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1499 dni, 20 godzin, 9 minut temu
29 marca, 2017

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts about Akka.NET, everything that actor knows is stored in memory. While we can skip any database or IO related bottlenecks because things in memory are generally speaking very fast, we must remember that memory is not a place where you can store your data for an extended period of time and keep it. So let’s talk about persisting it.

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As you may already know I really, really like LINQ. One day I'll probably join together all my posts about this incredible featureand release pretty neat compendium/one-oh-one about this great feature. But while I'm not sitting and joining every post from this blog that have word "LINQ" in it into one, big pile, let's talk a bit about joining and grouping collections in LINQ.

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Sztuka programowania 1595 dni, 4 godziny, 41 minut temu Rafał Hryniewski 127 źrodło rozwiń

Exactly one year ago I’ve published first post on this blog. It was simple “Hello world” that were followed by some posts related to 2016 edition of Get Noticed contest and after that by some more or less technical related stuff. Since it’s first anniversary of this first, lame “Hello world” post I can’t just write simple “Hi there” again. And because I’m taking a little breath before 2017 edition of said contest I don’t want to write any hard, technical stuff. So let me tell you about some things that I...

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Since my project will be hosted on Azure App Services I want to ensure that every pushed commit will land in cloud environment and will be available outside of my local, dev machine. As close to it’s intended, production-like environment as possible. And with Azure App Services you can achieve basic continuous delivery without taking a sweat.

Azure App Services – Continuous Delivery from git in 5 minutes or so

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I’m building my Get Noticed project from the scratch. And since 3 months is actually a very short span of time, I need compromise between doing some things fast (boring ones) and doing other things in a way that will allow me to write about it and not be ashamed to show some code afterwards. That means I’ll need to incur a technical debt in few areas of project. And I must watch it closely to not allow it to grow without control or interests will probably kill me.

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Until recently I was into ASP.NET MVC because of it’s possibility to extending, modifying and doing pretty much whatever you want with it. And while I’ve got rather proficient in plugging stuff in it’s pipeline and/or doing custom stuff like routing, binding or results, it never changed one fact about MVC – it’s big, really big. And the truth is, some times we don’t want so much. That’s why I wanted to give Nancy a go for some time, below you’ll find some of my first thoughts. And i must tell you now, it...

Tagi: nancy, nancyfx
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Daj się poznać 2017 1564 dni, 7 godzin, 49 minut temu Rafał Hryniewski 109 źrodło rozwiń

Actor model concept fascinated me since I’ve heard about it for the first time. It’s been on my todo list ever since and Get Noticed 2017 is great opportunity to give it a try. That’s why there is an actor responsible for almost anything in Me2.0. But, what is an actor, actor model and are benefits of using it in our projects? You’ll find out in a minute.

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I've seen many posts about generics in C# lately. And while they cover basics pretty well, most of them doesn't contain information about constraints which are things that causing generics to be really fun.

Tagi: generic, generics
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Daj się poznać 2017 1561 dni, 18 godzin, 4 minuty temu Rafał Hryniewski 112 źrodło rozwiń

In previous post I’ve explained briefly what actor model is and why it’s so fun. Today we’ll create our ActorSystem instance, learn what it is and send first messages to them. I hope it will be nice and easy start.

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Daj się poznać 2017 1552 dni, 13 godzin, 52 minuty temu Rafał Hryniewski 36 źrodło rozwiń

Let’s take a closer look at our actors, how their life looks like, what exactly they’ve been doing and what they can do. As they are basic building block of applications built on actor model it’s crucial to understand and being able to communicate with them.

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Along with Get Noticed contest I’m a bit preoccupied with other activities. One of them is preparing to take 70-473 Exam (cloud and data related stuff). Since I’m reading and using cert related stuff I could as well write about it – I’ll probably remember everything I’ll write about for rest of my life (writing about things works magic with memory) and maybe someone will have any use for that. Let’s start with simple things – dynamic data masking.

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Daj się poznać 2017 1547 dni, 21 godzin, 11 minut temu Rafał Hryniewski 11 źrodło rozwiń

As you’ve probably seen in previous posts about Akka.NET, actor model is no rocket science and is really easy and fun to start with. However entire actor model may seem like closed and hermetic ecosystem, today I’ll show you how to poke actors in way that’ll make them poke back.

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Daj się poznać 2017 1526 dni, 19 godzin, 37 minut temu Rafał Hryniewski 23 źrodło rozwiń

Welcome to the fifteenth episode of my course “Becoming a software developer” in which we will implement password encryption, authorization and authentication using JWT.

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Inne 1505 dni, 19 godzin, 15 minut temu spetz 45 źrodło rozwiń

Microsoft Flow is a service I’ve been working with for some time and poking it to discover some of its possibilities. Basically, it’s service that allows to create and manage workflows from ready to use blocks representing triggers and actions.

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Daj się poznać 2017 1505 dni, 19 godzin, 15 minut temu Rafał Hryniewski 90 źrodło rozwiń

In one of my posts about Akka.NET I’ve covered actor selections and paths. Sadly I’ve skipped one rather important part regarding allowed characters for actor paths and what to do if our name cannot be used for creating an actor. And recently I’ve received a question about why I’m creating actors using encoded string. This is the cause.

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How many times have you stored something in key/value collection? Most probably it was Dictionary or some kind of implementation of IEnumerable>. More than a few times I wanted to store more than one value under single key, most common solution for this situation is Dictionary with collection of some kind as value type, but do you remember about type that was designed just for that and is seen much less often in code?

Tagi: Linq, lookup
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Tworzenie puli obiektów to częsta praktyka stosowana w bibliotekach serializujących. We wpisie sprawdzam, czy używanie takiego podejścia dla małego bloku pamięci jest efektywne i czy nie lepiej użyć niskopoziomowego słowa kluczowego stackalloc.

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Sztuka programowania 1521 dni, 6 godzin, 28 minut temu Scooletz 90 źrodło rozwiń

We’ve recently released our newest application – Elastic Forms. While it’s easy to work with and powerful solution as a standalone application, you can expand its functionalities by order of magnitude using our API with other services. In this post, we’ll follow the example of using Elastic Forms with Microsoft Flow.

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Cloud 1520 dni, 7 godzin, 16 minut temu Rafał Hryniewski 135 źrodło rozwiń

Lately I’ve seen some posts about authentication made easy and simple with various packages and how it’s great we doesn’t haven’t to store logins and passwords in our databases anymore due to global availability of social identity providers. It’s true that making simple authentication with of of those providers is simple today. And in Azure App Services it’s even simpler, it really can be done in 5 minutes.

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Daj się poznać 2017 1521 dni, 6 godzin, 28 minut temu Rafał Hryniewski 39 źrodło rozwiń

Entity Framework (and other ORMs) are in general great pieces of software that makes developers lives so much easier by letting us thinking about objects when we’re working with data persisted in some underlying database. This makes development much easier than writing raw SQL queries. But some of us tend to get too comfy and forgetting about things that lies beneath our beautiful, object oriented code. After all we have Entity Framework, we shouldn’t wrap our heads around SQL stuff. But how about actual...

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