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.NET C# Gunnar Peipman2 Views 0 Comments Hopefully the era of leprosy and corona is over for this time and it’s time to get back to blogging. Exceptions are powerful feature of object-oriented languages as far as they are used like they are thought to use – throw exception only when something really unexpected happens. This advice should be taken seriously – here’s why. Back in days when I was young and beautyful (now I’m only beautyful) I found utility application to get documents and their metadata...

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Cost of exceptions

Get startedOpen in appAntão Almada574 FollowersAbout Sign inGet started574 FollowersAboutGet startedOpen in app Antão Almada 2 days ago·3 min read In my previous post I left out ArraySegment

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Array iteration performance in C# — ArraySegment | by Antão Almada | Jun, 2021 | Medium

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Introduction to Functional Programming in F# - Table of Contents — Softwarepark

With each new release of C#, pattern matching improves for C# developers. While developers do not widely use pattern matching today, we’ll likely see its adoption grow as more teams and applications move from the Full Framework (.NET 4.8) to the runtime’s newer variants (.NET 5+). Like most unique features to the language, there’s always an initial knee-jerk reaction to either embrace it, use it everywhere, or outright hate it. Regardless of what camp we fall under, we must understand some everyday use c...

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C# Pattern Matching Quick Guide And Examples  |      Khalid Abuhakmeh

In this blog post I will do a deep dive into record struct being introduced in the upcoming C# 10 and look at the performance implications of this in a specific context. I will cover:Code generated for record structImportance of the generated codePerformance implications of default struct equality in C#Setup project to use preview compiler via Microsoft.Net.Compilers.Toolset nuget packageTypes and implementations covering different possibilities and common pitfallsBenchmarks showing record struct can be ...

Tagi: performance
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C# 10 - `record struct` Deep Dive & Performance Implications – nietras – Programming, mechanical sympathy, machine learning and .NET ❤.

Tym razem pokaże CI jak stworzyć kompletną aplikację mobilną w xamarinie.

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Pierwsza Aplikacja Mobilna Xamarin w C# – UI w XAML

If you're going from C# to TypeScript, it's worth checking the differences without assuming straight that's the same type of language. TypeScript has structural typing, which might not be the typing you're looking for. Read more in my latest article

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Structural Typing in TypeScript - Oskar Dudycz

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Today I want to invert the classical pro-agile drawing. Let’s talk about the devaluation of functionality that occurs in Agile projects and the cases when Agile is not enough.

Tagi: Agile
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When Agile is not enough - Oskar Dudycz

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Tym razem pokaże Ci jak stworzyć aplikację core.

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Pierwsza Aplikacja Webowa ASP.NET Core w C# – Logika MVC (2/2) - Modest Programmer

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Today, I decided to drop a 💣 and write my thoughts on why senior devs, tech leads and architects are afraid to code. Read more and send your feedback in the comments.

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Why are senior devs afraid to code? - Oskar Dudycz

An overview on what is Entity Framework Core 5, how to set it up, and how to use it in code. Chapters: 0:00 Introduction 0:26 What is Entity Framework Core 3:19 Getting started 6:41 Creating a DB Context 8:03 Migrations 12:03 How EF Core works 16:24 Relationships 21:15 More? 22:05 EF Core 5 book

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What is Entity Framework Core 5 - Michał Białecki Blog - YouTube

Today I'm sharing a sneak peek of our dev/docs process at Event Store. I'm doing that on the practical example of the custom Github Action that cherry-picks pull request commits to the different (e.g. release) branches to keep them in sync.

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How to create a custom GitHub Action? - Oskar Dudycz

Memoization is a simple programming pattern that can be useful for quick code optimization. It makes sure that the function logic is called only once and then remembered result is returned. Read more and see practical samples in my latest article.

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Memoization, a useful pattern for quick optimization - Oskar Dudycz

This article describes the naming convention I use in projects where CQRS is applied. After creating a couple of projects we’ve finally reached the convention which works great for my team. Let’s try to point out how it looks.

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Naming convention I use for CQRS in C# - Cesarstwo Dev

At the end of unfortunate 2020, the stable version of Entity Framework Core 5.0 was released. One of the features that appeared there was the improvement of the many-to-many relationship mechanism. In today’s post, I would like to introduce you to what this change is all about.

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Many to many relationships in Entity Framework Core 5.0 | bush_dev

Today I would like to show you a really cool way to validate MediatR commands and queries using FluentValidation.

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An elegant way to validate MediatR commands and queries

Tworzenie pierwszej aplikacji w WPF.

Tagi: csharp, dotnet, MVVM, WPF, xaml
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Aplikacja Desktopowa WPF

Jak stworzyć nowy Expression, który wykorzystuje inny z podstawionym parametrem.

Tagi: .Net, C#, expression
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Podmiana parametru w Expression na zmienną - Cesarstwo Dev

Mikołaj KamińskiHomeAbout meContact Today I encountered an interesting case. I got a report that “something changes the date format while processing data”. I started debugging our distributed system looking for the source of the problem. It took me a while, so I’d like to share this story today, so you don’t have to waste your time.

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ASP.NET Core, Newtonsoft JSON serializer and DateTime handling issue

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