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Bardzo często myśląc o efektywności mówimy o realizacji jak największej liczby zadań w określonym czasie (ang. output). Często nasuwają nam się również miary pokroju Velocity czy Capacity. O ile nie ma nic złego w mierzeniu prędkości zespołu, o tyle mówimy tutaj bardziej o wydajności, a nie efektywności. Prawdziwą efektywność należy utożsamiać z efektem naszej pracy jakim jest produkt. Powinniśmy więc mówić o wartości jaką dostarczamy końcowemu użytkownikowi (ang. outcome), czy też ujmując inaczej z mie...

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Laurent April 15th, 2021 Hi! I’m Laurent Ellerbach. I’m a Principal Software Engineer Manager at Microsoft working for the Commercial Software Engineering team. My team and I are doing co-engineering with our largest customers helping them in their digital transformation and focussing on Azure. I’m more focussing on Manufacturing industry and I’ve been involved in IoT for a very long time. I’ve been a contributor to .NET IoT and quickly became one of the main contributors which drove me to work very cl...

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Recently, I had to convert an SVG file to PNG. I tried a few free online converters, but none of them were able to convert the image correctly. Indeed, they don't support custom fonts… Instead of wasting more time at searching for an existing tool, I opened Visual Studio and I made a quick application to convert my images!

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The other day at work I ran into an attribute I hadn't heard about, the [Conditional] attribute. In this post I start by describing conditional compilation using pre-processor directives like #if, and then introduce the [Conditional] attribute, and describe how it differs to using #if.Conditional compilation with #if With the release of .NET Core 5 years ago (has it really been that long?!) the need to multi-target .NET libraries and applications became more prominent. As the early versions of .NET...

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Dependency injection (DI) software design pattern is one of the most used ones and requires no introduction, but if you need any check out MDNS article about this topic. To achieve Inversion of Control we can use DI Containers, in which we define services and the abstractions that they fulfill so that they can be injected (created) at runtime. .NET Core and .NET5+ has a simple container built-in that allows registering dependencies one by one, but the application can quickly outgrow this approach, plus ...

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Inne 710 dni, 11 godzin, 11 minut temu Piotr Stapp 42 źrodło rozwiń Personal blog of Michiel PostcategoriesblockchainblazorauthorMichielpublishedcategoriesblazor Blazor WebAssembly apps can become pretty large (10+ MB), every Blazor app includes the dotnet runtime compatible with WebAssembly, and of course all of your app's dependencies. Microsoft is working on getting the download size as small as possible, with techniques like tree shaking. This means that unused code won't be included in the Release build. But there are also some things we can do ou...

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Systemy są coraz większe, rozproszone i skomplikowane. W tym wpisie poruszona jest kwestia monitoringu. Dlaczego jest ważny i co możemy monitorować.

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W 76. odcinku z naszymi gośćmi rozmawiamy o technologii Blazor. Zastanawiamy się czy nowa technologia Microsoftu nie powtórzy ubitego już Silverlighta, czy oparcie jej na otartych standardach uchroni przez powtórką z historii. A prócz tego czy warto iść w Blazora jako główna technologia i jak wygląda rynek pracy. Miłego słuchania. Gość odcinka:Konrad Kokosa – Bartecki –

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Let's install Kafka in your forest! # clone the repository git clone \ # start kafka docker-compose up Please take a minute to provide feedback. There's a bonus drawing at the end of the survey :)Start Please support us by Picking up some Kafka or Round Robin swag ...

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Converting an enum value to a string using the ToString() method is expensive. In general, the performance impact is negligible. But when you call the ToString method thousands of times per second, saving a few milliseconds is important.

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Sign inAbout ITNEXTWrite for ITNEXTEvents & VideosSUMMITVacancies @ LINKITRun multiple DBMS and C# Containers Behind an HAProxy Load Balancer with Docker Compose. Test Scaling with Different Number of InstancesChristian ZinkFollow·7 min read In the previous article, you created a microservice architecture and manually implemented application-layer database sharding. Now, you will scale the application and run multiple container instances of the microservice and databases. You will use Docker Compose ...

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While this post is addressed to F# .NET developers, it introduces much wider concepts starting from hardware architecture to overall .NET runtime and JIT compiler optimizations. It shouldn't be a surprise - optimizing the application performance requires us to understand the relationships between our high level code and what actually happens on the hardware. There's a popular opinion that F# code must be slower than equivalent C# code. This opinion is mostly false, however it comes with some rationale. ...

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Ben June 15th, 2021 Bing runs one of the world’s largest, most complex, highly performant, and reliable .NET applications. This post discusses the journey and the work required to upgrade to .NET 5, including the significant performance gains we achieved. This application sits in the middle of the Bing architecture stack and is responsible for much of the coordination among thousands of other components that provide results for all queries. It is also at the heart of many other services outside of Bin...

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W 75. odcinku poruszamy programowanie funkcyjne i z naszym gościem omawiamy najczęściej pojawiające się w tym paradygmacie terminy takie jak, operator punktu stałego, katamorfizm oraz cebula. A na zakończenie o tym czy programowanie funkcyjne ma jakieś minusy. Miłego słuchania. Gość odcinka:Artur Tadrała Chrzestni:Konrad Kokosa Dla przypomnienia: 📨 Nasze poczynania możesz także śledzić innych stronach:

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Laurent June 10th, 2021 Today, I’d like to show dotnet how to run your own .NET application on a Micro Controller Unit (MCU) on a simple battery for multiple years. I’ll build an application that will read the temperature and pressure on a BMP280 sensor connected to an ESP32. The core idea is to be run on a small solar panel charging a LiPo battery. I will as well present two real case scenarios, both running .NET nanoFramework, one on STM32F7 processor and the other one on a TI CC1352R. I’m Laurent E...

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Things Of Interest Blog It's probably time to stop recommending Clean Code 2020-06-28 by qntm It may not be possible for us to ever reach empirical definitions of "good code" or "clean code", which means that any one person's opinions about another person's opinions about "clean code" are necessarily highly subjective. I cannot review Robert C. Martin's 2008 book Clean...

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Matt June 8th, 2021 I’m excited to share with you some of the improvements that have been made to .NET that are coming in .NET 6 in the area of dates, times, and time zones. You can try out all of the following, starting with .NET 6 Preview 4. In this blog post, I’m going to cover the following topics:The new DateOnly and TimeOnly typesTime Zone Conversion APIsTime Zone Display Names on Linux and macOSTimeZoneInfo.AdjustmentRule Improvements For even more details, you can also refer to dotnet/runtime...

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SourceGear.Llama.Swift.Sdk, now available on NuGet, is an MSBuild project SDK for .NET 5 that allows compiling Swift, with support for calling .NET class libraries. This blog entry is a closer look at those features. Reminder: Llama is at the "proof of concept" stage, and is not production ready. In my previous Llama blog entry, I walked through a simplistic implementation of "grep" in both C# and Rust. Let's revisit that sample now in Swift.The .swiftproj file Recall that the project file for the C#...

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Sign inSoftware CraftMicrosoftJavaScriptCoding For KidsScience & TechHumorAboutGlobal using, file-scoped namespaces, and other enhancements will slim down unnecessary codeMatthew MacDonaldFollow·7 min read We’ve been speculating about the future of C# 10 for a while. The possibilities are no secret. Spend some time on the C# GitHub page and you’ll find a long list of tantalizing ideas — some with major headaches still being hashed out. Many of them won’t make it into the next version of C#, and some ...

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