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Rafał Hryniewski
Rafał Hryniewski
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29 marca, 2016

For the last 3 months I’ve been participating in Get Noticed contest, just like a year ago. I’ve persevered to end of the contest just like almost 200 people out of almost 1000 that started it. In the last week we as contestants was supposed to vote for other projects to choose 25 finalists from ourselves.

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When I’m writing this there are still 2 and a half hour to the end of “Get Noticed 2017 contest. Let’s wrap everything up. The basic goal was to develop open source project and blog about this at least 2 times a week. I did a post about my project when I’ve released first alpha/beta version of it, you can read it here.

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Working with Azure means you can use on of databases it provides in SaaS model. It means you don’t have to install and configure i.e. SQL Server on some kind of (virtual or not) machine. Databases in SaaS model have a lot of other virtues but let’s not go there in this post, today I want to write about choices you can make during choosing which database to use.

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I'm sure that you heard about .NET Standard. To simplify the definition just one quote from the offical GitHub repo FAQ .NET Standard is a specification that represents a set of APIs that all .NET platforms have to implement. This unifies the .NET platforms and prevents future fragmentation. BTW in case you don't know just read the full article Introducing .NET Standard. On the other hand, Owin is (from OWIN defines a standard interface between .NET web servers and web applications. The ...

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Since the beginning of march, I’m working on a pet project called Me 2.0 as a part of Get Noticed contest. Now I’m ready(ish) to release it’s the first version to the public, along with its companion app. TL;DR: Links for the app and messenger bot are at the end of this blog post.

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While I can’t say casting is a way to go in C#, it’s a rather common operation. It’s good to know there is more than one way of doing that and the best way depends on current circumstances. Explicit Cast I’m assuming you know what casting is but just to be clear, I mean changing object type like casting an int to long or some kind of JSON to string. It’s common, it happens all the time and sometimes we just need to do that. Let’s start with the most basic case of explicit casting.

Tagi: C# 7.0, casting
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What is a random number? Well, even if you have never read any definition, you can still answer that question pretty easy. It’s the unpredictable result of some action like throwing a dice. We just can’t predict what the next number will be. The Lucky shoot is all we’ve got. In a real world, randomness is kind of natural „thing”, but it starts to be more complicated when it comes to machines. Why? Simply because of their deterministic character...

Tagi: random
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Od drugiego roku studiów tworzę prezentacje związane z programowaniem i próbuje swoich sił w występach na żywo. Raz wychodzi lepiej, raz gorzej, jednak z każdym kolejnym wystąpieniem uczę się czegoś nowego. Czym dla mnie jest sztuka prezentacji i skąd w ogóle pomysł na prezentowanie swoich przemyśleń przed szerszą publicznością? Czy programista powinien szlifować umiejętność występowania na żywo? O tym w dzisiejszym wpisie.

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Każdy kto jest w branży IT jakiś czas na pewno dostaje zapytania na tzw „proste stronki/aplikacje”. Autor takiego zlecenia zapewnia o prostocie pomysłu i o tym, że da się ją zrealizować małym nakładem prac – programista wyrobi się w kilkadziesiąt minut, przecież jest zdolny 😉 Pewnie każdy z was miał co najmniej kilka tego rodzaju zapytań w swojej karierze.

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Today’s post is going to be super easy, especially if you’re familiar with SQL, so without much explanation let’s discuss a little bit about two clauses that you might spot later in my Neo4j & Cypher series – Union and With.  UNION clause The Union clause can be used to merge the results of two queries. There are just two restrictions:the number of columns in both queries must be the samecolumn names in both queries must be the same Let’s demonstra...

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In the previous post, I’ve briefly described part of a process of persisting state of our actor. I’ve told you about storing events and I’ve mentioned things called snapshots. This post is entirely about them.

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Daj się poznać 2017 129 dni, 10 godzin, 51 minut temu Rafał Hryniewski 22 rozwiń

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts about Akka.NET, everything that actor knows is stored in memory. While we can skip any database or IO related bottlenecks because things in memory are generally speaking very fast, we must remember that memory is not a place where you can store your data for an extended period of time and keep it. So let’s talk about persisting it.

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In one of my previous post, we got familiar with the graph databases concept as the opposing approach to the aggregate-oriented, NoSQL databases. As I promised back then, there’s going to be a series of post dedicated to the query language designed for querying that kind of data structure called Cypher. Today’s one starts it and it going to present the way to install Neo4j and later is going to discuss creating simple queries.  Installing Neo4j To start our j...

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In one of my posts about Akka.NET I’ve covered actor selections and paths. Sadly I’ve skipped one rather important part regarding allowed characters for actor paths and what to do if our name cannot be used for creating an actor. And recently I’ve received a question about why I’m creating actors using encoded string. This is the cause.

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Welcome to the fifteenth episode of my course “Becoming a software developer” in which we will implement password encryption, authorization and authentication using JWT.

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Microsoft Flow is a service I’ve been working with for some time and poking it to discover some of its possibilities. Basically, it’s service that allows to create and manage workflows from ready to use blocks representing triggers and actions.

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Almost all my career I’ve spent with relational databases (later called RDB) and more precisely SQL Server. Honestly, I’ve never complained about that. It works fine, integrating with object languages is very quick since we’ve got a lot of different ORMs (like Entity Framework or Dapper) and it’s pretty easy to learn no matter how advanced developer you are. Sounds like a perfect solution, right? I mean, think about all the companies and projects th...

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Paczka wartościowych materiałów, które możecie znaleźć w sieci. Jeżeli chcesz zapoznać się z pozostałymi ciekawymi linkami możesz zrobić to tutaj...

Z tym warto się zapoznać #2 -

Narzędzia 149 dni, 2 godziny, 40 minut temu AdrianBystrek 147 rozwiń

Rozwiązanie powinno zostać dobrane do problemu, niestety wielu kierowników projektów dobiera problem do rozwiązania – a czasami (co gorsza) nie dobierają, tylko stosują jedno rozwiązanie niezależnie od problemu. Mam wrażenie, że tak właśnie się dzieje z popularną ostatnio metodologią „Agile/Scrum” – jest użyta w każdym projekcie. W tym wpisie wyjaśnię dlaczego kierownicy proje...

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Większość pytań, które od was dostaję skupiają się na tym jak zacząć zarządzanie projektami – jaką pierwszą poznać metodologię, jakie przeczytać książki? W tym filmie odpowiadam na te pytania. Zapraszam do obejrzenia.

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