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In this post, I will show you how to build a self-maintenance mechanism for ELK stack using curator together with cron scheduler.

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Recently I’ve learned a few new DevOps things which help me and my teammates to work more effectively with ELK. I think they’re worth sharing.

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Let’s assume that your system consists of a few microservices. Everything must have high availability so each microservice has at least two active instances on separate machines and everything must be multiplied by the number of testing and production related environments. When there is a situation that requires log analysis you have to skip from server to server looking for the file with desired information. You browse each file using some kind of notepad-based editor and if the files weight hundreds of...

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One of my ideas for increasing productivity of my team with ELK was to integrate it with Microsoft Teams. I wanted to shorten the feedback loop between error occurrence and diagnosis phase by notifying development team about the issue right after of the occurrence through the dedicated Microsoft Teams Channel. In this blog post, I've described how to easily implement this integration.

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Reading time ~16 minutes While I’m working on the next angle on how to speed up calculating similarities I started investigating how to get better telemetry from cookit. Getting telemetry is easy - making sense of it is the hard part. This also brought another pain point of current setup - logging and monitoring. Since cookit is my pet, nonprofit project it was time to do something. There is a comparison table at the end, and what I’ve choose.The current state of logging and monitoringRequirementsThe ...

Choosing centralized logging and monitoring system – IndexOutOfRange

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