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Monitoring your applications or APIs is one of the most crucial elements of the DevOps world. If you don’t do it you basically can’t solve errors properly or make new development decision based on your users behaviors, problems and needs. The easiest way to deploy APIs in Azure is to use API Management and the easiest way to monitor apps and APIs is Application Insights. One of the cool features of APIM is that you can have mul...

Azure API Management and multiple Application Insights

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Chmura Azure ma dwa podstawowe oblicza, a właściwie sposoby na tworzenie rozwiązań. Ci, którzy mieli okazję tworzyć chmurowe aplikacje, zapewne mają świadomość tego, że po wejściu na strony z tutorialami na MSDN, wiele z nich ma kilka różnych sposobów na implementację jednego rozwiązania.

Rozwiązania programistyczne w Chmurze Azure

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I’m working with Azure for quite a while now. Almost every single one of my projects lands there eventually and even if I don’t deploy it there, I’m using one of it’s databases. Recently I’ve started using Visual Studio Team Services for storing code and managing my every pet or demo project that I want to keep private for now. But there is one service available on Azure that I’m using for a very long time with great success and I really like to have it in my project – it’s Application Insights combined ...

Structured logs with Serilog and Application Insights – Hryniewski.NET

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Reading time ~16 minutes While I’m working on the next angle on how to speed up calculating similarities I started investigating how to get better telemetry from cookit. Getting telemetry is easy - making sense of it is the hard part. This also brought another pain point of current setup - logging and monitoring. Since cookit is my pet, nonprofit project it was time to do something. There is a comparison table at the end, and what I’ve choose.The current state of logging and monitoringRequirementsThe ...

Choosing centralized logging and monitoring system – IndexOutOfRange

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A few posts back I wrote about an Application Insights, Azure based solution for tracking application data. Yesterday I realised it has a feature that I wanted to use it even more. I think you will want to use it too.This feature is annotating VS with exception details. Just recently I’ve released a feature to site that allows to display a weekly summary. Of course one assumption was incorrect an in certain time it did throw an exception. I’ve noticed that and started to fix it. You have...

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