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It seems that most people know the importance of software design patterns, best practices or continuous integration. While those subjects are important, there is one more equally essential term, which yields only one relevant result link on the first Google page. Meet Operational Excellence.

What is Software Operational Excellence?

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Developer’s job is far beyond designing, writing the code and testing it. One of the important responsibilities is to ship the code to production. How to do that safely?

[EN] Rock solid pipeline - how to deploy to production comfortably?

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Many programmers tend to believe, that sticking to the particular technology of their choice while being reluctant to the other pieces of a rather complex process of providing a completed application is not their concern. DevOps, infrastructural concerns, cloud computing and so on – we got other teams able to do that, correct? Well, even if you do, you’re missing a huge piece of the knowledge that could save your day at some point in the future. Let me briefly present my point of view on the given subject.

Who you should care about DevOps | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Witajcie Prze ostatni tydzień nie było czasu na blogowanie, ale już nadrabiamy zaległości. Czas na podsumowanie zmagań z ostatniego tygodnia. Dzisiaj będzie o pakowaniem projektów do paczek nuget przy użyciu Continuous Delivery na AppVeyor.

NeatCQRSLite raport 2 – Continuous Delivery – neatcode

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Jak skonfigurować Continous Delivery dla projektu .NET Core z użyciem Travis CI

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Travis - a free CI for an opensource project - Michal Dymel - DevBlog

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Recently I’ve been doing a lot of DevOps in order to automate the continuous integration and deployment (CI & CD) of the microservices as much as possible. In this article, I’d like to share with you some of my experiences how to get started with creating your own deployment process and this is going to be the first part of the series of articles related to this process.

.NET Core continuous deployment part I – Travis CI integration | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Since my project will be hosted on Azure App Services I want to ensure that every pushed commit will land in cloud environment and will be available outside of my local, dev machine. As close to it’s intended, production-like environment as possible. And with Azure App Services you can achieve basic continuous delivery without taking a sweat.

Azure App Services – Continuous Delivery from git in 5 minutes or so

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