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A while ago I wrote about creating Actor System and top-level actors. Sadly it was stored in a static field. And keyword static is … let’s say it’s not one of my favourites. Today I’ll show you how I’m doing the exact same thing but in Dependency Injection container.

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So, currently I’m working on a brand-new project involving variety of services being run on Service Fabric cluster in Azure. I’ve never had anything to do with Service Fabric (except for one, short hackathon) before, nor have any of my team mates. For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been struggling to make good architectural choices for the platform we’re still learning about. For the last few days we were working on a service that on certain triggers will populate Redis cache with certain sets of valu...

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In the previous post, I’ve briefly described part of a process of persisting state of our actor. I’ve told you about storing events and I’ve mentioned things called snapshots. This post is entirely about them.

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As I’ve mentioned in previous posts about Akka.NET, everything that actor knows is stored in memory. While we can skip any database or IO related bottlenecks because things in memory are generally speaking very fast, we must remember that memory is not a place where you can store your data for an extended period of time and keep it. So let’s talk about persisting it.

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In one of my posts about Akka.NET I’ve covered actor selections and paths. Sadly I’ve skipped one rather important part regarding allowed characters for actor paths and what to do if our name cannot be used for creating an actor. And recently I’ve received a question about why I’m creating actors using encoded string. This is the cause.

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As you’ve probably seen in previous posts about Akka.NET, actor model is no rocket science and is really easy and fun to start with. However entire actor model may seem like closed and hermetic ecosystem, today I’ll show you how to poke actors in way that’ll make them poke back.

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One of the concepts of actor model that could be hard to grasp at the begining is fact that we will not operate on direct reference to actor instance. This can be a bit confusing before you’ll get used to it but by not using any direct references you’re sure to achieve very good level of encapsulation.

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Let’s take a closer look at our actors, how their life looks like, what exactly they’ve been doing and what they can do. As they are basic building block of applications built on actor model it’s crucial to understand and being able to communicate with them.

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In previous post I’ve explained briefly what actor model is and why it’s so fun. Today we’ll create our ActorSystem instance, learn what it is and send first messages to them. I hope it will be nice and easy start.

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Actor model concept fascinated me since I’ve heard about it for the first time. It’s been on my todo list ever since and Get Noticed 2017 is great opportunity to give it a try. That’s why there is an actor responsible for almost anything in Me2.0. But, what is an actor, actor model and are benefits of using it in our projects? You’ll find out in a minute.

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Na zewnątrz gorąco, a tu kolejna porcja ciekawych programistycznych treści pcha się wprost w dev-uszy! W 34. odcinku eksplorujemy temat aktorów. Oskary rozdane, więc się spóźniliśmy, ale oczywiście przecież i tak o innych aktorów chodzi, prawda? Chodzi o Actor Model. Aktorów komentuje dla nas Bartosz Sypytkowski. Doskonale wie, o czym mówi, ponieważ jest jednym z corowych contrybutorów frameworka AKKA.NET (jak to ładnie po polsku brzmi 😉 ). Prowadzi też bloga ( i czasami w...

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