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Czy Twoja aplikacja na pewno będzie ostatecznie spójna ?

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Czy Twoja aplikacja na pewno będzie ostatecznie spójna ?

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What does maximum-connections, CPU autoscaling, money and distributed systems have in common? Find out by solving a task: how many servers should you get to run your service, given that maximum allowed average CPU usage can be 80%. Edit it on With increasing number of hosts in a fleet, the CPU utilization should be successively smaller. The proportion and exact curve will be different for each sy...

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How to estimate host fleet size? Why keeping CPU at 30% might NOT be waste of money?

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Let start right off the bat with quick overview what etcd is:distributed key/value store with failover mechanismheavily uses disk but also use in memory cacheAP regarding CAP theoremsequential consistency ( the strongest consistency guarantee availa...

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Service discovery with etcd -

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There are certain classes of exciting problems which are surfaced only in a massively distributed systems. This post will be about one of them. It's rare, it's real and if it happens, it will take your system down. The root cause, however, is easy to overlook.

[EN] The nightmare of large distributed systems

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One of the concepts of actor model that could be hard to grasp at the begining is fact that we will not operate on direct reference to actor instance. This can be a bit confusing before you’ll get used to it but by not using any direct references you’re sure to achieve very good level of encapsulation.

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Akka.NET #3: Actor selections, paths and references – where should you send your messages – Hryniewski.NET

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In previous post I’ve explained briefly what actor model is and why it’s so fun. Today we’ll create our ActorSystem instance, learn what it is and send first messages to them. I hope it will be nice and easy start.

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Akka.NET #1 – Creating Actor System and making first contact – Hryniewski.NET

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Actor model concept fascinated me since I’ve heard about it for the first time. It’s been on my todo list ever since and Get Noticed 2017 is great opportunity to give it a try. That’s why there is an actor responsible for almost anything in Me2.0. But, what is an actor, actor model and are benefits of using it in our projects? You’ll find out in a minute.

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Akka.NET #0 – Actor Model Basics – Hryniewski.NET

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Selected Aspects of Document Synchronization in Distributed Systems Two of the projects in which I have participated recently, were distributed systems based on the document replication. Each of them was slightly different, which affected the solutions. In this article I’m going to present briefly the main assumptions and requirements for each of the projects, as well as the implemented solutions. I’m also going to mention a few important problems that we had to deal with.General description of ...

[EN] Selected Aspects of File Synchronization in Distributed Systems | Technical blog

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Simon: Jak część z Was pamięta, jakiś czas temu dosyć aktywnie blogowałem na temat szyny (tu, tu oraz tu). Od tej pory upłynęło już sporo czasu. Chciałoby się powiedzieć: "dziś sam jestem dziadkiem". Ale nie, wertersów Wam nie dam. Opowiem za to o moim dojrzewaniu do komunikacji za pomocą asynchronicznej wymiany komunikatów.

Simon says... : Historia pewnej szyny - epilog

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