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5 kwietnia, 2016

There are many different approaches to deal with failures in web apps. One of the most common is returning a result... The idea is simple. If the method fails because of validation or something else, the result tells it. The only thing we need is ifstatement an...

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In my last article, I presented how to run Aurelia unit tests inside Bitbucket pipeline. What’s quite funny (or may be scary for some of you) is that few hours after publishing, Facebook presented to me an add with „great CI tool” called Buddy. Without much thought, I navigated to the project’s site and I felt in love immediately. Why? There’s one reason – it’s dead simple...

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Inspired by Piotr’s article I decided to play a little with the Bitbucket as an alternative to the GitHub. The thing that I really like about it, is that there’s no need to use any 3rd part CI tool such as TravisCI since Bitbucket offers its own build pipeline. Of course, I wanted to test it as soon as possible, so I created very simple Aurelia application using its CLI and I pushed my changes. My basic pipeline file (with the *.yml extension) presented as follows:   ...

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It’s pretty funny to me when you think that you know some programming language quite well and suddenly you find out some feature, you’ve never heard before. I mean at all. That’s exactly what happened to me yesterday. Let’s see what’s that. Generics are very useful in programming since we can avoid writing similar code multiple times. But when we start to complicate them too much, it quickly reduces the legibility of the code. Of course, I don’t claim that whe...

Tagi: alias, C#, generics
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Prezentacja frameworka, który wspomoże nas w tworzeniu przejrzystej i funkcjonalnej dokumentacji dla API.

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The end of the May comes and hence the end of „Get Noticed 2017” competition. Therefore, I’m going to do a short summary which will describe things that I’m happy about together with those that I’m not. Obviously, this post also will be the last one in the GN2017 category which contains 16 articles. Wait, what?

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What is a random number? Well, even if you have never read any definition, you can still answer that question pretty easy. It’s the unpredictable result of some action like throwing a dice. We just can’t predict what the next number will be. The Lucky shoot is all we’ve got. In a real world, randomness is kind of natural „thing”, but it starts to be more complicated when it comes to machines. Why? Simply because of their deterministic character...

Tagi: random
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Today’s post is going to be super easy, especially if you’re familiar with SQL, so without much explanation let’s discuss a little bit about two clauses that you might spot later in my Neo4j & Cypher series – Union and With.  UNION clause The Union clause can be used to merge the results of two queries. There are just two restrictions:the number of columns in both queries must be the samecolumn names in both queries must be the same Let’s demonstra...

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As I’ve mentioned in previous posts about Akka.NET, everything that actor knows is stored in memory. While we can skip any database or IO related bottlenecks because things in memory are generally speaking very fast, we must remember that memory is not a place where you can store your data for an extended period of time and keep it. So let’s talk about persisting it.

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In the previous post, we explored Neo4j dataset containing actors and movies. We also got familiar with basics of Cypher – declarative query language created for graph databases. In today’s post, we’ll find out how to create a more complex query which will consist of many relationships and nodes.  What are we going to retrieve? Let’s start with defining our task. Imagine that someone asked us to build a query which will answer the below question: I...

Tagi: cypher, neo4j, query
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In one of my previous post, we got familiar with the graph databases concept as the opposing approach to the aggregate-oriented, NoSQL databases. As I promised back then, there’s going to be a series of post dedicated to the query language designed for querying that kind of data structure called Cypher. Today’s one starts it and it going to present the way to install Neo4j and later is going to discuss creating simple queries.  Installing Neo4j To start our j...

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Imagine the following situation: your job was to add some functionality to the application. You’ve worked on this for last couple days doing N commits. When the job is over you want to push your changes to the origin but soon after you spot that for the whole time you’ve worked on master/develop branch instead of the feature branch. Sounds familiar to you? Don’t worry, you can still move your changes!  The example Let’s say that we started a new project. We’ve ...

Tagi: git, undo changes
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Almost all my career I’ve spent with relational databases (later called RDB) and more precisely SQL Server. Honestly, I’ve never complained about that. It works fine, integrating with object languages is very quick since we’ve got a lot of different ORMs (like Entity Framework or Dapper) and it’s pretty easy to learn no matter how advanced developer you are. Sounds like a perfect solution, right? I mean, think about all the companies and projects th...

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A few days ago I showed you how to combine Nancy with Autofac and ASP.NET Core IoC. Today’s post will be related to the security and more precisely JWT authentication. Before moving further, I’d like to mention that below text is going to be the last Nancy-related one (at least for now). In a next couple weeks, we’ll explore the world of graph databases with Neo4j and .NET Core, so I hope you’re as excited as I do 😉  How does JWT authe...

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For couple last days, I worked on gifty to catch up a little bit. My primal task was to introduce JWT authentication to my microservices hosted by Nancy. That’s the topic for next post but today, I’ll describe the proper steps to fully integrate Nancy with Autofac and ASP.NET Core since it’s not that obvious (at least wasn’t for me) and took me way to much time to finally do it. So, I hope that this one will help you one way or another.  Installing pa...

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Kilka słów o konferencji GET.NET w Łodzi + konkurs ;)

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It’s been almost a year since I did my first public speaking (related to programming). During that, many things changed including my personal point of view on that profession. It is nothing new that the first steps are the hardest, so in this post, I’ll describe my first feelings, mistakes, and moves which started my personal journey as a speaker. Since I’m still at the beginning of my way, this post will probably evolve from time to time but even thou...

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Last week, I finally started working on my „Get noticed” project called gifty. If you have absolutely no idea what I’m writing about you can go read my introduction to the project which I link here😉 Anyway, one of the first things I wanted to do was to create some kind of ServiceBuilder for every microservice, since all of them (or at least majority) will have to go through some steps before the actually run. The steps are:Initialize Kestrel wi...

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I’m not a big enthusiast of hard-coded values in my apps, mostly because of three things. First, it’s really annoying to change their value if necessary (especially if one is used in many places). Of course, we can use some „find and replace tool” but to be honest I don’t fully trust them. Another thing is that in many cases we have absolutely no idea what do they represent. Let’s say we have the following of code:   PaymentService.Create(or...

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Today’s post is going to shortly discuss entire architecture,  I’m going to implement in next three months. Since I’m not microservices master, some of my current decisions might be stupid or just not efficient. I so, please let me know in the comments. This would definitely help me out 😉 !  What are microservices? Let’s start with defining the microservice term. In a common approach, we design our system as one huge „being”. Of course, there mig...

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