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Code Europe – About the Conference The last conference I’m going to attend this year will be Code Europe. The event will take place on 13th of December 2017 in the Congress Center of Centennial Hall in Wrocław. I will attend the conference in Wrocław where I’m living, so the agenda will be from this perspective. The conference takes also place in Kraków and Warsaw on the other dates, but I won’t be writing about it. Organizers claim that it is the biggest programming conference in Poland, which ...

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I had a pleasure to attend .NET Developer Days 2017 conference in Warsaw. The first day we took part in a full-day workshop on containers with Docker and the next two days we attended the conference itself. In this post I’d like to share my thoughts and insights on the conference, its organizational aspects as well as my subjective opinions on the sessions I attended.Let me start by describing the workshops and all sessions I was present at. You can find the l...

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Zachęcam do przeczytania relacji z konferencji Programistok - jednego z najciekawszych programistycznych wydarzeń w Polsce.

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My few thoughts about the last edition of DevConf event.

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Few words about 4Developers and conferences in general.

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The .NET Developer Days conference which is going to be held in Warsaw’s EXPO XXI in less than 3 weeks, has one more thing to offer other than sessions – the workshops for developers.

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It’s still over a month till the .NET Developer Days conference will take place in the Warsaw’s EXPO XXI, yet it’s a good time to start thinking which talks should one choose, as there will be 3 rooms A,B and C and the presentations will run in parallel.

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We, software developers, are crazy. Surprisingly, that’s what we have been told at the very beginning of the DevDay conference. The speaker, an ABB guy (I didn’t catch his name because I came 5min late) with a strong Slavic accent made his point about passion, self-motivation and personal abilities in the world of software development. At the same time, he compared it to his hobby - running. We are crazy, because we get up early on Saturday and get together to devote the whole day to nerdy IT topics. The...

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