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In ASP.NET Core the authorization mechanism is well exposed for MVC, but not for middleware. This post shows how it can be fully utilized while configuring middleware pipeline.

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[EN] ASP.NET Core middleware and authorization

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This post shows how to queue background tasks (specifically push notifications delivery requests) with help of IHostedService in ASP.NET Core.

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In the last post I wrote about one of the .Net Core 2.0 features – Razor Pages. Today, we will crawl a little bit in this mud… I mean, we will write some code. I chose a simple BMI calculator as a demo project (you can download the code from github). You know, 2 inputs and the code-behind that will tell us if we are very fat or just slightly fat or we are OK and it’s time for another cookie. Because, there is always a time for a cookie, no matter what! A warm up Last time we crea...

Razor Pages – a simple demo to learn the monster! – A Girl Among Geeks

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Last week I mentioned that together with .Net Core 2.0 we got something that makes my jaw drop. This “little” feature that made me feel slightly uncomfortable is Raroz Pages. In this post, I will show you what it really is or, in fact, what it is not 😊 and if we should be afraid of it... At first glance, you may think that Razor Pages are Microsoft’s attempt of coming back to the ASP.Net WebForms. Which I, unfortunately, still deal with damn too often so b...

Razor Pages (ASP.Net Core 2.0) – a step back or a great idea? – A Girl Among Geeks

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It’s been some time since we’ve published last episode of getting started on ASP.NET Core & React course. This time was for you to work on project by your own. We hope you did well.

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