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748 dni, 23 godziny, 31 minut temu
13 września, 2018

Recently I’ve learned a few new DevOps things which help me and my teammates to work more effectively with ELK. I think they’re worth sharing.

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Have you ever been in a situation when you discovered an exception in the logs that forced you to spend the next couple of minutes - or even hours - figuring out what exactly went wrong? The message was very cryptic and the only useful information that guided you to the crime scene was a stack trace. And after arriving there, you still had no idea what had really happened and what was the culprit. The most frustrating part is that in many cases the reason is very trivial and could be diagnosed immediatel...

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Sztuka programowania 777 dni, 6 godzin, 52 minuty temu cezarypiatek 137 źrodło rozwiń

Akka.NET is quite opinionated in terms of persistence. Paraphrasing Henry Ford’s famous quote: You can persist your data any way you want in Akka.NET, so long as you use event sourcing. But what if you don’t want to? Perhaps the problem you are trying to solve doesn’t overlap with this particular mental model, and yet you think you can still gain a lot by leveraging Akka. Then you have to bake your own solution. In this blog post, I would like to show you one way of integrating Akka.NET with an ORM. To k...

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Programowanie rozproszone 781 dni, 9 godzin, 10 minut temu Havret 125 źrodło rozwiń

The CQRS/CQS pattern works great, I immediately found a lot of benefits. It helps me to enforce separation of concerns, single responsibility and consistency in my codebase, as well as eliminate all that AOP magic with restoring full control over the code execution. Unfortunately, there is also a boring side of implementing CQRS - THE TYPING.

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Last week I blogged about the integration of Akka.NET and ASP.NET Core. Today I would like to discuss possible problems you may face if you decide to deploy this kind of application, and how you can address them.

Tagi: Akka.NET, iis
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Architektura 806 dni, 9 godzin, 41 minut temu Havret 55 źrodło rozwiń

Hi all! I am thrilled to announce that after more than two years of intensive book writing, it is finally available for preorder! Its about 800 pages are solely dedicated to the topic of .NET memory management and its Garbage Collector. With many, many internal workings of all this. I believe, personally, that there is currently no single book or even finite set of articles online that give so comprehensive insight into this topic. As a person who sincerely loves .NET a...

Tagi: .Net, book, gc, memory
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Inne 812 dni, 9 godzin, 40 minut temu KonradKokosa 92 źrodło rozwiń

Recently I’ve had occasion to work much more than usually with NHibernate. This is a really great ORM and a very mature project, but when you make a mistake it informs you about that in a very generic way (in most cases). The problem that hunted me for a few days was the issue with field length constrains (which was caused by insufficient and inconsistent REST API validation). When there was a discrepancy between declared field length in NHibernate mapping and validation logic (or the vali...

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Bazy danych i XML 955 dni, 10 godzin, 32 minuty temu cezarypiatek 48 źrodło rozwiń

Integrating Akka.NET and ASP.NET Core can be quite tricky. In this blog post, I would like to demonstrate how to make these two technologies work together smoothly.

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Architektura 812 dni, 9 godzin, 40 minut temu Havret 133 źrodło rozwiń

.NET diagnostic expert


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