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Dependency injection (DI) software design pattern is one of the most used ones and requires no introduction, but if you need any check out MDNS article about this topic. To achieve Inversion of Control we can use DI Containers, in which we define services and the abstractions that they fulfill so that they can be injected (created) at runtime. .NET Core and .NET5+ has a simple container built-in that allows registering dependencies one by one, but the application can quickly outgrow this approach, plus ...

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Auto Registering dependencies with Scrutor · Hubert Mijalski

Inne 27 dni, 2 godziny, 52 minuty temu Piotr Stapp 41 źrodło rozwiń Personal blog of Michiel PostcategoriesblockchainblazorauthorMichielpublishedcategoriesblazor Blazor WebAssembly apps can become pretty large (10+ MB), every Blazor app includes the dotnet runtime compatible with WebAssembly, and of course all of your app's dependencies. Microsoft is working on getting the download size as small as possible, with techniques like tree shaking. This means that unused code won't be included in the Release build. But there are also some things we can do ou...

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Reducing Blazor WebAssembly download size |

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Systemy są coraz większe, rozproszone i skomplikowane. W tym wpisie poruszona jest kwestia monitoringu. Dlaczego jest ważny i co możemy monitorować.

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.NET C# Gunnar Peipman2 Views 0 Comments Hopefully the era of leprosy and corona is over for this time and it’s time to get back to blogging. Exceptions are powerful feature of object-oriented languages as far as they are used like they are thought to use – throw exception only when something really unexpected happens. This advice should be taken seriously – here’s why. Back in days when I was young and beautyful (now I’m only beautyful) I found utility application to get documents and their metadata...

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Cost of exceptions

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Get startedOpen in appAntão Almada574 FollowersAbout Sign inGet started574 FollowersAboutGet startedOpen in app Antão Almada 2 days ago·3 min read In my previous post I left out ArraySegment

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Array iteration performance in C# — ArraySegment | by Antão Almada | Jun, 2021 | Medium

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EnglishDeutsch Blog Back Homepage About us Services Expertise Career Contact Back Startseite Über uns Leistungen Expertise Karriere Kontakt EnglishHomepageAbout usServicesExpertiseCareerContactDeut...

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W 76. odcinku z naszymi gośćmi rozmawiamy o technologii Blazor. Zastanawiamy się czy nowa technologia Microsoftu nie powtórzy ubitego już Silverlighta, czy oparcie jej na otartych standardach uchroni przez powtórką z historii. A prócz tego czy warto iść w Blazora jako główna technologia i jak wygląda rynek pracy. Miłego słuchania. Gość odcinka:Konrad Kokosa – Bartecki –

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Learn how to build APIs in .NET with our Ultimate ASP.NET Core Web API! BIG SUMMER SALE IS ON!🔥Check out our video course about BLAZOR WEBASSEMBLY! BIG SUMMER SALE IS ON! 🔥HomeBook 📙 (SALE)Blazor WASM 🔥 (SALE)GuidesASP.NET CoreASP.NET Core SeriesGraphQL ASP.NET CoreASP.NET Core MVC SeriesASP.NET Core MVC TestingEF Core SeriesHttpClient with ASP.NET CoreSecurityASP.NET Core Identity SeriesIdentityServer4, OAuth, OIDC SeriesAngular with ASP.NET Core IdentityBlazor WebAssemblyBest PracticesSOLID Princip...

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With each new release of C#, pattern matching improves for C# developers. While developers do not widely use pattern matching today, we’ll likely see its adoption grow as more teams and applications move from the Full Framework (.NET 4.8) to the runtime’s newer variants (.NET 5+). Like most unique features to the language, there’s always an initial knee-jerk reaction to either embrace it, use it everywhere, or outright hate it. Regardless of what camp we fall under, we must understand some everyday use c...

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C# Pattern Matching Quick Guide And Examples  |      Khalid Abuhakmeh

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In this blog post I will do a deep dive into record struct being introduced in the upcoming C# 10 and look at the performance implications of this in a specific context. I will cover:Code generated for record structImportance of the generated codePerformance implications of default struct equality in C#Setup project to use preview compiler via Microsoft.Net.Compilers.Toolset nuget packageTypes and implementations covering different possibilities and common pitfallsBenchmarks showing record struct can be ...

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C# 10 - `record struct` Deep Dive & Performance Implications – nietras – Programming, mechanical sympathy, machine learning and .NET ❤.

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I hear the question "When not to use Event Sourcing?" a lot. Event Sourcing is an extremely useful pattern, but not a silver bullet. I decided to share my thoughts on when you ain't gonna need it.

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When not to use Event Sourcing? - Oskar Dudycz

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What Windows 11 Means for Developers - Windows Developer Blog

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In Microsoft.Data.SqlClient v3.0.0, a new authentication mode Active Directory Default has been released. Let's see what this means when querying an Azure SQL Database from some C# code. 🗨 If you do not have heard about Microsoft.Data.SqlClient, it is the new data provider for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database which supports both .NET Framework and .NET Core and replace the old System.Data.SqlClient components. But first let's talk about how we used to do that before. The tradidional way to...

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How to connect to an Azure SQL Database from C# using Azure AD

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TL;DR: Another Serilog Expressions by example post, showing how to produce newline-delimited JSON logs from Serilog events. Newline-delimited JSON is a useful format for structured logs that will be read by other applications. Serilog’s built-in JsonFormatter implements this, but to my eyes, its output is awkward and verbose. The newer CompactJsonFormatter and RenderedCompactJsonFormatter in Serilog.Formatting.Compact produce cleaner JSON, and that format is supported by other tools in the Serilog ecos...

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Customized JSON formatting with Serilog

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Introduction Today I would like to suggest a less-common but in my opinion a much better way to organize our codebase. Meet the Feature Folders.Problem For ages we have been (at least in the .NET environment) used to thinking about our code structure taking into account the technical aspects. For example MVC application project templates assume the division our objects into separate directories – Controllers, Views, Scripts and so on. We can see the same in many tutorials. If we need add new feature, f...

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Feature Folders - Kamil Grzybek

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Fuzzy search allows finding strings that match the pattern approximately. It is a feature needed in almost every app, but it can be a little problematic to implement. We will focus on EFCore PostgreSql provider as it is free and seems to be the most popular choice nowadays (for me at least). First, our EFCore project needs this package: Npgsql.EntityFrameworkCore.PostgreSQL.FuzzyStringMatch Then, we need to register it with our DbContext, so let’s navigate to Startup.cs and edit our registration like s...

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EF Core Implementing Fuzzy Search · Hubert Mijalski

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byAnkit VijayonJun20,2021Background Azure Cosmos DB SDK 3+ for SQL API replaced Azure DocumentDB SDK a couple of years back. DocumentDB used Newtonsoft Json.NET for its serialization. However, with the growth of .NET Core and the introduction of shiny new System.Text.Json, the team wanted to reduce exposure to Newtonsoft. So the idea was in future, with CosmosDB SDK 4, System.Text.Json would replace Json.NET. The unfortunate side-effect of this was that we do not have an easy way to supply custom JSON...

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Custom JSON serialization with Azure Cosmos DB SDK

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Let's install Kafka in your forest! # clone the repository git clone \ # start kafka docker-compose up Please take a minute to provide feedback. There's a bonus drawing at the end of the survey :)Start Please support us by Picking up some Kafka or Round Robin swag ...

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Tim DeschryverBlogSnippets NewsletterAccent colorBackground colorThemeCustomNight OwlAtom [email protected]_deschryverAll postsJust the code👀 Just show me the code already The next project I'm setting up will use AutoFixture from the start to set up the "arrange" part of a test and here is why. When a new project is in the start-up phase all models are relatively small, simple, and do not have a lot of relations. This makes the tests easy to arrange and also easy to read. Because the team ...

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Why I stopped worrying about test setups by using AutoFixture

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