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19 czerwca, 2013

From time to time I receive emails with questions “How to become better/awesome developer?”, “Should I go to college?”, “what’s the secret formula to become ultimate programmer?”. Instead of answering the same questions over, and over again – providing only partial response each time – I decided to write this blog post...

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2015-11-09 • Comments [0] In the previous weekend, on October 31, together with Michal and Pawel we held 3rd edition of dotNetConfPL. In this year, sessions were very diverse: from ASP.NET vNext, through unit testing, functional programming, Vargant, software architecture, all over to Internet of Things. Great thanks to speakers who did awesome job. If you missed it you can watch videos on youtube. Make sure to subscribe to dotNetConfPL youtube channel to do not mis...

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Last month I had a pleasure to speak at ConnectJS and All Things Open conferences. ConnectJS ConnectJS was not only about JavaScript, but about web development in general. All Things Open is one of the largest Open Source conferences in the USA.

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Recently, together with my co-worker Breck, we were looking at the error logs. One of our ideas – in order to investigate errors that were hard to diagnose – was to check in which part of the World users who get errors are located.

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Last Saturday I had a pleasure to speak at Seattle Code Camp. It was an amazing event, which was free. There were over 50 talks, 500 attendees, and raffle with many prizes, e.g., Microsoft Surface Pro 3! Check out videos, code, and slides from my talks!

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I joined Microsoft on September 8, 2014. Today is my first year anniversary...

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Last Thursday I had a pleasure to give a talk about Speech Recognition in the Browser at the Code Fellows in Seattle. Many people were surprised how easy it is to add speech recognition to your website with pure JavaScript. So I thought I will share a few code snippets here.

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Recently I learned the hard way about setTimeouts side effects...

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On July 1st I had a pleasure to speak at Seattle Node.js meetup about unit testing and Test Driven Development with Angular.js and Node.js, using TypeScript. In this talk I gave an overview of JavaScript testing frameworks, and tools. I also demonstrated how TypeScript can strengthen your tests by adding free unit tests (type checking) thanks to strong typing.

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Agile teams usually works in the Open Spaces. This makes communication easier, but it also introduces a problem: it is easier to interrupt your coworker. We all know what interruption means for programmer...

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Yesterday I had a pleasure to speak at .NET Developers Association meetup in Redmond, about building web applications with TypeScript...

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Recently I read 3 books written by founders of Basecamp (formerly 37 Signals): David Heinemeier Hansson (creator of Ruby on Rails framework) and Jason Fried: Getting Real Rework Remote: Office not required Getting Real was written almost 10 years ago, and it talks about the same things as most recent Remote. So you can skip it. However Rework, and Remote are definitely worth to read. They present the new(?) approach for work, and productivity...

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We all know that JavaScript has some bad parts. However, one of them is usually forgotten, and skipped in most of “JavaScript Bad Parts” lists on the Internet. It is a Date object. You can have hard time working with it, especially if you want to support time zones. In this post I would like to outline quircks of Date in JavaScript.

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Last week, we released a new version of the Azure Portal (v5.0). There is a lot of improvements in the portal, but I would like to focus on particular one: the keyboard shortcuts. Check it out!

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Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C# by Uncle Bob is the best book about modern Software Development I have ever read. First section (chapters 1-6) is an Overview of Agile, Extreme Programming (XP), and TDD. Very good introduction to modern software development. Chapter 6. shows all these techniques by example, by creating “The Bowling Game” application...

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Recently I discover Web Speech API. I was already talking to the browser using Google Hangout or Google Translator, but I have never though about adding voice support to my website. I did some research, and I found a demo. Based on that I put up simple demo website (say: “show website blog”, and it will take you directly to the sub page that can be also approached with 3 mouse clicks). For now speech recognition works only in Google Chrome and Safari...

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Just as natural pearls grow from grains of sand that have irritated oysters, these programming pearls have grown from real problems that have irritated real programmers. I just finished reading Jon Bentley’s book: Programming Pearls. I read this book after Scott Hanselman’s and Jeff Atwood’s recommendations. The problems analyzed in this book are still actual. However, I think that today programmers face slightly different challenges...

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[EN] Programming Pearls - Jakub Jedryszek

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Czwarty odcinek to badanie nowych gruntów: wyjście poza .NET! Moim gościem jest Sławomir Sobótka: założyciel firmy Bottega IT Solutions, trener, blogger, architekt. Wywodzi się ze środowiska Javy i można go spotkać na bardzo wielu konferencjach i grupach związanych z tą właśnie technologią. Rozprawiamy o Domain Driven Design, a Sławek jest jednym z najbardziej rozpoznawalnych polskich ekspertów w tym obszarze. Podczas rozmowy opowiada nam jakie korzyś...

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If you are web developer you have probably heard about some (or all) of these tools: npm , Bower, Grunt, gulp.js, and Yeoman...

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Hej! Dziś temat, o którym wspomniałem już poprzednio przy okazji ostatniej części serii wpisów dotyczących testowania za pomocą frameworka Jasmine. Pokazywałem tam, w jaki sposób można „zamokować” wywołanie funkcji ajax dostępnej w bibliotece jQuery za pomocą specjalnych obiektów Deffered oraz Promise dostarczanych przez tę bibliotekę. Uznałem wówczas, że szczegóły tego rozwiązania to temat na osobny wpis… i dziś właśnie postanowiłem Wam je w przystępny sposó...

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