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A few days ago I watch a very interesting talk from NDC given by Jon Skeet, Kathleen Dollard and Rob Conery. Around 41:15 minute Kathleen said something very interesting about protected internal...

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Welcome to the first part about DevOps and automating the deployment for the .NET Core apps with the usage of Docker, Travis CI (I’ll also mention how to use BitBucket Pipelines) and Rancher. The purpose of this tutorial is to show you that setting up the CI & CD for the projects that you’re working on is not as complex as it may seem at the first glance. The slides for the presentation can be found here.

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When I browse StackOverflow questions tagged with selenium label, a lot of them are related to the problem of clicking on page elements. It seems to be one of the most trivial tasks, but can cause a lot of problems. Very often invoking Click() action on webelement ends with exceptions (there is a wide range of them). The main reason is that element on which we try to click is not in “Interactable” state. There is a lot of different factors that can cause that situation:Element has zero dimension (width ...

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Why clicking with Selenium is so hard

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Wspólna nauka wzorców projektowych, na pierwszą linię idzie Obserwator. Zachęcam do komentowania i dzielenia się spostrzeżeniami.

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C# Attributes are very popular for ‘decorating’ assembly with some additional data, usually influencing on the application’s behavior or the way data are managed. You probably already used at least some of them – Obsolete, Serializable, Required, Display, MaxLength, RegularExpression, WebMethod are only a few of hundreds available in .Net world. What is more, you can write your own custom attribute and use it like a build-in one. I will write more about this in the next post. Right now, let’s focus o...

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Written by Dawid Sibińskion As you may know, in my MoneyBack Xamarin.Android application I’ve used SQLite as the local db management system. Recently I’ve added an ASP.NET Core web solution to my GitHub repository in order to create back-end API for my mobile app. I wanted to have database hosted on a remote server and Android application to synchronize its data with it. Then I started wondering… and decided to make a deeper research first. As I wrote in my post summing up DajSiePoznac2017 comp...

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Recently we added in-memory caching to Azure App. You can try it out now on iOS and Android! It turns out Mono doesn’t have System.Runtime.Caching namespace, which makes it easy to implement caching for .NET apps. We had to find another way...

Tagi: C#, Xamarin
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Cześć. Dużo się ostatnio naoglądałem i naczytałem o DDD i architekturze port-adapter i tak zacząłem rozmyślać jak to osiągnąć, choćby w kontekście tooli, które piszę do swojego silnika. Z tego co zauważyłem, to w projektach z którymi przyszło mi pracować, większość klas jest publiczna. Jest to zrozumiałe, chcemy mieć testy lub nie mamy testów, ale wszyscy piszą public, więc co to za problem. No niestety problem jest, wynika on z tego, że udostę...

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Stale rosnąca baza pytań rekrutacyjnych dla programistów.

Tagi: C#, HTML 5, SQL
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Pytania rekrutacyjne dla programistów

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Do You ever wanted to run C# code in a scripty inline way to check if code will execute the way you want? This could be especially useful when you don’t have powerful visual studio with repl(interactive) and You are writing C# in something lightweight like vs code. I decided to write this post because installing scriptcs is cumbersom...

Tagi: .Net, C#
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Każdy z programistów, który choć raz miał do czynienia z wielowątkowością, chociaż raz musiał użyć konstrukcjo lock(). Dlaczego nie wolno tego używać razem z async/await? I co użyć zamiast tego? O tym w dzisiejszym wpisie.

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ConnectionManagement is a property found in app.config that allows to put a limit on number of connections to a specific host at tcp level. This affects http calls, every one of these need estabilished tcp connection “underneath”, client needs to reuse or open a new port to listen for the response fr...

Tagi: .Net, App.config, C#, HTTP, tcp
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In the last post I wrote about one of the .Net Core 2.0 features – Razor Pages. Today, we will crawl a little bit in this mud… I mean, we will write some code. I chose a simple BMI calculator as a demo project (you can download the code from github). You know, 2 inputs and the code-behind that will tell us if we are very fat or just slightly fat or we are OK and it’s time for another cookie. Because, there is always a time for a cookie, no matter what! A warm up Last time we crea...

Razor Pages – a simple demo to learn the monster! – A Girl Among Geeks

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Różnice między klasą a strukturą w C#, szczególnie na początku przygody z programowaniem, mogą wydawać się niewielkie i nieistotne, jednak pytania o nie często pojawiają się na rozmowach kwalifikacyjnych dla junior developerów, a ich znajomość jest dodatkowo kluczowa ze względów wydajnościowych, Jeżeli programowałeś w C++ pamiętasz zapewne, że różnica między klasą a strukturą polega tam jedynie na tym, że class ma pola domyślnie prywatne, a struct publiczne, natomiast w pamięci reprezentowane są w taki ...

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Welcome to the twenty-third episode of my course “Becoming a software developer” in which we will focus on the vast topic of DevOps which is all about building, testing and deploying the application. And we will use Docker to help with the overall process.

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Written by Dawid Sibińskion I’ve recently been presented a concept of initializing the database (creating or re-creating it) with Unit Test method. Initially I thought it’s a non-sense, but after a while of taking a deeper look… The method of initializing the database I mentioned was used with Entity Framework Core in ASP.NET Core project, where Code First database creation approach was used. As you know, this approach implies that we create models (classes) representing our database entities i...

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Let’s say you are one man-army, single developer who develops next-great-thing-on-desktop. You have only one client for whom you send each day latest build to test.

Tagi: C#, git, Visual Studio
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Welcome to the twenty-second episode of my course “Becoming a software developer” in which we will use SQL Server database along with Entity Framework Core library.

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O narzędziu CodeFormatter, służącym do formatowania projektów dotnetowych, działający z linii poleceń zarówno pod Windowsem jak i pod Linuxem pod Mono. Do tego napisałem skrypt instalujący go na Linuxie.

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"The code that a computer can understand can be written by anyone. A good programmer writes code that people can understand."

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