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4 września, 2018

ASP.Net Core 3 – configuration In this chapter, we will cover how we can use configuration in ASP.Net Core 3. But before diving in, let’s see for a moment how it looked in plain old ASP.NetConfiguration before .Net Core In old ASP.Net configuration was handled typically in only one XML file – Web.config. It was a place where everything was placed. From connection strings to assembly versions and detailed framework settings. This file got bigger and bigger while our project grew and was hard to read. Lu...

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ASP.Net Core 3 – Dependency Injection Dependency Injection is a fundamental concept in computer programming. Successfully implemented in many programming languages. What makes it so useful and how .Net Core 3 supports it?Let’s start with the definition. Dependency Injection is a software design pattern where dependencies are not created by the client, but rather passed to the client. In common usage, instead of creating dependencies by new keyword, we will define what we need. We delegate the responsi...

ASP.Net Core 3 – Dependency Injection – Michał Białecki Blog

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ASP.Net Core 3 – pass parameters to actions Passing parameters to actions is an essential part of building RESTful Web API. .Net Core offers multiple ways to pass parameters to methods, that represent your endpoints. Let’s see what they are.Pass parameter as a part of an url When passing a parameter in a url, you need to define a routing that would contain a parameter. Let’s have a look a the example:C# [Route("{daysForward}")] [HttpGet] public IActionResult Get(int daysForward) { ...

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ASP.Net Core 3 – pass parameters to actions – Michał Białecki Blog

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Okazuje się, że niewłaścieiw użycie Dappera i typu varchar może mocno spowolnić Twoje zapytanie. Opisałem na przykładzie dlaczego tak jest. Zapraszam do lektury:)

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Może wydawać się, że aplikacja konsolowa to taki potworek gdzie z każdej strony atakują nas typy statyczne - to nie musi być prawda! W tym artykule pokażę jak skonfigurować Dependency Injection w aplikacji konsolowej w .net core 2.0.

Perfect console application in .net Core: set up dependency injection - Michał Białecki Blog

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Analyze code with NDepend Recently I got my hands on NDepend, a static code analysis tool for .Net framework. Because it can work as a plugin for Visual Studio, it offers great integration with code and rapid results. So what it can do? Let’s see!

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Analyze code with NDepend - Michał Białecki Blog

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Imagine you are a Junior .Net Developer and you just started your development career. You got your first job and you are given a task – write unit tests! Nothing to worry about, since you got me. I’ll show you how things are done and what are the best practices to follow.

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Grypa skłania do blogowania ;) O tym jak wyglądają domyślne komunikaty błędów z NSubstitute i jak by je tu poprawić...

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[EN] NSubstitute and the search for perfect error messages

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Service Fabric Reliable Actors – is it faster then a regular micro-service approach? Recently I’m diving into Microsoft actor model implementation – Service Fabric Reliable Actors. Apart from Microsoft Orleans, is another one worth looking into.

Service Fabric Reliable Actors - is it faster then a regular micro-service approach? - Michał Białecki Blog

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Microsoft Orleans is a developer-friendly framework for building distributed, high-scale computing applications. So.. how fast is it?

Microsoft Orleans - is it fast? - Michał Białecki Blog

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Managing ServiceBus queues, topics and subscriptions in .Net Core From version 3.1 of Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus it is finally possible to manage queues, topics and subscriptions in .Net Core. Let’s have a look at how we can use it in real life scenarios.

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Managing ServiceBus queues, topics and subscriptions in .Net Core - Michał Białecki Blog

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Generic export of csv files Once in a while, you get a task, that you need to generate an export file to the 3rd party system. It is popular when communicating with price comparer services, search services, adds services etc. So you need to generate csv file with almost the same data, but in a slightly different format. How to solve it, when you don’t want to write everything separately? How to write you code so that you can make changes very easy?Let’s start with a simple csv file export CSV acronym s...

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