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18 stycznia, 2016

Developer’s job is far beyond designing, writing the code and testing it. One of the important responsibilities is to ship the code to production. How to do that safely?

[EN] Rock solid pipeline - how to deploy to production comfortably?

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There are certain classes of exciting problems which are surfaced only in a massively distributed systems. This post will be about one of them. It's rare, it's real and if it happens, it will take your system down. The root cause, however, is easy to overlook.

[EN] The nightmare of large distributed systems

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Everyone is designing for scale a tad different and surprisingly - everyone is saying "we design highly scalable systems". What does it mean?

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[EN]: What does it mean to design a highly scalable system?

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Let's assume you are considering using Cassandra for logs storage or in general, for time series storage. You are well prepared - asked google extensively. Yet, there is a trap waiting to kill your cluster in few weeks after lunch.

[EN] Cassandra logs/time series storage design - optimal compaction strategy

As they say: there are two kinds of people in the World - those who back up their files and those who haven't experienced losing all their files yet. Which category do you fall in?

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[EN] Why shouldn't you ever use ResilioSync? "Database Error" problem

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The hardest problem on HackerRank, sorted by Max Score and level "Expert" is Separate The Chocolate. It's worth 250 points and the level "Expert" is the highest one. How to solve it?

[EN]: Dynamic Programming and the hardest problem on HackerRank

This time solving a HackerRank problem, rated as a medium in difficulty. As before, in 5 easy steps.

[EN]: Dynamic Programming in 5 easy steps - Examples - Two Robots

Dynamic Programming series continuation. Something harder this time: Given a set of positive integers, divide it into two sets such that the absolute difference between their sums is minimum. Solution in 5 easy steps!

[EN]: Dynamic Programming in 5 easy steps - Examples - Set partitioning

Dynamic Programming is considered as one of the hardest methods to master, with few examples on the internet. Let's contribute a little with this post series. Today I will cover the first problem - text justification. Credits: MIT lectures.

[EN]: Dynamic Programming in 5 easy steps - Examples - Text Justification

The solution to a previous post - a strange problem related to Cassandra Datastax C# Driver which was happening once in the production environment.

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[EN]: Cassandra Datastax C# Driver problems - solution

A post about my journey with fixing nasty Cassandra Datastax C# driver problem. Can you guess the problem source?

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[EN]: Cassandra Datastax C# Driver problems - NoHostAvailableException

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Do you know the trees used in Cassandra, Git, Bitcoin or Lucene? Check this post to find interesting trees, usually not covered on Computer Science lectures.

Tagi: algorithms
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[EN]: Algorithms and data structures - non-academic trees

What's faster in C#: setting an array by index or a generic list by index? Are you sure you know the correct answer?

Tagi: C# .NET
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[EN]: The performance of setting T[] vs. List by index

Git can be used from VisualStudio, however it's like saying you drive a car, when actually you play Need for Speed. Unleash the full power of Git, learn to use it. Today, you will get a very useful git alias.

Tagi: git
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[EN]: Git tips - replace all occurrences of a string in files

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How to make the same types (by FullName, AssemblyQualifiedName even GUID) but... different by type1==type2?

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[EN]: Messing with C# types. Making type1.FullName==type2.FullName, but not type1==type2!

Recently I've designed a mechanism to notify external systems (with which we cooperate) about changes in our system. This, obviously, can be done in multiple ways. Let's look at some considerations on a high level, some questions and how that affects our requirements.

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[EN]: Specifying requirements for live notification mechanism for systems integration purposes

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How many timers are in the .NET Framework? What assumptions do they have? Which timer would you use for implementing Speculative query execution?

[EN]: Little-known, useful, charming and beautiful algorithms - part 2

Warning: this post won't be about "boring" or "typical" algorithms from Computer Science which we all have learned on studies (like quick sort, merge sort, xxx sort, A*, FFT). Instead, this will be about other little-known, especially USEFUL algorithms, which people working as professional developers should know or heard of. Little-known. ID generation problems are usually overlooked. Database ID's I mean. Ask someone to name ID "types". Well, GUID, newsequentialid...

[EN]: Little-known, useful, charming and beautiful algorithms - part 1

This user story is quite simple: there is a guy (me) who likes Star Wars. This guy wants to buy the best tickets available in an IMAX Cinema. The premiere was not so long ago, so a day after the showtimes are updated, the best seats are booked. This guy (also me) is quite lazy, so he doesn't like to check the showtimes manually. Hm... let's do it like pro developers using cutting-edge technologies! How the booking system works? There is this whole UI for selecting seats and so on, however there is ...

[EN] Checking "Star Wars - The Force Awakens" tickets availability with Azure WebJobs, scriptcs and SendGrid

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