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Welcome to the first, or actually, the episode number 0 of my first online course ever named “Becoming a software developer”. o what is it all about? The goal is simple – I’ll be acting as a mentor to a friend of mine Patryk Huzarski, who would like to become a software developer.

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Najpopularniejszym frameworkiem webowym dla aplikacji .NET jest ASP.NET MVC. Pracując w C# sprawdza się on się świetnie, ale bazuje na obiektowym paradygmacie programowania, co nie do końca współgra z funkcyjnym podejściem F#. Na szczęście jest Suave, który pozwala na proste i funkcyjne pisanie aplikacji w F#.

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Application Insights is a performance monitoring service, created by Microsoft and available on Azure. It gives you space to store the performance metrics and logs of your application (200MB for free!), as well as functionalities to search and manage them. In this post I am not going to present you the whole platform – Microsoft already did it in the Azure documentation, but rather focus on an element of the log collection, named dependency calls tracking. I did some ...

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It’s been quite a while since I posted the latest update of the Warden project designed for monitoring the resources in general. After a lot of back-end coding and refactoring, the time has come to finally focus on the new web interface implementation. And this is where the things start to become interesting (I promise).

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Visual studio simplifies creating of WCF service by providing project templates. First way to create WCF service is to use the New Web Site option and then choose WCF Service. It will create a new web site with a sample WCF service implementation linked to a .svc file, with related configuration in the web.config file. In this approach Visual Studio does not just create the core WCF project and add the needed assembly references, but it also builds the host application.

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Often developers as a log store use text files, system events, output console or database. In some cases they use distributed systems such Splunk or Elasticsearch. In this article I would like to present how to store logs in the form of objects, rather than plain text, which also offers all sorts of graphs and charts called dashboards.

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Wczoraj opisałem pusty projekt, który dostajemy w Visual Studio, tworząc projekt F# > Android. Dziś czas na zbudowanie krok po kroku naszej pierwszej aplikacji - prostej listy zadań.

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Very often WCF is translated to ABC which corresponds to basic WCF concepts such as: Address, Binding, Contract.

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Dziesiejszym rynkiem rządzą aplikacje mobilne. Zazwyczaj tanie (względnie), ale przy dużej ilości użytkowników twórcy zarabiają miliony. Dlatego warto umieć tworzyć aplikacje mobilne. A najlepiej tworzyć je na platformie, którą się zna i lubi - .NET

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Reading time ~1 minute This will be a fast errata to the previous one. This time I will expand the oldest performance mantra: The fastest code is the one that doesn’t execute. Second to that is the one that executes once Last time I’ve forgot to mention one very important optimization. It was one of two steps that allowed me to go from 1530 to 484 seconds in the sample run.Saga Before I go further here are some link to the previous posts on the problem of calculating similarities and then...

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Druga część przeglądu źródeł .NET Core. Tym razem poszukujemy wzorców strukturalnych.

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The first problem raised on the exam from WCF technology is Creating a WCF Service. Here are the subtasks for the problem: Create contracts (service, data, message callback, and fault);Implement message inspectors;Implement asynchronous operations in the service; First let's start from question what WCF is?

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Życie jest pełne wyborów, ale czasem trzeba dodać “why not both?”. Uwielbiam .NET, jest prosty do opanowania, pozwala na szybkie tworzenie aplikacji i ma bogatą bibliotekę standardową. Jednocześnie lubię pracować na Linuxie, ponieważ mogę instalować aplikacje i biblioteki jednym poleceniem w terminalu, mam szeroki wybór powłok graficznych, jest często szybszy i zajmuje mniej miejsca na dysku niż Windows. Czy jestem w stanie pogodzić .NET i Linux?  Tak!

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W źródłach .NET poszukujemy zastosowań wzorców projektowych. Mało tekstu, zero UML, dużo kodu.

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Attribute routing (RouteAttribute) is a quite handy feature of ASP.NET MVC. It allows you to have nice looking URLs that everybody has already accustomed to and your client surely loves it. Plus it hides your true controller/action structure which sometimes might be desirable. But there's one catch. As your web app gets bigger and bigger, attribute routing might have a negative performance impact on your WHOLE website.

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Necessity is the mother of invention – that’s basically why I did create a new open source project called Lockbox. Its main purpose is to provide a centralized and secured storage for the application settings that can be easily fetched via HTTP request. Sounds interesting? Then let me guide you through the most important concepts of the Lockbox.

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There are times that you need to call native (C/C++) code from .NET environment. To do so, you have several options: use C++/CLI, use P/Invoke mechanism, use some sort of inter-process communication like pipes, memory mapped files etc persuade yourself that it's gonna be easy to port this cool C/C++ library to C#. Shoot yourself in the head when trying to do it. We will discuss option 2.

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Not so long ago, I’ve eventually decided to dive into the world of microservices. I did look for an opportunity to make use of this architectural pattern for quite some time and finally was able to do so. After 3 months of trying out the new things and learning stuff mostly on my own (the hard way) I believe it’s a good time to share some of my experience. I have no doubts that at some point in the future when I look back at this post I might be like – “oh God, what was I thinking back then, it’s so wro...

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I love T4MVC. It allows me to stop using those ugly magic strings while generating compile-time valid links or accessing resources from ASP.NET MVC views. It also has a very nice feature called IModelUnbinder. In short: it can translate action argument of any type into properly constructed link.

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Czy możliwe jest skompilowanie kodu C# bez odpalania potężnego narzędzia jakim jest VS? Czy aby skompilować prościutką rzecz lepiej wpisać linię z palca czy jednak jest to przerost formy nad treścią? Rzuć okiem!

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