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Wdrożenie procesu ciągłej integracji dla aplikacji .NET Core z wykorzystaniem narzędzia GitLab CI dla lokalnego Runnera.

Continuous Integration z GitLab CI - DevKR

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Automatyzacja procesu budowania i testowania aplikacji .NET Core przy użyciu Bitbucket Pipelines.

Continuous Integration z Bitbucket

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Inspired by Piotr’s article I decided to play a little with the Bitbucket as an alternative to the GitHub. The thing that I really like about it, is that there’s no need to use any 3rd part CI tool such as TravisCI since Bitbucket offers its own build pipeline. Of course, I wanted to test it as soon as possible, so I created very simple Aurelia application using its CLI and I pushed my changes. My basic pipeline file (with the *.yml extension) presented as follows:   ...

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When coding web applications we sometimes come to the point when we need to perform some action during user’s navigation. One of the most common examples would be authorization and checking whether the user has appropriate roles. Fortunately, Aurelia provides an access to route pipeline so it’s super easy to add some extra steps Let’s get to work!  Inspecting RouterConfiguration In order to add our custom pipeline steps, we need to create some routing for the application. I won’t describe the whole pr...

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