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Tomasz WiśniewskiHomeTrainingsAbout MePosted on September 10, 2020 Architects… architects everywhere! The amount of job offers and people with this title is booming. The question is why and for what reason? I will try to go through some of the most common sins which can be found in the current market as this non-sense is getting out of hands and will only harm the way people perceive this role. For a lot of people being an architect is a step in their career… for some it is an end goal. There is nothin...

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Over years, I noticed that people develop a grudge against coworkers or their bosses. Often, if not always, this is caused by others goals and job constraints...

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[EN] Don’t hate the player! Hate the game!

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I’ve been working as software developers since July 2014 and during that time my point of view of IT industry have changed several times. Before starting my career I had absolutely no idea about this profession but even though I loved that! Why? Simply because of my friends who talked about tons of money they were earning, lots of benefits in the office including snacks, coffee, PlayStaion, alcohol and so on. That seemed awesome! Infamously, I must admit tha...

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