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Jak zrealizowac lazy loading w Angular2

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Lazy loading in Angular2

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Quick glance at a great library for functional testing in F# - canopy

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The letter „U” in CRUD means Update. Is that something hard to do in our applications? Of course not! We simply get some data, change the value of selected columns and save our changes. That’s it. However, sometimes thing may not go so smooth, especially when we (as programmers) wouldn’t predict some edge-case scenarios. One of this is updating same data by many users at the same time. That’s why today’s post will be dedicated to the concept of optimistic concurrency and implementing that using Entity Fr...

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Jak działają moduły w Angular2, jak podzielić aplikację, jak utworzyć modół współdzielony

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Angular2 modules - NgModule explained

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No i żeby tradycja nie umarła, kolejny odcinek Tydzień z Azure się pojawia 🙂 W tym tygodniu krótko i na temat – 5 nowości + 2 zaproszenia na wydarzenia. Nowości:Azure SQL Database Advisor – nowości w mechanizmie poprawijącym wydajność naszej bazy – region UK – region Niemcy –

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In the previous post Unit Testing Accessibility I showed how to run accessibility check on HTML node. This approach can be used to test components of your website. You can take your accessibility testing to the next level by adding accessibility check for entire pages.

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In Web Accessibility Hacker Way I mentioned that “only 20% of accessibility requirements can be verified by tools”. Nevertheless, it is worth to cover this 20%. Especially, when it is not very hard. You know that having automated test that guard against regressions always pays off in a long run.

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Unit Testing Accessibility

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Projekt z utworzonego wcześniej tutoriala rozszerzony o testy. Jak skonfigurowac karme i testowac serwisy i komponenty Angular2

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Witajcie, dzisiaj porozmawiamy o CSSie :) Opowiem czym jest viewport, co oznaczają wartości vw i vh oraz czym się one różnią się od %.

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CSS: viewport vw vh i procenty - codingtv();

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One of the cool feature in ASP.NET 5 (before renaming to ASP.NET Core) or more precisely in dnx was tracking all code changes without recompiling whole project (Microsoft used to call that In-Memory compilation). Why is that so cool? Well simply, it’s way more comfortable than it used to be, and it makes our development faster. Now the good news is that it’s not gone. I mean, if you run your .NET Core application (with Ctrl+F5, not F5) using IIS Express, you can change your code in Visual Studio, then sa...

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Opis konfiguracji projektu opartego o ASP.NET Core i Angular2

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ASP.NET Core with Angular2 - tutorial - Michal Dymel - DevBlog

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Sposób na upload plików z angular2 do core - living on the cutting edge ;)

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How to upload a file (image) from angular2 to core - Michal Dymel - DevBlog

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Po ponad półrocznej przerwie wracamy do nagrywania! Wohooo! 🙂 Będzie trochę inaczej dlatego zapraszam do komentowania czy tego typu plany są ok/nie ok i jak powinno być najlepiej. Zapraszam do oglądania! 🙂Posted on Author wisniaCategories App Service, Azure, Tydzien z AzureTags Azure, book, ksiazka, pci, sql data wearhouse, web appsLeave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment Name * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments b...

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APIs are used in every application. It is worth to take care of API documentation

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Your TypeScript project shouldn’t have JavaScript files in the repository. It may be problematic when you want to deploy your site from git repo on Azure Web Apps. You may consider adding some custom scripts, but there is a better way: use npm postinstall. I have created a simple TypeScript project, put it on github...

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Is react making ASP.NET MVC obsoleteShould I start using JS in my .NET projectsBackend / Frontend and career options 1. Is react making ASP.NET MVC obsolete ? There is a huge hype around react, same with Angular2 and also Aurelia. This might create a feeling that maybe ASP.NET MVC is obsolete but it is not. ASP.NET MVC is an apple when react is an orange. Same thing happened some time ago when RoR launched. There was a huge hype and I was also afraid that maybe RoR will make my WebForms knowledge obso...

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Have you heard about accessibility? Do you know what that is? Do you know what it takes to make your website accessible? Making your website accessible, means providing ability for everyone, regardless of disability or special needs, to use it. Unfortunately if you put together all accessibility specifications and print it, the stack will be higher than CN Tower in Toronto...

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[EN] Web Accessibility Hacker Way

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It’s been a while since I wrote a JavaScript article, so here it is! Today we are going to reveal one of the biggest front-end mystery. How does async work in JavaScript? The question might seem quite obvious, but believe me that many developers think that it’s because of multi-threading. Well, here is the thing. Async does not require more than one thread. If you don’t believe me click here to confirm that. Ok, fine, let’s say that we need multi-threading to do async. But here comes the thing that confu...

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Last week I had a pleasure to attend and present the Azure Portal insights at the Visual Studio Live conference in Redmond. Throughout the conference, 5 sessions were being presented simultaneously, and 1 session was being streamed live. My session was chosen to be streamed live, and is now available on channel9!

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Dzisiaj kolejna przydatna konstrukcja LESS. Często zachodzi potrzeba stworzenia klasy na podstawie kilku innych klas. Załóżmy, że mamy: .class1 { color:red; } .class2 { font-size:10px; } .finalClass { color:red; font-size:10px; border-color:blue; } FinalClass składa się zarówno z class1 jak i class2. Ponadto rozszerza możliwości o border-color. Za pomocą mixin możemy kod skrócić do: .class1 { color:red; } .class2 { font-siz...

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