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Kto z wielkich graczy ma już dostępny serverless jako Function as a Service (FaaS) i co każdy z tych graczy nam oferuje. Przy których warto się zatrzymać a przy których warto zapomnieć o ich istnieniu :) Dziś trzecia odsłona Serverless - tym razem pod kątem dostawców i FaaS.

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Serverless - Publiczni Dostawcy FaaS - Jakub Gutkowski

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Czym jest serverless? jak to wygląda? jak to się je? pora zacząć odpowiadać na te wszystkie pytania :) Część pierwsza mini serii, a w niej, ogólnikowo: czym jest serverless.

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Rozwiązania pełne serwerów - serverless - Jakub Gutkowski

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Hi guys! Welcome to the second part of notes from the BoilingFrogs conference. I have so many interesting topics to write about, but firstly I wanted to finish this little series, as I don’t wanna waste that notes that I took during lectures. In the last conference post I wrote about first two lectures that I found really great. I saved the juiciest one for today. Serverless architecture – also a hot topic, one that I was really interested in lately, just to c...

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Serverless architecture – pros and cons [BoilingFrogs2017 #2] – Emi's blog

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Amazon Web Services CloudSearch is a search engine and it’s offered in a SaaS model (as well as Elasticsearch what I’ve already explained here). I’m currently writing an article about it so I’ll skip the way how to set it up and how it works. Unfortunately, CloudSearch isn’t free. It doesn’t cost much if you take a look at everything what you get. For more information on pricing check here. There’s few issues with CloudSearch. One of them is ...

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AWS CloudSearch - clear domain using PowerShell |

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Often developers as a log store use text files, system events, output console or database. In some cases they use distributed systems such Splunk or Elasticsearch. In this article I would like to present how to store logs in the form of objects, rather than plain text, which also offers all sorts of graphs and charts called dashboards.

Log data using Serilog, Elasticsearch and Kibana |

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This blog post is postmortem of my infrastructure that was attacked on Sunday by Argentinian attacker and died because of DDoS. I will share with you all actions that I took in order to bring back stability of services. Attack has started : 19 June 2016 at 3:20PM UTC Attack has ended : 19 June 2016 at 4:10PM UTC Users affected : 30-40 users Extra cost due to attack : less than 2$Existing Infrastructure

Tagi: AWS, chmura, ddos, Security
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In this post, I’d like to present the two simple Powershell scripts, that will let you create a secured (password protected zip archive) backup of the MSSQL or MongoDB databases and upload it either to the Azure or AWS cloud. By using such solution, you may actually save a few bucks instead of using some external, paid services like e.g. CherrySafe that do the same thing.

Powershell scripts for MSSQL or MongoDB backup to Azure & AWS | Piotr Gankiewicz

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This post describes how to minimize overhead when developing systems with microservices architecture, especially as it comes to development and deployment. Some time ago, we published similar post about solving this problem in Microsoft and Azure world. This time we will focus on AWS, Java, Spring Boot, Docker and some useful open source libraries from Netflix.

[EN] Microservices with minimum overhead using Spring Cloud, Docker and AWS ECS | Future Processing

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