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Single Page Applications are one of the best experiences that a web developer can deliver to their customers. See how to build SPA using Vue.js with .NET Core 2.0 backend.

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Marczak.IO  | Building .NET Core 2.0 web apps with Vue.js single file components using VS Code

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Earlier this month I spoke at SeattleJS meetup. I love this meetup! People attending it are awesome! Thank you Jeremy Foster for inviting me to speak! If you are living in Seattle area you should definitely check it out! I gave fast-paced 30 mins overview of TypeScript. I showed a sample app that is taking advantage of webpack for continuous compilation, bundling and minification. I also did quick demo of Aurelia Framework

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Quick intro to web development with TypeScript, webpack and Aurelia

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What’s up, back-end master? Did you finish previous episode with fully working application, with configured database and tested accounts system? I hope so, because now it’s time for the front-end! As you may know from our introduction post, front-end of our application will be mostly based on React. But that’s not all!

Getting started on ASP.NET Core & React – episode 03 -

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