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Mateusz Pustelak
Mateusz Pustelak
2574 dni, 17 godzin, 17 minut temu
18 listopada, 2016

In the previous post about Topshelf and Quartz.NET I mentioned that there is a chance to configure the inversion of control container instead of manually pointing which implementation we want to use. In this post, I will explain how to do just that, using a few popular inversion of control containers – Ninject and StructureMap. If you prefer any other container, please let me know. I’ll do my best to include it here. Plain projec...

Topshelf and Quartz.NET with dependency injection |

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Pracuję w strategii branch per feature. Co za tym idzie, na koniec każdego sprintu w lokalnym repozytorium mam sporo branchy, które stają się niepotrzebne. Wprowadza to niepożądany bałagan. Usuwanie każdego brancha z osobna to mozolna praca. Poniższa komenda pomaga mi usunąć niepotrzebne branche.

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I often work on applications whose sole task is to execute a script at certain time or day. You may approach it in several ways, eg.: Task Scheduler (Windows), SQL Job (if it is a SQL task) or CRON in Linux. You may also write application, which would run in background and execute a script at certain time. The only question is – do you really want do it? In this post, I would like to introduce other solution to tasks like this. ...

Scheduled jobs made easy - Topshelf and Quartz.NET |

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How often in your code do you see ifs checking whether the object is not null? Often? Very often? What would happen if you didn’t have to check it out? Surely code would be easier to maintain – no ifs = no test cases. This can all be achieved using Null Object pattern.

Null Object pattern - how and when to use it |

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Amazon Web Services CloudSearch is a search engine and it’s offered in a SaaS model (as well as Elasticsearch what I’ve already explained here). I’m currently writing an article about it so I’ll skip the way how to set it up and how it works. Unfortunately, CloudSearch isn’t free. It doesn’t cost much if you take a look at everything what you get. For more information on pricing check here. There’s few issues with CloudSearch. One of them is ...

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Noworoczne postanowienia i cykliczne obowiązki z nich wynikające przeważnie bardzo ciężko jest zrealizować. Z kolei harmonogramowanie zadań w SQL Server i Windows Server jest dziecinnie proste. I o tym jest ten wpis.

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Often developers as a log store use text files, system events, output console or database. In some cases they use distributed systems such Splunk or Elasticsearch. In this article I would like to present how to store logs in the form of objects, rather than plain text, which also offers all sorts of graphs and charts called dashboards.

Log data using Serilog, Elasticsearch and Kibana |

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Many people associated with the IT industry reflects the move from Eastern Europe to the West, United Kingdom, Germany or the United States. Not only because of better earnings, but major opportunities to develop your career and meet new people from different places around the world. A few years ago, for a long time I though about it. Until one day, together with my wife we decided to move to London. It was 3 years ago. Time flies… In this post I would like to p...

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Przemysław Walkowski No w końcu znalazłem porządne i wygodne miejsce do codziennych ćwiczeń programistycznych – dostępne on-line i dość sensownie zrobione. Nie wielu programistów korzysta z takich rozwiązań. Nie wiem dlaczego. Jednak ja polecam codzienne ćwiczenia w pisaniu kodu i wymyślaniu algorytmów, bo tylko dzięki temu praktycznie zwiększymy szybkość pisania oraz będziemy elastycznie podchodzić do problemów. Jak to wygląda w praktyce napisze poniż...

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Every programmer when working with databases will use a framework, which facilitates and speeds up development time. It is no different with me. I never liked ADO.NET. Taking out the data and storing it in a DataSet or DataTable that were not strongly typed is not a best idea. Especially when someone else on the later stage had to work with this code and no one actually knows what the author had in the mind writing it. For many years, I enjoyed the heavi...

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Every experienced developer knows how important is to cover your code with tests (or at least business logic). However, not everyone likes to do that once code is already written, because, why should we do that? The work is done, it was tested and it functions correctly, right? I never liked to cover the code with tests once it’s already there. That’s why in this article I’ll present TDD and describe how I use it day to day.

What TDD is? How I'm using it? |

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Wzorzec projektowy - wzorzec stanu(state pattern) z przykładem.

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Design patterns which I would like to present in this post are well described in the book Design Patterns. Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software  written by The Gang of Four (Gramma, Helm, Johnson, Vlissides). In my opinion this book is must read for every developer, regardless what programming language you are using. Besides the fact that this book was written more than 20 years ago, it still contains a lot of useful details for developers of all levels. I often revisit this book to keep in touc...

Design Patterns – introduction |

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