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Reading time ~5 minutes In my ongoing series on calculating similarities one angle always seemed worth trying, and was pointed out many times on Reddit - use C++ and matrix manipulations. Similarity calculation fits very nicely into matrix representation, and there are algorithms targeting sparse matrix manipulation. So why did I delay it for so long? Because I had other angles I wanted to try and, from the looks of it required significant changes in the existing code base. But since last op...

Understanding OutOfMemoryException – IndexOutOfRange

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W trakcie naszej przygody z programowaniem zetknęliśmy się z książkami poruszającymi najróżniejsze tematy. Programowanie, branża IT, biznes, nowe technologie, design, rozwój osobisty, biografie znanych ludzi – było tego naprawdę mnóstwo. Wiele z nich zmieniło sposób w jaki teraz myślimy i podchodzimy do nauki oraz pracy.

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Amazon Web Services CloudSearch is a search engine and it’s offered in a SaaS model (as well as Elasticsearch what I’ve already explained here). I’m currently writing an article about it so I’ll skip the way how to set it up and how it works. Unfortunately, CloudSearch isn’t free. It doesn’t cost much if you take a look at everything what you get. For more information on pricing check here. There’s few issues with CloudSearch. One of them is ...

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In one of the lasts post, I’ve showed you what tools to use to play with IL. I’ve also showed how to change the entrypoint of the application. Now lets learn some basic structure of IL code. Let’s dive in. Actually it’s not that different from C# code. We do have assemblies, classes and of course code. So it’s the same concepts as we know them from .NET – but it’s a bit different. Let’s see.View the code on Gist. Above we can see some Hello World program decompiled to IL. As you can see there’s a lot o...

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Jeżeli korzystasz z Visual Studio Code to też duże prawdopodobieństwo, że korzystasz także z Gita jako system kontroli wersji. Według tych porad możesz ustawić Visual Studio Code jako domyślny edytor dla Gita oraz jako domyślny difftool czyli narzędzie pokazujące zmiany pomiędzy dwoma commitami.

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Noworoczne postanowienia i cykliczne obowiązki z nich wynikające przeważnie bardzo ciężko jest zrealizować. Z kolei harmonogramowanie zadań w SQL Server i Windows Server jest dziecinnie proste. I o tym jest ten wpis.

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Harmonogramowanie zadań w SQL Server i Windows Server

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Application Insights is a performance monitoring service, created by Microsoft and available on Azure. It gives you space to store the performance metrics and logs of your application (200MB for free!), as well as functionalities to search and manage them. In this post I am not going to present you the whole platform – Microsoft already did it in the Azure documentation, but rather focus on an element of the log collection, named dependency calls tracking. I did some ...

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FSharp helps you find duplicates in your project file 03 Jan 2017 | Category: Programming | Tag: F# On my daily work, I deal with a complex solution counting more than 100 projects. As probably like the most of you, we have branches dedicated to production, testing and development. In such environment, it is a normal thing that you have to merge your changes from one branch to another. And sometimes, not everything will go smoothly. Then, when someone overwrites merged changes, roll back becomes prob...

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FSharp helps you find duplicates in your project file

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Reading time ~4 minutes This post is an analysis of a very interesting optimization proposed by Nicholas Frechette in the comments under the previous post. He proposed to use one of the oldest tricks in performance cookbook - divide and conquer. Well, it did not turn out as I expected.Saga Before I go further here are some link to the previous posts on the problem of calculating similarities and then optimizing. This thread grew to a few post. Here are all of them:How I calculate similariti...

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Hi folks, it’s me again! Well, I was kind of inactive for a while and to be honest, I did it for a purpose. 2016 was an absolutely crazy year for me, full of new challenges, projects and personal changes (hope that most of them were those positive). Therefore, at the end of December, I decided to take a short break and flush my thoughts related to the blog, podcast and… programming. But don’t be nervous, I’m not gonna give it up! Anyway, I guess that with the new year it’s finally time to do some summar...

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Welcome to 2017 my dear folks! New year, new me – right? Not entirely correct, as I’d rather paraphrase this sentence to sound more like “new year, new projects (and tons of new code)”. Wondering what I’d like to achieve within the next 365 days (or make it 363 to be precise)?

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W której części aplikacji webowej swoją rolę odgrywa JavaScript? Pierwsza poprawna odpowiedź brzmi – w części aplikacji uruchamianej po stronie klienta – w końcu zajmuje się nim przeglądarka internetowa. To prawda, współczesna przeglądarka musi zawierać w sobie silnik do obsługi tego języka. Jest jednak druga, dla niektórych mniej oczywista odpowiedź – w części uruchamianej po stronie serwera bądź też uruchamianej jako odrębna usługa bez przeglądarki.

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Studia czy się opłacaStudia Studia są ważne, bez nich nie zostałbym programistą. Przed 1 semestrem inżyniera, robiłem różne rzeczy. Stronki na joomli, podstawowe skrypty php, stawianie serwera Lineage 2 (oh ile ja życia na to straciłem, lecz języka się nauczyłem, english of course :) ). Już pierwszy semestr, pierwsze zajęcia programowania I, pierwszy raz z delphi, udowodniły, że nie potrafię programować. Kompilator / kompilacja / linkowanie - słowa obce. To był moment mojej pierwszej poważnej decyzji...

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Studia czy się opłaca

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Some people can say 2016 was terrible year, for me it was one of the best, one of the most productive years as far as I remember. It was sort of game changer to me. So if you believe in balance in the universe, and last 12 month weren't so good for you, you must think there is a guy somehere, who stole your good fortune. Yup, it's me. I'm terribly sorry for that and ... I intend to make 2017 even better, at least for me ;).

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In previous post I've shown how a temporary table can be generated based on IQueryable and then reused in subsequent queries. I have also pointed out a serious limitation. The goal of this post is to address that limitation and touch on unit testing aspect.

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Korzystasz z wielu komputerów lub wielu maszyn wirtualnych? Jeżeli tak, to mam coś dla ciebie. Visual Studio Code Settings Sync rozszerzenie do Visual Studio Code, które korzystając z twojego konta na GitHub synchronizuje ustawienia pomiędzy komputera.

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How to report your SQL - FSharp and XPlot make it easy 26 Dec 2016 | Category: Programming | Tag: F#, SQL It's a time to go further. Recently we modified SqlProfilerTraceAnalyzer by adding different ways of showing recorded trace. Today we'll do something even better - we'll generate an HTML page with charts showing count, the total and the average time for our SQL. After that, we'll add a table containing information about our store procedures. Last time we used F# Charting, but today we'll take a...

Tagi: F#
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How to report your SQL - FSharp and XPlot make it easy

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Time goes by whether you like it or not (unless you’re a photon). So is 2016 about to finish – the year that was one of the biggest breakthroughs not only in my career but also in life so far.

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2016 in a nutshell | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Visual Studio is an awesome tool. It has great editor, great debugger and tooling. Almost –  a prefect one*. But it lacks in one aspect. And it lacks greatly. It’s Output window is monochrome. The good thing is that there’s a solution for that. The Output window provides a lot of useful info. There you can find logs form build, tests results and debug information that are printed from the application. But if it looks like this – it’s hardly readable. It’s missing colors. Colors are everything. It gr...

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Niektórzy w tej chwili lepią pierogi, próbują nie wrócić do domu z pangą, latają za zapomnianym prezentem niczym Arnold za Turbo-Manem lub w ciepłym, przytulnym domku wieszają na choince bombki. Ja z kolei mam cały dzień dla siebie i jego część postanowiłem na napisanie krótkiego posta o tym jak możecie wykorzystać enumy jako flagi i obwiesić nimi swoje obiekty tak bardzo jak tylko chcecie, a żeby zachować choć pozory świątecznej atmosfery zrobię to z małym świątecznym akcentem (takim tycim).

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