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19 czerwca, 2013

Wszyscy chyba wiemy co stało się po ostatnich wyborach samorządowych. Jak to program Kalkulator1 robi furorę w internecie, jak to kilka dni po głosowaniu nie znamy ich wyników, i tak dalej. Jeśli nie wiesz to kilka linków: Niebezpiecznik: Problemy w PKW. Zliczanie głosów wyborców się opóźnia – zawiódł system informatycznyNiebezpiecznik: Cały świat ogląda i komentuje kod źródłowy obsługujący polskie wyboryNaTemat: Kto...

Obligatoryjny komentarz do afery wyborczej | Maciej Aniserowicz o programowaniu

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In this post, I want to go beyond “Hello World” and show real life examples. F# and Nancy – Where to start ?

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My Wordpress blog is hosted on Windows Azure, and I am using the only MySQL provider that is available on Azure: ClearDB. Yesterday I couldn’t log in to the admin panel. I had no idea what was going on, because blog was working. I was googling for cause/solution, checking Azure logs, monitoring on Azure Portal, and accidentally I noticed that I exceeded ClearDB quota (20 MB). I did not receive any notifications from ClearDB though. What is important: if you exceed this limit...

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Recently I read two great books about JavaScript: JavaScript: The Good Parts and Effective JavaScript: 68 Specific Ways to Harness the Power of JavaScript. Both are not for beginners, but rather programmers who know some Object Oriented language (e.g., C#, Java or C++)....

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Gulp is a streaming build system (aka task runner). It contains plugins, which allows you to run tasks such as TypeScript to JavaScript compilation, Less to CSS compilation, bundling, minification, running you own scripts, and much, much more...

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Recently Microsoft Azure introduced the New D-Series Virtual Machine Sizes. The “greatest” available VM has 16 cores, and 112 GB RAM. I thought it would be cool to create one, and play with it for a while. Not for a month, because that would cost almost $1000 (~700-800 EURO). However, what is cool about Azure – you can scale VM down when you are not using it. Even to the cheapest option – A0 Basic (~10 EURO / ...

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DevTalk #01 za nami. Kurtyna opadła, emocje zwiędły, każdy żuczek toczy swoją kulkę życia dalej… Tak? NIE! Wcale nie! Nic nie opadło, nic nie zwiędło! Wręcz przeciwnie: emocje są nadal, nabuzowanie nie ustąpiło! Bo wiecie co? Nie spodziewałem się hiszpańskiej inkwizycji! Feedback po pierwszym odcinku był tak miażdżąco zajebisty, że po prostu szok. Daliście mi ogromnego powera, dzięki wielkie! Żeby lekko zarysować rozmiar sukcesu: na sam...

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The second edition of dotNetConfPL was pretty successful. I am very pleased with all sessions, and speakers performance. All sessions went smooth, but one. Barbara Fusinska could not run screenshare on Google Hangouts. Her session was recorded later and is already available. The only way to inform other about the problems during the conference was through JabbR or displaying Blue Screen of Death instead of her session. Adding something on website would...

Tagi: dotnetConf, event
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Hey all I would like to invite you to second edition of dotnetconfPL. If you hear about it first time then check out last edition. As you may guess this conference is in Polish, we were inspired by global edition, so we decided to do it in Polish. At this year we have few more licences to raffle during our event, six resharper and three ncrunch. Thank for all sponsors! This edition has seven technical oriented talks and one soft oriented talk, we tried, and we want to exp...

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Recenetly I was exploring Windows Microsoft Azure. Here are the best resources I found, and strongly recommend to get familiar with this powerful cloud platform.

Tagi: Azure, cloud
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This post is part of the series: iOS for C# Developer. C# developers works with Visual Studio. Recently, some are trying to switch to SublimeText. However, I will assume that you, as C# Developer are familiar with VS. To write iOS applications, you need Xcode. I haven’t heard about nobody who created an working app in a different editor (more advanced than Hello World)...

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This post is part of the series: iOS for C# Developer. Previous parts: part 1 (Classes and creating objects), part 2 (strings). The most typical scenario to use multithreading is to maintain responsive UI when we do some resource-consuming computation.C# Let’s consider simple button click action in C#...

Tagi: C#, iOS, objective-c
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This post is part of the series: iOS for C# Developer. String operations in Objective-C are very verbose in comparison to C#.

Tagi: iOS, objective-c
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In this series I would like to present an overview of differences and similarities in developing iOS and C# apps. First part is about Object-Oriented features. If you are C# developer and you are starting with Objective-C, Object-Oriented terminology might be confusing.

Tagi: iOS, objective-c
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Some time ago I created an Azure alert (thanks to Iris Classon). I did it as a part of my Azure exploration. The rule I created, send me email every time I have more than 1000 requests per hour. I received one or two e-mails in last two weeks and that was fine. High traffic can happen occasionally. Of course I created this rule based on history of the number of requests from the past. However, last night I received 3 e-mails. I checked with Azure Man...

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C# 5.0 in a Nutshell is a great reference book about C#. Furthermore, it is worth to read it from the beginning to the end, to understand how C# works and to get familiar with the language features (can be used in the future as a reference). This book describes many features, which I have never used (after over 4 years programming in C#) like some XML serializers, COM interoperability or advanced threading/tasking techniques. Now, I know about them an...

Tagi: .Net, books, C#
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Finally, I had time to watch Build 2014 sessions. Here are the best I have seen. Thinking for programmers (Leslie Lamport) Windows and the Internet of Things (Steve Teixeira) Building Azure Web Sites with Visual Studio Online “Monaco” (Chris Dias) What’s New for ASP.NET and Web in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 and Beyond (Scott Hanselman and Scott Hunter) Modern C++: What You Need to Know (Herb Sutter) The Future of C# (and VB) Go Mobile with C# and Xamarin (Miguel de Icaza) TypeScript (Anders Hejlsberg) D...

Tagi: .Net, Build, C#, Windows
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More experience I gain, more interested I am in how things work underneath the code level. In this post I want to provide short description of the Top 10 programming languages (by TIOBE Index), how they work and their super short history.

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Six years ago I purchased Logitech UltraX, which is still the best keyboard I have ever had. Unfortunately, as you know, keyboard cannot live for ever. Two years ago I wanted to buy the same model again, but…UltraX is no longer made. I was looking for some on amazon and ebay, and I found only Logitech Ultra X with PS/2. I bought it and it was fine, but I needed also PS/2->USB converter (my laptop doesn’t have PS/2 like most of laptops today). It works...

Tagi: keyboard
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I decided to move my blog from hosting on to Microsoft Azure (formerly Windows Azure before March, 25th 2014). Why? To get more familiar with the Cloud and especially Azure. I did my migration following Dave Bost’s series Moving a WordPress Blog to Windows Azure...

Tagi: Azure, blog, Wordpress
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