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Home » Foreach, IEnumerable and IEnumerator in C#Programming Today, we’re taking a deeper look at foreach loop in C#. What does a collection need to be able to use it in a foreach loop? Does it have to implement IEnumerable interface? These questions are often asked during interviews, so it’s worth knowing the answers 😃 We will go through a step-by-step example in building our own custom collection to see how all that works. Let’s dive in! 😎 Throughout this article, I’m working with a Unit Tests pro...

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CodePruner.comPostsPOSTS I don’t understand why developers doesn’t automate their job. They can save a huge amount of time with very low effort. How? For example, by generating models from backend to frontend. We will talk about it today. The main idea is to keep backend and frontend models synchronized automatically. In most cases frontend asks backend about data, so the main source of truth should be the backend site. I see it in that way. When model is changed on backend then frontend models should ...

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David August 23rd, 2021 .NET 6 is on the way, and I wanted to share some of my favorite new APIs in .NET and ASP.NET Core that you are going to love. Why are you going to love them? Well because they were directly driven by our fantastic .NET developer community! Let’s get started!Reading & Writing Files In .NET 6, there’s a new low-level API to enable reading/writing of files without using a FileStream. It also supports scatter/gather IO (multiple buffers) and overlapping reads and writes at a given...

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This time I'd like to share my story about a simple bug that has grown to a serious size and what I should do to avoid it. Feel free to read!

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Najlepsze praktyki z Entity Framework Core w C#

Najlepsze praktyki z Entity Framework Core - Modest Programmer

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In the “classical unit tests” developers quite often use Arrange/Act/Assert comments to annotate the main parts of the test method script. However, the test case scenarios in component tests tend to be more complex and those simple notations don’t fit anymore. Here's my proposition on how to deal with that problem...

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It's time for the first post describing points from the Roadmap for unit tests. This time I will introduce you to theoretical topics in the world of unit testing. I encourage you to read!

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Wprowadzenie do EF Core

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Entity Framework Core

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I've been in love with roadmaps for technologies and frameworks since I saw the first one. So, I was very surprised that there is no roadmap for unit testing with c#! That is why I have prepared my own and I encourage you to read it!

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I gathered my notes from playing with C# records and Nullable Reference Types. Read more if you want to learn if you can use them e.g. for Value Objects or want to do Type-Driven Development.

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Sergey VasilievTags:#CSharp#KnowledgeAuthor: Sergey VasilievUnexpected GC PressureEnum.EqualsEnum.GetHashCode.NET VS .NET Framework in Considered ExamplesEquals GetHashCodePerformanceEqualsGetHashCodeConclusion C# has low barriers to entry and forgives a lot. Seriously, you may not understand how things work under the hood but still write code and remain easy-going about this. Though you still have to deal with different nuances over time. Today, we'll look at one of suc...

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In the previous posts in this series, I took a first look at the internal design of StringBuilder class as a linked list, and then looked at the source code behind the constructors and Append methods. In this post I look at (arguably) the most important method on StingBuilder, ToString(), and show how the final string is created from multiple chunks. I also looks at the overload ToString(startIndex, count), and show how recent implementations differ from that used in .NET Framework.Terminology recap In ...

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Znasz różnicę pomiędzy throw, a throw ex ? Jeżeli nie to zapraszam

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To throw or to throw ew. How to rethrow exceptions in C# |

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Jak przekazać kontekst? I co w ogóle oznacza kontekst? I dlaczego Dependency Injection nie zawsze jest odpowiedzą. Zapraszam.

Context passing patterns - Szymon Kulec @Scooletz

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We are getting closer to .NET 6 final release and this week .NET 6 Preview 6 was released. .NET 6 Preview 4 has introduced Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core. With .NET 6 Preview 6, we now have OpenAPI support for Minimal APIs. In this post, let's see how we can set up Swagger for a project that uses the Minimal API approach. If you are new to Minimal APIs in ASP.NET Core or need to refresh your memories, you can read this post I have written a couple of months back: .NET 6 Preview 4: Introducin...

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When I started my career, SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting were perceived as sophisticated attacks. Mature admins installed MSSQL servers with the Internet turned off, because by default, open to the world was a potential source of the attack. Setting up the firewall wasn’t even a standard. Today we have easier. By using the cloud, many things are warranted. Suppliers protect us from basic break-ins. For instance, they’re blocking DDoS attacks and many other attacks that we don’t even know existed...

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@JeremyLikness🏠 Home🔍 Search📃 Blog📆 Upcoming Talks🗣 Past Presentations▶ Videosℹ AboutPrivacy Notice× This website uses cookies to create the best experience for you. Learn more: Privacy Policy. This site requires your consent to acknowledge and accept the use of cookies. ⚠ Note: some features such as interactive comments and discussions require cookies. Choosing not to consent will disable those features. You can return to the Privacy Policy at any time to opt in.I Do Not ConsentI Consent Code ...

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Czy programista musi ukończyć studia?

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Learn how to build APIs in .NET with our Ultimate ASP.NET Core Web API! 🔥Check out our video course about BLAZOR WEBASSEMBLY! 🔥HomeWeb API Book 📙Blazor WASM Video Course 🔥GuidesASP.NET CoreASP.NET Core SeriesGraphQL ASP.NET CoreASP.NET Core MVC SeriesASP.NET Core MVC TestingEF Core SeriesHttpClient with ASP.NET CoreSecurityASP.NET Core Identity SeriesIdentityServer4, OAuth, OIDC SeriesAngular with ASP.NET Core IdentityBlazor WebAssemblyBest PracticesSOLID PrinciplesASP.NET Core Web API Best Practice...

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