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Wdrożenie procesu ciągłej integracji dla aplikacji .NET Core z wykorzystaniem narzędzia GitLab CI dla lokalnego Runnera.

Continuous Integration z GitLab CI - DevKR

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Since ASP.NET Core became a truly cross-platform framework, we’re free to use other environments such as Linux in order to host our applications. This is a great opportunity not only to reduce the possible licensing costs but also to try out a new environment. In the video tutorial below, I’ll show you how to build a Docker image using ASP.NET Core, publish it to the Virtual Machine running in the Digital Ocean and use Nginx to expose the app to the world.

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.NET Core 1.0 is here and it’s a great, great opportunity to start playing with it not only on Windows platform but also on Linux. Today I will show you not only how to run .NET Core but how to setup whole developer environment for developing .NET. Since one of Microsoft main goals was multiplatform support, let’s take a quick look on how-to setup .NET Core on Ubuntu. Why Ubuntu? Well.. it’s popular and easy....

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How to do REST with Web API 2.0 KISS way? Here you have only required things. Nothing more, nothing less. Ohhh... have I told you that it's done on Ubuntu? Take a look.

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Mono to otwarta implementacja .NET dostępna na Windows, Linux i Mac.

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