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As you may know, I’m an active Open Source contributor. I decided to write a set of thoughts and suggestions based on my experience on starting your journey with Open Source.

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How to get started with Open Source? - Oskar Dudycz

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Projekty Open Source to nie tylko frajda i zabawa, ale też masa materiału do nauki. I nie chodzi tylko o programowanie, ale także o... no właśnie. I dlatego spisałem ten post.

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[EN] Open Source projects that improved my skills - Szymon Kulec @Scooletz

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Zaczyna się HactoberFest, więc kiedy jak nie teraz zacząć swoją przygodę z Open Source? Garść porad i przemyśleń bazujących na moim doświadczeniu z pracy w Marten i innych OSS.

Tagi: open source
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Jak zacząć z Open Source?

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In this post you will learn how to generate the disassembly of .NET functions and how to diff many of them.

Generates disassembly of .NET functions

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The YamlDotNet is the most famous library to manage YAML format on .Net platform. This library is really stable and good solution. Many of my programs use this library, so I thought that this is prefect open source project that I can improve.

How I improved the YamlDotNet performance by 370%

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opensource · Programowanie · Wydarzeniaprogrammer-girl Minęło trochę czasu od mojego ostatniego posta. Czas wrócić do pisania – materiału zebrało się aż nadto 🙂 Jak niektórzy z Was wiedzą, od kilku miesięcy pracowałam nad projektem open-source DevAdventCalendar. Co z tego wynika? O tym w poście

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Powrót po przerwie – projekt open-source – programmer-girl

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Ruch Open Source od ponad 20 lat skupia wokół siebie osoby tworzące oprogramowanie z otwartym kodem źródłowym. Dla wielu programistów idea ta może się wydawać pretensjonalna, niepotrzebnie popularyzowana czy też abstrakcyjna. Ja sam kiedy usłyszałem na jednej z konferencji – “nie róbcie startupów, róbcie open source” – nie wyobrażałem sobie jak mogę uczestniczyć w czymś tak oderwanym od rzeczywistości. Prawda jest jednak całkiem inna – open source to ruch, z którego każ...

Tagi: open source
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Open Source? A komu to potrzebne? -

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Kolejna edycja Hacktoberfest to bardzo dobra okazja do rozpoczęcia przygody z Open Source. W powyższym wpisie omówię krok po kroku jak wykonać pull request na GitHub, oraz wskażę kluczowe elementy, o których należy pamiętać przed rozpoczęciem kontrybucji do projektów Open Source.

Hacktoberfest - okazja na pierwszy Pull Request do Open Source - DevKR

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Lots of developers do pet projects besides their job. Things are pretty straightforward when you work alone. You code some functionality, then commit the changes and push it to the repository like GitHub, Bitbucket or Gitlab. Simple is that. But at some point, your code might turn into a full product. Folks start using it, new contributors come and your repository becomes their workspace as well. As you probably guess, if you want to keep the control over t...

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Preparing GitHub repository for open source - Forever F[r]ame

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It’s been almost a year since we – the members of the Noordwind teal organization started working on our own, fully open sourced project named Collectively, being the platform for the citizens that would help them report and discuss about things that are important for their community and environment. On the 15th of September, there will be a special event (including press conference) held in Kraków related to our platform as well, so please feel already invited. And now, let me introduce what the Collect...

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Collectively – an open source platform for the citizens | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Wpis, w którym próbuję przekonać siebie i innych, że ciągle jeszcze bloguję. Przedstawiam co u mnie słychać i referuję swoje postępy na moim Githubie. Event Sourcing, CQRS, Open Source to słowa klucze.

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[Oskar at .NET] Pogłoski o mojej śmierci są mocno przesadzone, czyli co u mnie słychać

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Hey everyone, I haven’t been asking anyone for help with developing the software for quite some time now, but well, the time is the crucial part here. I wish that the day lasted much longer than it currently is, yet, since I can’t do much about it, I want to ask you for help with contributing to the open source projects that I’ve been working on. It could be anything, like a feedback or an actual contribution (e.g. via Pull Request) and maybe you will find some of the projects interesting as there is a f...

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Open source contributors wanted | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Hello, my friend! This post is dedicated to everyone who’s looking for a guide, how to start with publishing your content on the Internet and also work on an open source project along with (yet it’s not the required part and you can simply skip it). Also, feel free to scroll down directly to the tl;dr section.

Get noticed – survival guide | Piotr Gankiewicz

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It’s been quite a while since I posted the latest update of the Warden project designed for monitoring the resources in general. After a lot of back-end coding and refactoring, the time has come to finally focus on the new web interface implementation. And this is where the things start to become interesting (I promise).

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Warden vNext | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Necessity is the mother of invention – that’s basically why I did create a new open source project called Lockbox. Its main purpose is to provide a centralized and secured storage for the application settings that can be easily fetched via HTTP request. Sounds interesting? Then let me guide you through the most important concepts of the Lockbox.

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Lockbox | Piotr Gankiewicz

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2016 is about to finish in a few weeks, yet there are a few more things that I’ve planned to do before this year comes to an end. I’m really into the open source right now and about to publish some tutorials. If that sounds interesting to you, please take a look at the whole post.

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My plans till the end of 2016 | Piotr Gankiewicz

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It’s been 2 months since the latest version of the Warden has been released as the NuGet packages. Although our focus (yes, I’m not the only one person anymore working on this project) has moved towards the development of so-called stack (brand new API, Website, Microservices etc.) I’m still actively developing the core library in order to make it even more useful than before.

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Warden 1.3.0 released | Piotr Gankiewicz

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In case you’re not familiar with the Warden project that I’ve been working for the last few months, I strongly recommend you to take a look, as you may find this tool especially useful for monitoring your infrastructure and resources. So what is the Warden Spawn? It’s a brand new repository within the Warden Stack that will let you configure the instance of the Warden monitoring application using the human readable configuration files – and that’s just the beginning!

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[EN] Warden Spawn first glimpse | Piotr Gankiewicz

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Within the last few weeks, a lot of things have happened in terms of the Warden project. It has gained already quite some popularity and became a whole stack of different applications and technologies with a single, ultimate goal which is providing the unified interface and set of tools to help you monitor and automatically resolve the issues with the maintenance of your system, infrastructure and resources.

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[EN] Warden stack | Piotr Gankiewicz

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If you take a look at the title of this post and instantly think it’s a trap or bait – let me prove you wrong. This is not going to be one of these catchy titles, so “what kind of bs am I going to read here” has little use in this place. Actually, this is 100% true that contributing to the open source community might greatly affect your life – and it goes far beyond daily activities related to the coding. Therefore, let me tell you a short story about a guy, typical .NET developer, who not so long ago al...

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