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Krzysztof Zmorzyński
Krzysztof Zmorzyński
2391 dni, 8 godzin, 52 minuty temu
23 listopada, 2016

Last time we finished with all the pieces except the common:MahAppsPopupWindowAction used in XAML. Prism already has a PopupWindowAction (it wasn't there a few years ago) so let's use that to create our own popup window action that will show MahApps-metro-style-dialog.

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Showing MahApps modal windows in a Prism WPF and MVVM friendly way (part 1).

Tagi: mahapps, MVVM, Prism, WPF
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As you may know, there's a little problem with the attribute routing in ASP.NET MVC: generating a link (via Html.ActionLink) might get real slow when you've got hundreds of attributed actions. The answer to this issue is to use named routes, so instead of Html.ActionLink you use Html.RouteLink, but that's not quite handy, at least for me it isn't. Given that I'm used to T4MVC, it seems like a step back.

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Reading time ~4 minutes This post is an analysis of a very interesting optimization proposed by Nicholas Frechette in the comments under the previous post. He proposed to use one of the oldest tricks in performance cookbook - divide and conquer. Well, it did not turn out as I expected.Saga Before I go further here are some link to the previous posts on the problem of calculating similarities and then optimizing. This thread grew to a few post. Here are all of them:How I calculate similariti...

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Reading time ~2 minutes This post was inspired by a discussion on Reddit that followed my previous post In this post, I will cover a suggestion by BelowAverageITGuy that cut down the total execution time by almost one hour. Saga Before I go further here are some link to the previous posts on the problem of calculating similarities and then optimizing it grew to few post. Here are all of them:How I calculate similarities in cookit?How to calculate 17 billion similaritiesIndependent code in ...

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Attribute routing (RouteAttribute) is a quite handy feature of ASP.NET MVC. It allows you to have nice looking URLs that everybody has already accustomed to and your client surely loves it. Plus it hides your true controller/action structure which sometimes might be desirable. But there's one catch. As your web app gets bigger and bigger, attribute routing might have a negative performance impact on your WHOLE website.

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There are times that you need to call native (C/C++) code from .NET environment. To do so, you have several options: use C++/CLI, use P/Invoke mechanism, use some sort of inter-process communication like pipes, memory mapped files etc persuade yourself that it's gonna be easy to port this cool C/C++ library to C#. Shoot yourself in the head when trying to do it. We will discuss option 2.

Tagi: .Net, C#, pinvoke
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Inne 2727 dni, 7 godzin, 47 minut temu Krzysztof Zmorzyński 48 źrodło rozwiń

Not so long ago, I’ve eventually decided to dive into the world of microservices. I did look for an opportunity to make use of this architectural pattern for quite some time and finally was able to do so. After 3 months of trying out the new things and learning stuff mostly on my own (the hard way) I believe it’s a good time to share some of my experience. I have no doubts that at some point in the future when I look back at this post I might be like – “oh God, what was I thinking back then, it’s so wro...

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I love T4MVC. It allows me to stop using those ugly magic strings while generating compile-time valid links or accessing resources from ASP.NET MVC views. It also has a very nice feature called IModelUnbinder. In short: it can translate action argument of any type into properly constructed link.

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Reading time ~6 minutes This post is covering a subset of what I am talking in my talk How I stopped worrying and learned to love parallel processing (currently only in polish). This will cover on how, in terms of performance, AsParallel can kick you in a place where it hurts a lot, simultaneously being a blessing in terms of… performance. How is that? Let’s look at someHistory AsParallel was introduced as an extension to LINQ with TPL in .NET 4.0. In theory, it’s God’s sent. The promise w...

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...oto jest pytanie! Po długiej przerwie w pisaniu postaram się Wam na nie odpowiedzieć. Co dzieje się w momencie użycia tej metody? Kiedy powinniśmy z niej korzystać, a kiedy możemy to sobie odpuścić? Oczywiście nie będę w stanie przeanalizować każdej możliwej sytuacji, ale mam nadzieję, że po dzisiejszej lekturze będziecie korzystać z tej metody w pełni świadomie.

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Sztuka programowania 2729 dni, 5 godzin, 53 minuty temu Rafał Hryniewski 414 źrodło rozwiń

Załóżmy, że stoi przed nami zadanie wykonania aplikacji mobilnej. Klient nalega oczywiście, żeby zrobić to szybko, dobrze i tanio. Jak podejdziemy do tematu? Na rynku dostępnych mamy wiele narzędzi, które można wykorzystać w tym celu. Które wybrać?

Aplikacje mobilne porównanie technologii -

Mobile development 2737 dni, 21 godzin, 25 minut temu AdrianBystrek 313 źrodło rozwiń

Everybody knows you should be making backups of everything. Especially if it's your startup's database. Without db backup you'll probably be bald soon. And you don't want to be bald.

Tagi: Azure, Powershell, SQL
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