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Rafał Hryniewski
Rafał Hryniewski
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29 marca, 2016

The next major version of C# is C# 8.0. It’s been in the works for quite some time, even as we built and shipped the minor releases C# 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3, and I’m quite excited about the new capabilities it will bring. The current plan is that C# 8.0 will ship at the same time as .NET Core 3.0. However, the features will start to ...

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We have many solutions for versioning data through time. One of the cleanest, most transparent and pretty effortless in my opinion are Temporal Tables which are available in MS SQL 2016+. What’s really great about that approach is that unless you need to retrieve state from the certain point in time or browse through changes in a specified time range, you can query against a versioned table in an exactly same way that you would do with any other one.

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My last blog post was about a feature in SQL Server called Row Level Security Policy. It’s quite simple and known feature for people who’re working directly with databases. But most .NET developers are using ORM of some kind to work with DB, and some of them tend to be blind to stuff that is not available through object model in an easy way. And since Entity Framework is most popular ORM in C# environment and my ORM of choice in most cases, I’ll show you how to use RLS in it.

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I finished work on my presentation about “CQRS in 4 steps” which will be shown during Wrocław .NET meetup and KGD .NET meetup. You can find slides from my presentation on Slideshare, Moreover, there are sources on Github and I encourage you to go through the below materials.

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In some scenarios, like single-database multi-tenant or soft delete ones, you could want to restrict access to your rows based on a value stored in one or more values stored in your columns in example IsDeleted flag or some kind of TenantId column. Since SQL Server 2016 we have a wonderful tool for that called Row Level Security Policy.

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Prowadzę blog już ponad dwa lata, piszę regularnie – trochę treści się nazbierało przez ten czas. Postanowiłem stworzyć z wyselekcjonowanych wpisów ebooka i udostępnić go za darmo wszystkim zainteresowanym. Jest to pilotażowy projekt – chcę zobaczyć czy będzie cieszył się zainteresowaniem. Myślę, że ebook może ci się przydać w sytuacji, gdy nie jesteś na bieżąco z moimi wpisami i chcesz je nadrobić będąc np offline lub preferując czy...

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When I’ve started working with Azure SQL there were some differences to SQL Server that I’ve needed to get used to. One of the first was that you just can’t query other databases that you’re already in, querying for [OtherDB].[dbo].[SomeTable] just wasn’t possible anymore. It appears that it may not be possible, but you actually can query for data in other databases.

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I really enjoy learning new architectures, design patterns, frameworks, libraries or in general – everything related to web development. I really do. But honestly, after quite long time all these stuff became a little bit… boring. To avoid possible burnout I decided to play with something completely different. My thoughts circled around functional programming (F#, Heskel), IoT, quantum programming in Q# and much more, but none of them felt right. Enlightenment ...

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I’m working with Azure for quite a while now. Almost every single one of my projects lands there eventually and even if I don’t deploy it there, I’m using one of it’s databases. Recently I’ve started using Visual Studio Team Services for storing code and managing my every pet or demo project that I want to keep private for now. But there is one service available on Azure that I’m using for a very long time with great success and I really like to have it in my project – it’s Application Insights combined ...

Structured logs with Serilog and Application Insights – Hryniewski.NET

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Zachęcam do oglądnięcia mojego Lightning Talka pod tytułem "Nic nie wiem". Opowiedziałem jak moje doświadczenie w projektach pokazało, że warto mniej wiedzieć i zakładać a więcej pytać i starać się zrozumieć czego chce od nas klient.

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Storing data in multitenant environments always required some consideration. With Cosmos DB we have 2 options that are really worthy of our attention so let’s weight some pros and cons.

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W ostatni weekend(23-24.09.2017) odbyło się Devstyle Speakers. Były to dwudniowe warsztaty z występów publicznych i prowadzenia prezentacji. Było świetnie! Po więcej zapraszam na najnowszy wpis na moim blogu.

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Lista kilku ważnych dobrych praktyk programowania w TSQL.

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A while ago I wrote about creating Actor System and top-level actors. Sadly it was stored in a static field. And keyword static is … let’s say it’s not one of my favourites. Today I’ll show you how I’m doing the exact same thing but in Dependency Injection container.

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For the last 3 months I’ve been participating in Get Noticed contest, just like a year ago. I’ve persevered to end of the contest just like almost 200 people out of almost 1000 that started it. In the last week we as contestants was supposed to vote for other projects to choose 25 finalists from ourselves.

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When I’m writing this there are still 2 and a half hour to the end of “Get Noticed 2017 contest. Let’s wrap everything up. The basic goal was to develop open source project and blog about this at least 2 times a week. I did a post about my project when I’ve released first alpha/beta version of it, you can read it here.

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Working with Azure means you can use on of databases it provides in SaaS model. It means you don’t have to install and configure i.e. SQL Server on some kind of (virtual or not) machine. Databases in SaaS model have a lot of other virtues but let’s not go there in this post, today I want to write about choices you can make during choosing which database to use.

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I'm sure that you heard about .NET Standard. To simplify the definition just one quote from the offical GitHub repo FAQ .NET Standard is a specification that represents a set of APIs that all .NET platforms have to implement. This unifies the .NET platforms and prevents future fragmentation. BTW in case you don't know just read the full article Introducing .NET Standard. On the other hand, Owin is (from OWIN defines a standard interface between .NET web servers and web applications. The ...

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Inne 1487 dni, 8 godzin, 7 minut temu Piotr Stapp 37 źrodło rozwiń

Since the beginning of march, I’m working on a pet project called Me 2.0 as a part of Get Noticed contest. Now I’m ready(ish) to release it’s the first version to the public, along with its companion app. TL;DR: Links for the app and messenger bot are at the end of this blog post.

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While I can’t say casting is a way to go in C#, it’s a rather common operation. It’s good to know there is more than one way of doing that and the best way depends on current circumstances. Explicit Cast I’m assuming you know what casting is but just to be clear, I mean changing object type like casting an int to long or some kind of JSON to string. It’s common, it happens all the time and sometimes we just need to do that. Let’s start with the most basic case of explicit casting.

Tagi: C# 7.0, casting
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