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In recent years, I have encountered many problems in IT companies caused by incorrect software architecture. What do I mean ? In most cases, this is one direction – either it is too trivial or incredibly complicated in relation to the problem it is supposed to solve. Both cases lead to performance problems and stop the organization from being agile.What do I mean by software architecture? Before I start talking about the problems caused by...

Why Good Software Architecture Matters: The Impact on Performance and Agility

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Recent years have been marked by microservices. Who among you hasn’t heard of them? They were everywhere – at conferences, groups, job listings, coffee talks, and blog posts. At some point it got to the point where if you weren’t working on a system composed of microservices, it was kind of a problem – you felt the world was getting away from you, and your colleagues were in another galaxy. Someone found a silver bullet for the design of IT systems. On the other...

Dillema 1: Monolith or microservices? – Me About Software

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Accurate estimates are a well-known problem in the world of IT. We always try to reach a level where all items that were estimated become equal to actual implementation. I know this is upsetting but there is no option to achieve it. Of course, sometimes you will perfectly fit it. Still, it is usually over – not bad for your business, but customers might spot that this project is a bit expensive – or under – bad for your business – estimated. Based on my experien...

Story 6: Stress more…or forget about time estimates – Me About Software

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Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking at 2 programming events – World Engineering Days and one of the biggest software conferences in Poland, 4Developers. During both speeches, I talked about many different things related to the modern way of software development – continuous deployments, short-living branches, canary releases, and more. All are linked to the short feedback cycle. One of the side topics was vertical slices. What is a vertical slice? Before we ...

Story 5: Eat it all at once…or just a slice? – Me About Software

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~ MJIQueryable W przypadku IQueryable, wszystkie wyniki najpierw odfiltrowujemy po stronie bazy danych, a następnie przekazujemy do aplikacji.IEnumerable W przypadku IEnumerable, wszystkie wyniki z bazy danych najpierw ładujemy do pamięci, a następnie odfiltrowujemy po stronie aplikacji. W przypadku zapytań do bazy danych, dużo lepszym pomysłem będzie stosowanie IQueryable, ponieważ można skorzystać z dobrodziejstw SQL, co znacznie przyspieszy szybkość działania zapytania oraz zmniejszy ruch wewną...

IQueryable vs. IEnumerable – odczyt z bazy danych | maciejjędrzejewski

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