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Bartłomiej Wilk
Bartłomiej Wilk
957 dni, 19 godzin, 2 minuty temu
24 lutego, 2017

Wyobraź sobie sytuację, że dodałeś coś do istniejącego commita poleceniem git comit amend, ale jednak chciałbyś tę zmianę cofnąć. I co teraz? Z pomocą przychodzi git reflog. Polecenie to pokazuje Nam historię tego co robiliśmy  w repozytorium: commity, zmiany branchy, informacje o zrobionych mergach oraz inne przydatne informacje. Więcej informacji można znaleźć w dokumentacji: git reflog W momencie jak chcemy cofnąć zmiany wprowadzone przez git commit --...

Tagi: git
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I can’t be the only person who hates waiting for the code to compile and run… Especially when I want to test only a small part of it! That’s a total waste of time! But good news everyone, I found a way to run a part of my C# code without building the whole project!Ctrl + E, E – the magical shortcut!

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Last time we talked about creating indexes. We also searched for some data in our index in some easy manner. Today I would like to focus on other search-alike operations – bool queries.

ElasticSearch – part 2. Bool Query (searching basis) – A Girl Among Geeks

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Today’s post is rather unusual because… it slightly touches JavaScript! The language I used to hate with the whole of my heart and now I’m starting to tolerate it (or maybe even… like it? Yeah, that’s strange). So let me tell you about my recent discoveries concerning Google Maps API (v3)! Chrome doesn’t allow you to get user location on pages without https! Yep, that’s sad (hmm or not ;)), https is becoming a must! Of course, it doesn’t apply to localhost, but when you deploy your code to the...

Some fun facts about Google Maps API that surprised me – A Girl Among Geeks

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Last week I wrote about installing ElasticSearch on your local machine. Today I will focus on using this search engine – indexing and searching for data. First of all, I recommend installing Sense plugin for Chrome. It works like a charm and makes you be able to focus on indexing and only indexing. Very helpful...

ElasticSearch – part 1. A warm-up! – A Girl Among Geeks

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Programistyczny edytor Visual Studio Code, jest napisany w TypeScript, co więcej każda nowa wersja Visual Studio Code przychodzi razem z nową wersją kompilatora TypeScript.

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Narzędzia 1541 dni, 8 godzin, 44 minuty temu Paweł Sołtysiak 101 źrodło rozwiń

Krótki opis aktualnego stanu ekosystemu JavaScript'u, skąd się wziąła cała sytuacja i jak sobie z nią radzić

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Wstępna impresja nt. Node.js. Bardzo fajny tool - warto go poznać.

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JS + Node.js - moje nowe ulubione narzędzie.

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Generating EF Migrations in .Net Core project can make your day really awful! When you get an error after error, claiming that you did not install the package already present in your project, all you want to do is turn off the PC and go out. But the migration will not generete themself;). I wrote down some solutions for errors with Add-Migration and Update-Database commands.

EF Migrations in .Net Core can be annoying! – A Girl Among Geeks

Daj się poznać 2017 1582 dni, 8 godzin, 25 minut temu AGirlAmongGeeks 59 źrodło rozwiń

Miłosz Piechocki This post is another attempt on explaining the M word in an approachable way. This explanation will best suite C# developers who are familiar with LINQ and query expressions. However, if you are not familiar with C# but would like to learn how powerful and expressive some of its features are, please read on!Recap of LINQ and query expressions LINQ is a technology introduced in C# 3.0 and .NET 3.5. One of its major applications is processing collections in an elegant, declarative way. ...

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How many times you almost pushed some sensitive data to public repo? I have to admit, it’s one of my nightmares since I heard about crawlers occuping github and searching for credit cards data, API credentials and so on. But it looks like this problem is over, at least for .Net Core developers. And it is because of one simple tool provided by Microsoft - Secret Manager. Let me show you how to manage it by Visual Studio interface!

How to avoid sending credentials to repo (clickable Secret Manager) – A Girl Among Geeks

Daj się poznać 2017 1590 dni, 8 godzin, 24 minuty temu AGirlAmongGeeks 59 źrodło rozwiń

You may be surprised (I was!) but Visual Studio 2015 (and Visual Studio 2017) is not able to add (out of the box) a service reference. When you click right mouse button on the ‘References‘ folder, there is an option ‘Add Connected Service‘ but it doesn’t allow us to paste service reference url. Luckily, there is a few workarounds for this problem!

Adding WCF Service to .Net Core application (VS 2015 and VS 2017) – A Girl Among Geeks

Daj się poznać 2017 1592 dni, 22 godziny, 4 minuty temu AGirlAmongGeeks 238 źrodło rozwiń

My application for the competition Daj się poznać 2017 will be using a Web API on the server side, to feed the Angular client app with the data. Today, I want to discuss one very simple, but also very important topic for the APIs accessed over HTTP.HTTP Status Codes The reason we will build Web API, is to have a fully standardized service, which will be able to query our database and provide the resources to the customer. Whoever we call a customer. In our case, it will be an Angular app, living in the...

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Daj się poznać 2017 1601 dni, 7 godzin, 23 minuty temu Jakub Szumiato 100 źrodło rozwiń

Ladies and gentlemen – the second post about ReSharper! This time, let’s focus on refactoring, auto-generation of code and some smart ‘helpers’

ReSharper – all you need is… refactoring & code templates! – part 2 – A Girl Among Geeks

Daj się poznać 2017 1599 dni, 8 godzin, 26 minut temu AGirlAmongGeeks 95 źrodło rozwiń

All Polish companies are present in a system called CEIDG (in English: Central Registration and Information on Business). It provides a simple API – so far so good. To integrate with it, you have to register in their system, where you are asked about...

How to get data of all the Polish companies – A Girl Among Geeks

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Tworząc nowy projekt w Visual Studio mamy do wyboru dużo szablonów startowych. Możemy wygenerować prostą aplikację webowa, która posłuży nam za podstawę do dalszej pracy. Zaoszczędza nam to dużo czasu na konfiguracji całego projektu. Pracując na systemie Linux czy macOS niestety nie ma takiej możliwości. Na szczęście jest Yeoman – narzędzie, które zawiera dużo szablonów startowych. Wywodzi się on ze świata JavaScriptu, ale dostępne są również szablony do .NET Core.

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ReSharper is a great Visual Studio extension but without the knowledge about its shortcuts and other tricks, it’s completely useless. That’s why I decided to write about the most popular features. Of course, it’s not a full list, but you may find some of the below helpful.

ReSharper – all you need is… some shortcuts! – part 1 – A Girl Among Geeks

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W poprzednim wpisie opisywałem zasadę pojedynczej odpowiedzialności. Kontynuując – dziś opiszę drugą literkę w mnemoniku SOLID – literkę O. Open-Closed Principle (OCP) – można dosłownie przetłumaczyć jako zasadę otwarte-zamknięte. W największym skrócie zasada ta mówi, aby kod tworzyć taki, by był zamknięty na modyfikacje, ale otwarty na nowe rozwiązania.

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I am the kind of person that always have in mind a few pet projects’ ideas. Some of them are crazy, some would probably be a catastrophic fail, but hey! You never know before you try ;)! So I decided to try - let me tell you how I am going to make applying for any job easier.

Will I Get Noticed? Description and skeleton of ReMaster. – A Girl Among Geeks

Daj się poznać 2017 1609 dni, 20 godzin, 40 minut temu AGirlAmongGeeks 37 źrodło rozwiń

Concurrency conflicts in web applications can be quite troublesome. They occur when the same record in database is selected and then updated by more than one user. Can cause changes loss and be very frustrating for your users. In this post I describe the most important differences between optimistic concurrency and pessimistic concurrency.

Optimistic Concurrency vs Pessimistic Concurrency – short comparison – A Girl Among Geeks

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