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CodePruner.comPostsPOSTS I don’t understand why developers doesn’t automate their job. They can save a huge amount of time with very low effort. How? For example, by generating models from backend to frontend. We will talk about it today. The main idea is to keep backend and frontend models synchronized automatically. In most cases frontend asks backend about data, so the main source of truth should be the backend site. I see it in that way. When model is changed on backend then frontend models should ...

Tagi: .Net, C#, TypeScript
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Why and how generate models from C# to Typescript | | Jerzy Wickowski

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Najlepsze praktyki z Entity Framework Core w C#

Najlepsze praktyki z Entity Framework Core - Modest Programmer

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REST API - Kurs tworzenia internetowego interfejsu API

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I've been in love with roadmaps for technologies and frameworks since I saw the first one. So, I was very surprised that there is no roadmap for unit testing with c#! That is why I have prepared my own and I encourage you to read it!

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Roadmap for unit tests – Krystian Czaplicki

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Znasz różnicę pomiędzy throw, a throw ex ? Jeżeli nie to zapraszam

Tagi: C#, Exception, throw
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To throw or to throw ew. How to rethrow exceptions in C# |

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I will introduce you to how you can design a neural network in C# using TensorFlow.NET.

Designing neural networks in C# using TensorFlow.NET | bush_dev

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This article describes the naming convention I use in projects where CQRS is applied. After creating a couple of projects we’ve finally reached the convention which works great for my team. Let’s try to point out how it looks.

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Naming convention I use for CQRS in C# - Cesarstwo Dev

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At the end of unfortunate 2020, the stable version of Entity Framework Core 5.0 was released. One of the features that appeared there was the improvement of the many-to-many relationship mechanism. In today’s post, I would like to introduce you to what this change is all about.

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Many to many relationships in Entity Framework Core 5.0 | bush_dev

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Jak stworzyć nowy Expression, który wykorzystuje inny z podstawionym parametrem.

Tagi: .Net, C#, expression
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Podmiana parametru w Expression na zmienną - Cesarstwo Dev

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W tym artykule napiszemy całą logikę naszego kalkulatora w windows forms.

Pierwsza Aplikacja Desktopowa Windows Forms w C# – Logika (2/2) - Modest Programmer

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Carter is an open-source library that sits on top of ASP.NET Core and allows us to build more elegant routing. If you would like to know more, check my new blog post.

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Creating Web API using Carter Framework | bush_dev

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Projekty Open Source to nie tylko frajda i zabawa, ale też masa materiału do nauki. I nie chodzi tylko o programowanie, ale także o... no właśnie. I dlatego spisałem ten post.

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[EN] Open Source projects that improved my skills - Szymon Kulec @Scooletz

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Last time I checked the lifetimes of different types of services and want to share with you my findings.

Tagi: .net core, C#, C# .NET, DI
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Service lifetimes in .NET (singleton, scoped, transient) | SimplyAboutCode

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A while ago I came across “Quick notes on a rant” authored by Don Syme. This rant criticizes the C# language for the lack of a few important features. The first point is "Implicitly discarding information is so 20th Century" which brings our attention to one of the sources of bugs in C# programs. Lucky me, I got the pleasure to make this kind of bug and find it later in production code, so this blog post is to save you the trouble...

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Pure functions and unused return values · Cezary Piątek Blog

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Microsoft Azure contains many various services. One of them is a service that allows speech translation, which is part of Cognitive Services. How does it work? What is it about? How to use it in your application? In this blog post, I will try to answer these questions and show you the example of translating speech to text from microphone input.

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Introduction to speech translation using Azure Cognitive Speech Services

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More and more has been saying recently about the concept of no code. It is a platform for building applications without coding. You can create software and configure everything using just the mouse, a perfect way for non-technical people. ML.NET Model Builder can be described as a small seed of this solution. In this article, I want to show you how easily can you create a prediction model for your recommendation application with a few clicks.

Creating a recommendation engine using ML.NET Model Builder

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Czy znasz Model C4? A może nie wiesz, dlaczego warto zapoznać się z tym Terminem? W artykule przedstawiam 10 powodów. Dlaczego jest to temat gody uwagi. Przeczytaj poniższy tekst, a zainteresujesz się tematem.

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10 powodów, dla których warto znać Model C4.

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Podstawowe różnice pomiędzy ref i out w C#.

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Ref vs Out Na Przykładach w C#  - Modest Programmer

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Różnica Pomiędzy ViewData, ViewBag oraz TempData

Tagi: .Net, ASP .NET, C#, mvc
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Różnica Pomiędzy ViewData, ViewBag oraz TempData - Modest Programmer

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