. To learn more ab...

Tagi: Azure, mobile
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Under the hood of the Azure Mobile App

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You are probably familiar with Uncle Bob’s classic: Clean Code. While Clean Code is about good engineering practices, and writing good code, The Clean Coder is more about communication aspect of developer’s work. It’s about how to behave professionally, be disciplined, and stick to good coding practices. What’s more, it demonstrates how to avoid common pitfalls in software development process. Such as underestimating time, undergo management pressure ...

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[EN] The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers

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In 2017 C# is dead...

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[EN] C# is dead

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You probably have heard about The Joel Test. This test helps you to determine how good a software team is. It was created almost 17 years ago by Joel Spolsky (currently CEO of StackOverflow). It's time for an update!

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[EN] The Joel Test for 2017

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Over four years ago I created a simple Pomidoro Windows App in order to learn Windows RT app development. Yeah! Windows RT was a new thing back then! My app was a simple timer that counts down from 25 minutes to 0. It was designed to use when applying the Pomodoro Technique... You will not believe what has happened last year!

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[EN] I created Windows app over the weekend and you will not believe what happened next

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Everyday when I am doing some small bug fixes or minor improvements I am thinking about the British Cycling team. They dominated 2012 Olympics thanks to marginal improvements. Such as cleaning hands properly, taking their own pillows when traveling or sleeping in the right position. All of these small things put together resulted in 7 out of 10 track cycling gold medals...

Tagi: productivity
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[EN] How we saved $1,000,000 for Microsoft with this one, small change

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If you are building a product that is not yet released you should read this book. If you are building a product that is already released you should also read this book. If you are working on some overnight idea this is a must read! Why? In all cases it will help you to plan features, use data-driven approach for making decisions, and avoid waiting time by doing work that is not needed...

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[EN] Lean Startup

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Earlier this year I blogged about StockEstimator – my side project for predicting future stock prices. Recently in addition to F# module, which estimates future prices, I added Web Service that takes advantage of Azure Machine Learning to do the same much faster.

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[EN] Predicting future with F# and Azure Machine Learning

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