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14 października, 2021

Continuing to examine new C# 8 features, today we are taking a look at the most controversial one. It’s a possibility to provide default interface methods implementation. Come and read to know more :)

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Today I'm trying to give you some tips on approaching an unknown codebase. How do you manage to quickly find yourself in new code you don't know? How do you manage to join a new project?

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Today I’d like to share with you a very interesting concept in software testing – Assert Object pattern. It makes the Assert part of a test much simpler and more readable. Let’s dive right into it 😉The Asserts Hell Let’s consider the following unit test: What’s wrong here? Given and When sections are great single-liners. We know straightaway what’s the input and the action executed. However, Then block is too complex. It’s hard to figure out, just passing quickly through this test, what is expected. T...

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Dziś biorę na tapet dwa najpopularniejsze IDE dla .NET developerów – Visual Studio i JetBrains Rider. Czym się różnią? I dlaczego używam już (prawie) tylko Ridera? 😉 Zapraszam!

Dlaczego wolę Ridera od Visual Studio? - Programista w podróży

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Home » Foreach, IEnumerable and IEnumerator in C#Programming Today, we’re taking a deeper look at foreach loop in C#. What does a collection need to be able to use it in a foreach loop? Does it have to implement IEnumerable interface? These questions are often asked during interviews, so it’s worth knowing the answers 😃 We will go through a step-by-step example in building our own custom collection to see how all that works. Let’s dive in! 😎 Throughout this article, I’m working with a Unit Tests pro...

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In one of our projects, we recently started using Cypress for end-to-end testing. Cypress executes tests written in JavaScript or TypeScript. However, we wanted to first perform some data-preparation operations using C#. In fact, we needed to run Cypress tests from NUnit C# tests. In this article, I’m sharing how this can be done 🙂 It will also be useful if you use another testing framework than NUnit, but the examples are based on it. Table of...

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Pierwszy wpis rozpoczynający cykl Z pamiętnika SaaSa - czyli w jaki sposób efektywnie stworzyć własną aplikację w modelu SaaS. W tym artykule opisuję założenia cyklu, a także jak podszedłem do wybrania odpowiedniej architektury oraz stacku technologicznego.

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