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5 kwietnia, 2016

Dziś w pracy mój kolega zwrócił uwagę na dość kuriozalny i wydawać by się mogło, banalny problem. Otóż posiadając wtyczkę OmniSharp (C#) w Visual Studio Code mamy dostęp do kilku snippetów ułatwiających nam pracę z kodem C#. Jednym z nich jest dobrze znane z Visual Studio generowanie konstruktora klasy. Jedyne co trzeba zrobić to w kodzie napisać ctor i nacisnąć tabulator. Wszystko super, jest jednak małe ALE. W Visual Studio taka kombinacja skutkuje wygenerowaniem semantycznie poprawnego konstruktora tj...

Tagi: C#, ctor, snippet, vs code
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Mikroserwisy to temat, który w moim odczuciu jest nadal bardzo popularny na wszelkiego rodzaju meetupach, czy konferencjach porgramistycznych (sam się do tego poniekąd przyczyniam). Implikacją tego jest fakt , że wielu programistów odchodzi od oklepanych i bardzo niemodnych monolitów, na rzecz systemów rozproszonych. Pytanie brzmi, dlaczego? Osobiście uważam, że hype wszyskitgo co „distributed” i „micro” jest poniekąd efektem kuli śniegowej popchniętej kilka lat temu. Ktoś kiedyś wspomniał o SOA, nazwał ...

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Architektura 3 dni, 10 godzin, 53 minuty temu dpawlukiewicz 136 rozwiń

The more I do weightlifting the more I see similarities to programming. Let me explain this. When you start training at a gym, your body is so „surprised” it adapts to new efforts really quickly. From training to training you can lift more weight, you gain muscles and your general recovery is so fast that you can easily train more than once a day. For first few months you feel like a God. Superb feeling. Sadly, after a while, all these „noob gains” start d...

Tagi: burnout, deload, REST
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There are many programming-related things, I have tried at least once in my life such as web development, desktop development, cloud computing, functional programming, distributed computing, artificial intelligence, IoT, page styling with CSS (sic!) and many others. However, there’s one popular programming area I’ve never tried and I think I’ve been always scared of – mobile development. There are several reasons for that:I’m not a smartp...

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Mobile development 38 dni, 12 godzin, 25 minut temu dpawlukiewicz 29 rozwiń

Not so long ago, I got a quite interesting problem with my docker-compose file which surprisingly turned out to be quite common. In a nutshell, I had several ASP.NET Core applications (yup…microservices) which tried to connect to RabbitMQ queue during startup. Since I wanted to run both infrastructure (RabbitMQ, MongoDB) and microservices using only one command, I created mentioned docker-compose file. After all, I typed on my terminal:   docker-...

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Narzędzia 61 dni, 20 godzin, 22 minuty temu dpawlukiewicz 48 rozwiń

Last Wednesday, together with Piotr Gankiewicz, I started series of technical talks about microservices, called „Distributed .NET Core”. The presentation is mainly focused on live demos, each of which covers a different area of the architecture. Because the application we wrote is a web application, each demo started with HTTP call to the appropriate REST API endpoint… and that caused a little issue (at least for me) because each call has different:URLmethod t...

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A few days ago, a friend o mine had a very interesting issue with C# code he had written...

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After a while, we get back to series dedicated to the internals of C# language. Personally, I think that previous part about iterators was quite longish and complicated, hence today I decided to choose a much simpler (but hopefully still interesting) subject- foreach statement.  Foreach only with IEnumerable? Before we jump into more internal-ish stuff, I’d like to cover one thing which is quite interesting. When we go to the MSDN page about foreach statement...

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Today’s post is one of those for which I have been waiting for a long time. I’m more than happy to announce that Connectis_ (so the company that I’m currently working at) formed new IT meetup in Warsaw called Ctech! What makes me even happier is the fact that I will have the pleasure to be the host of this event. The idea behind Ctech was to create a universal meetup for all enthusiasts of IT industry. Therefore we’ll not focus on one specific framework, programm...

Tagi: C_tech, meetup, warsaw
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The idea behind this blog post is pretty old but I haven’t had enough motivation to write this down till now. Recently, I’ve came across a couple of new articles about AutoMapper and I’ve been struck when I saw how people utilize AutoMapper in their projects. I’ve encountered cases when AutoMapper transforms simple thing like mapping values from object to other into a really complex problem, which results with highly complicated code only for the price of not writing mappings explicitly. Finally, I’ve fo...

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Sztuka programowania 129 dni, 17 godzin, 16 minut temu cezarypiatek 236 rozwiń

This post discusses WebSocket lifetime and how to handle prematurely closed connections.

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Web 128 dni, 17 godzin, 28 minut temu tpeczek 79 rozwiń

Append Blob, podobnie jak standardowy blob blokowy, może zapisać w sobie tylko 50.000 elementów. Jak zapisać więcej? Jak obejść ten limit? O tym, w artykule.

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Cloud 125 dni, 18 godzin, 24 minuty temu Scooletz 37 rozwiń

In my last post, we got familiar with the internals of string switch statement in C#. Today, we are going to deeply understand another language feature – iterators.  Iterators in C# Despite the fact that iterators (using yield keyword) were introduced back in C# 2.0, many folks are still confused how they work. Honestly, I’m not surprised at all, because to me this mechanism was a mystery for a long time. Of course, we have to clearly distinguish two things here:How do...

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Pakujemy się we trójkę w samochód i wyruszamy w Polskę. 5 miast, dzień po dniu. Trzech .NETomaniaków. Trzej Dot Netos w trasie. Codziennie wieczorem inne miasto, inni ludzie ale te same tematy - wydajność .NET, wnętrza .NET, zaawansowane tematy .NET.

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Inne 153 dni, 19 godzin, 52 minuty temu KonradKokosa 148 rozwiń

Easy many-to-many data querying with Dapper.

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Inne 149 dni, 19 godzin, 36 minut temu Radosław Maziarka 188 rozwiń

I really enjoy learning new architectures, design patterns, frameworks, libraries or in general – everything related to web development. I really do. But honestly, after quite long time all these stuff became a little bit… boring. To avoid possible burnout I decided to play with something completely different. My thoughts circled around functional programming (F#, Heskel), IoT, quantum programming in Q# and much more, but none of them felt right. Enlightenment ...

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Sztuka programowania 141 dni, 20 godzin, 12 minut temu dpawlukiewicz 219 rozwiń

In my last post, I wrote about great HTTP client for .NET Core called RestEase and I showed how to use it as a simple proxy between API Gateway and microservice. Today I’ll present how this library can also simplify writing part of integration tests.  Unit test vs integration test I assume that for some of you the term „integration test” may sounds odd, therefore I’d like to explain it first to avoid the possible confusion with a unit test later in this artic...

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Sztuka programowania 150 dni, 19 godzin, 26 minut temu dpawlukiewicz 115 rozwiń

Przedstawiamy wam 18 odcinek podcastu Ostra Piła w którym to rozwodzimy się nad code-review. Porozmawiamy sobie na takie tematy jak to jak robić dobrze code review oraz czy każdy powinien je robić czy może tylko seniorzy powinni dostąpić tego zaszczytu? Dwugodzinne code-review dla waszej programistycznej przyjemności. Miłego słuchania.

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Inne 171 dni, 19 godzin, 32 minuty temu macabre13 70 rozwiń

Mało ostatnio pisuję na blogu bo 110% sił wkładam w pisanie książki. Jednak podsumowania roku 2017 nie mogę sobie odmówić. Po pierwsze, to już tradycja - podsumowałem rok 2016 oraz rok 2015. Po drugie, może to kogoś zainteresuje. Po trzecie,...

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Inne 165 dni, 19 godzin, 55 minut temu KonradKokosa 45 rozwiń

There are some common questions when it comes to microservices. One of them is „how to forward request from API gateway to the particular microservice?”. There’s no rule of thumb here because everyone has a slightly different approach, but the most popular solution I know is:For writes, so creates, updates and deletes (CUD) create a command and publish it to the service bus based on a queue like RabbitMQ.For reads (GET) forward the HTTP request to the internal API (not p...

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