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Last time we talked about creating indexes. We also searched for some data in our index in some easy manner. Today I would like to focus on other search-alike operations – bool queries.

ElasticSearch – part 2. Bool Query (searching basis) – A Girl Among Geeks

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With tuple class (available from version .Net 4.0) our function can return more then one value. I’ll show you on a simple example.

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Tuple Class - C#

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In a previous posts. I showed you how to calculate distance between points. It’s time to get current location from user. We will take care of this in our view.

"Get out form smog" - get current location from user

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Omówienie wzorca strategii na przykładzie.

Wzorzec strategii

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Tworzenie i wysyłanie dynamicznej listy z widoku do controllera - ASP.NET Core MVC

Wysyłanie dynamicznej listy z widoku do kontrolera.

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